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18:50  29 november  2020
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Snapping a photo of the Eiffel Tower at night is a must for tourists visiting Paris (even if it is technically illegal), but if you want a little something extra to remember the historic landmark by As CNN reports, a section of la Tour Eiffel ’s original staircase is being sold today by French auction house Artcurial.

A section of spiral staircase that had connected the top two floors of the of the 129-year-old tower was sold to an It had been part of the original tower designed by engineer Gustave Eiffel and completed in 1889, but had been cut out in 1983 in order to install an elevator between the two floors.

Le tronçon n°17 de l’escalier exposé chez Artcurial. © DR Section 17 of the staircase exhibited at Artcurial.

On Tuesday 1 December, section 17 of the original staircase will be auctioned in Paris, at Artcurial. Something to inspire collectors around the world.

Gustave Eiffel dans les hauteurs de la tour Eiffel en 1889. © DR Gustave Eiffel in the heights of the Eiffel Tower in 1889.

Offer a piece of Eiffel Tower at Christmas, do you like it? This gift idea, which, of course, is not within the reach of all budgets, remains possible ... Indeed, Tuesday December 1, section number 17 of the original staircase, dating from 1889, will be auctioned by the Parisian auction house Artcurial, under the hammer of master Hervé Poulain. Behind closed doors, Covid obliges. From a private Canadian collection, this bolted iron propeller, measuring 2.60 m in height, is estimated between € 30,000 and € 40,000.

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Want to buy (some of ) the Eiffel Tower ? Hitler's wife's knickers sold at auction .

A section of the tower ’s original staircase is up for auction in Paris this month. The Eiffel Tower is certainly a remarkable thing, being one of those truly great tourist sites that doesn’t disappoint in real life. But while the steps themselves are graceful, they don’t automatically recall the dazzling structure

Simulation de ce que peut donner un tronçon d’escalier de la tour Eiffel dans un appartement. © DR Simulation of what a section of the Eiffel Tower staircase can give in an apartment. Half a million euros

"They go far away but always come back to Paris to be sold!" " exclaims Cécile Tajan, Art Deco specialist at Artcurial. The tribulations across the world of the twenty-four sections of the Eiffel Tower's staircase began in 1983. “That year, the installation of an elevator between the second and third floors required the dismantling of a helical staircase which is then cut into twenty-four sections 2 to 9 meters high ”, continues the expert.

One of them was kept on the first floor of the Tower and three others were donated to French museums: Orsay, La Villette and of course the Museum of the History of Iron, in Nancy. Back to basics, since the 8,000 tonnes of puddled iron (a process that reinforces the resistance of the material) in the Tower was produced by the Fould-Dupont steelworks in Lorraine. The remaining twenty items were auctioned for the first time on December 1, 1983. The sale was a huge success and the sections of the staircase were acquired by collectors all over the world.

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One 24-step portion of the staircase is sitting in the yard of the Paris auction house Artcurial, leading nowhere while it waits for its turn under the hammer. Parts of the staircase ended up scattered in various museums and private collections across the globe. Gustave Eiffel and others standing astride

Previously, a different section of the Eiffel Tower stairs was sold for 3,000 in 2016. The spiral steps that provided access between the second and third levels of the tower lasted for nearly a century, climbed by an estimated 200 million visitors before elevators replaced the staircase in 1983.

"Beast" of about a ton

Scattered from Japan to the United States, via Switzerland, they are then found both in private collectors and at the foot of the Statue of Liberty, in New York, or at Disneyland… The only sections left in France were acquired by singer Guy Béart, who sold them in March 2015.

The one who currently sits in the courtyard of Artcurial, on the prestigious Champs-Élysées roundabout, is arriving from Canada . The "beast", weighing around a ton, traveled by container ship to disembark at Le Havre before being transported to the capital, then craned into its luxurious setting.

“In addition to its historical value, its reduced proportions make it easy to integrate into a mezzanine or a library” , notes Cécile Trajan. One more asset.

The expert further specifies: "The result of such a sale is linked to buyer's enthusiasm. Nothing comparable with a table, where there is a quote and a market. So it's always a surprise to find out who buys this type of exceptional item. Recent buyers are more in China or the Middle East. " Sign of the times ...

In 2016, Artcurial awarded section 13 for more than half a million euros. The Iron Lady still inspires collectors around the world.

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