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19:30  29 november  2020
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Australia haunted by its Afghan crimes

 Australia haunted by its Afghan crimes © AFP Archives Australian soldiers, in 2001, in Afghanistan Seven years after its withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Australian army admits the murders of civilians and prisoners. The country is shaken. Even stripped of its most terrible passages, the 465-page report by Inspector General of the Armed Forces Paul Brereton is damning.

In May 2020, a series of insurgent attacks took place in Afghanistan , starting when the Taliban killed 20 Afghan soldiers and wounded 29 others in Zari, Balkh and Grishk, Helmand on 1 and 3 May

Information about Afghanistan attack . Select the subjects you want to know more about on euronews.com. Afghanistan . At least 35 people at wedding party killed during Afghan army raid - officials. Afghanistan . New attack in Kabul raises spectre of security collapse. 29/01/2018.

Un soldat afghan à Ghazni, ce dimanche. © MUSTAFA ANDALEB An Afghan soldier in Ghazni, this Sunday. An attack killed at least 30 members of the security forces in south-eastern Afghanistan. Powerless in the face of the explosion of violence, the international community makes the payment of aid conditional on progress in negotiations between the Taliban and the government.

Nothing helps, neither the peace talks in Qatar nor the promise, renewed on November 24 in Geneva, of massive international aid. Afghanistan continues to sink, between the threat of a return to power by the Taliban and the specter of another civil war. On Sunday, an attack on a scale rarely seen in recent months targeted an Afghan army base in south-eastern Ghazni province. A suicide bomber driving a Humvee armored vehicle filled with explosives entered the compound before detonating his charge. At least 30 members of the security forces were killed and 24 wounded, according to the director of Ghazni hospital.

At least eight dead after rocket fire in Kabul

 At least eight dead after rocket fire in Kabul © Rahmat Gul Relatives of a child who died after rocket fire on November 21 in Kabul. A series of explosions rocked the center of Kabul on Saturday, near the Green Zone where embassies and international companies are located. “At around 8:40 am this morning, the terrorists fired 23 rockets at the city of Kabul. According to initial reports, eight people were killed and 31 others injured, ”said spokesman for Afghan Interior Minister Tariq Arian.

▶️A Taliban attack on an Afghan army compound in Gardez city of Paktia province Thursday morning killed at least five civilians and wounded dozens more

The Taliban said it carried out a deadly attack Thursday on an Afghan army base after the government ordered forces to resume strikes against the extremists.

"Intra-Afghan" talks

As more and more often, the attack has not been claimed. But it bears the hallmark of the Taliban: they control much of the province, including the Deh Yak district where the attack took place, and they have made Afghan soldiers and police their priority target. They have, however, stopped hitting American soldiers since they signed an agreement with Washington in February. This, seen as a victory by the insurgents, confirms a timetable for the total withdrawal of American forces by the end of April 2021. Washington announced in mid-November the departure of 2,000 soldiers before January 15. Around 2,500 will remain. The US military will, however, remain capable of providing air support in the event of a major Taliban assault.

Prior to troop withdrawal, Pompeo meets Taliban negotiators in Qatar

 Prior to troop withdrawal, Pompeo meets Taliban negotiators in Qatar © Reuters-Pool US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meets with Taliban negotiator Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar in Doha, Qatar, November 21, 2020. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with negotiators from the Taliban and the Afghan government on Saturday in Qatar, as Donald Trump accelerates the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan despite persistent violence. A final boost to inter-Afghan negotiations before an acceleration of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan .

A major Taliban attack in western Afghanistan on Monday came as the group’s negotiators were meeting with American envoys in Doha, Qatar.Credit Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Afghanistan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani ordered the Afghan forces to go offensive against the Taliban militants, reacting to the recent deadly attacks wh With our Global headquarters in New Delhi, we bring you news on the hour, by the hour. We deliver information that is not biased.

Video: The chief of the Ethiopian army claims to "control" Mekele, the capital of Tigray (Le Figaro)

Despite the insistent demands of the Afghan government and the international community, the insurgents refuse to sign any ceasefire with Kabul. They believe that a truce should be part of the so-called "intra-Afghan" talks with the central government. But these discussions are not moving forward. They are always confined to technical modalities. On Saturday, a Taliban spokesman, Mohammad Naeem, announced a breakthrough, without it being confirmed.

Head of state cheated?

The discussions come up against both the obstinacy of the insurgents, in a position of military strength, and the refusal of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to make concessions. The head of state believes he was cheated in signing the agreement with Washington, for which he was not consulted and only learned of the various clauses a few hours before the signing. He tried to resist, notably on the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners, in exchange for 1,000 soldiers and police. In vain, Washington and its envoy Zalmay Khalilzad stepped up the pressure to force him to accept. Now he rejects the hypothesis of an interim government, an option deemed possible by the Taliban, which would mean his ouster.

Paris: Several hundred migrants set up camp at Place de la République

 Paris: Several hundred migrants set up camp at Place de la République Migrants wandering around Paris since the dismantling of a large exile camp © AFP Several hundred migrants set up camp at Place de la République in Paris. MOBILIZATION - Migrants wandering around Paris since the dismantling of a large exile camp Hundreds and hundreds of tents set up on Place de la République.

New Afghan National Army soldiers at their graduation ceremony in Kabul last month.Credit Rahmat Gul/Associated Press. “The weight of the Afghan war is mostly on the shoulders of commandos and the air force — they are doing all the offensive operations,” said Gharzai Khowakhozhai, a former

A car bomb attack has struck an army base in an eastern city in Afghanistan , killing more than two dozen security forces and leaving many others wounded, in the bloodiest attack against the nation's security forces over several months. A bomber detonated “a Humvee vehicle which was full of

The international community has hardly any leverage left to push for the cessation, or at least the reduction, of the violence, and the advancement of the peace talks. The only one she has left is the amount of aid she is providing to a country where corruption is massive, from the top of the state to the police officers who man the roadblocks, and where the poverty peaks with the epidemic of the new coronavirus . Almost three quarters of the population now live below the poverty line, up from 54% a year ago.

On November 24, after two days of a conference organized by Finland and the UN, it pledged $ 12 billion (10 billion euros) over the next four years. An amount down from the promises of 2016, which reached $ 15 billion (12.7 billion euros), and which, above all, is subject to conditions. The United States pledged $ 600 million in 2021 but warned that only half would be paid, the other half depending on "progress in the peace process." Germany and the European Union have made the same reservations. "The future development of Afghanistan must preserve the democratic and human rights advances achieved since 2001," said the Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell. "We are talking about the future and we hope that history will not repeat itself," added President of the International Committee of the Red Cross Peter Maurer.

A tweet about a throat cut further strain the relations between China and Australia .
© Copyright 2020, The Obs Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison angrily denounced on Monday November 30 a "scandalous" tweet emanating from a spokesperson for the Chinese government and called on Beijing to formally apologize. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian sparked outrage by posting a scene in which a man, dressed as an Australian soldier, holds a bloody knife against the throat of an Afghan child .

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