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23:15  29 november  2020
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Bochum's coach Reis before the HSV game: "Nobody is unbeatable"

 Bochum's coach Reis before the HSV game: VfL Bochum is facing what is probably the most difficult test of this season at Hamburger SV. Coach Thomas Reis wants to take Holstein Kiel as an example. © imago images Preparation for the HSV guest performance: Thomas Reis (center) and his protégés. Reis praised the upcoming opponent at the press conference on Friday in the highest tones: "HSV is the ultimate in the league. The favorite for promotion. We have to put everything in our fight, but don't want to forget the playful component." The

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Hamburger SV is first place after the 2: 3 in Heidenheim for the time being. The Hanseatic people fail again and again because of the same issues. Coach Daniel Thioune has not yet broken through various patterns.

Der Hamburger SV stand am Ende in Heidenheim mit leeren Händen da. © imago images In the end, Hamburger SV was empty-handed in Heidenheim.

Daniel Thioune has already revealed some of his guiding principles since he started his job in Hamburg in the summer. One that is often repeated is: "I do not live in the past." He wants to express that he is unencumbered, on the one hand that HSV cannot buy anything in the rough everyday life of the second division due to the size of the past, and on the other hand he wants to make it clear that the late slumps of the past are not in his sphere of influence.

Düsseldorf and St. Pauli under pressure

 Düsseldorf and St. Pauli under pressure In the 2nd Bundesliga, Fortuna Düsseldorf and FC St. Pauli are lagging behind expectations. Does Kiel jump to second place? © Provided by sport1.de Düsseldorf and St. Pauli under pressure After the international break, the 2nd Bundesliga is returning. Since there were no games scheduled on Friday, eight teams will intervene again on Saturday ( SERVICE: The table of the 2nd Bundesliga ).

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But the past catches up with HSV. Again and again. And again. At 2: 3 in Heidenheim, the next generation of players also demonstrated that it now seems to be part of the club's DNA to give away what has been achieved.

1st place is gambled away as in previous years, but this time much earlier than usual. Again a lead at FCH was thrown away, unlike the 1: 2 on matchday 33 of the previous season, not even a two-goal lead was enough on Sunday.

The role of the mistake devil is always filled again

The role of the mistake devil is always filled again, regardless of which coach leads the club, which players put on the jersey or, in the most recent case, the gloves. This time it was Sven Ulreich who made a hair-raising mistake before the final act, when in the final minute he initially made an unnecessarily short kick at Toni Leistner and then tripped the back pass. Thioune reveals that there was no requirement to act like this. "Basically we want to open football, but in that situation it would have made sense to hit the ball long."

Will surprise team Osnabrück jump into second place?

 Will surprise team Osnabrück jump into second place? VfL Osnabrück host 1. FC Nürnberg in the 2nd Bundesliga. The still undefeated Lower Saxony can become the new first pursuer of HSV. © Provided by sport1.de Will the surprise team Osnabrück jump into second place? VfL Osnabrück gets it in a duel of opposites at the end of the eighth game day in the 2nd Bundesliga with 1. FC Nürnberg ( 2nd Bundesliga: VfL Osnabrück - 1. FC Nürnberg from 8.30 p.m. in LIVETICKER ) to do.

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"Basically we want to open football, but in that situation it would have made sense to hit the ball long." - Daniel Thioune

But the 46-year-old ex-Osnabrücker has to deal with far more than the wrong decision of his goalkeeper. Because it had already gone in the wrong direction on the Ostalb at least an hour before the ex-Bavaria dropped out. And in truth, something has been going wrong for a few weeks. The signs of a tangible crisis, which Thioune has been admitting since Sunday, existed before, and they were either ignored or the errors were not rectified.

"Development" project with an Ü-30 axis

That the regular crashes of various HSV squads are generally not a coincidence, but the result of a long chain of errors, was actually analyzed by the incumbent managers in the summer. There were always two things at HSV: one thing that was propagated and the other that was actually done. With a strict interpretation, something similar happened again in the past transfer period: The goal of development was proclaimed, and finally everything was put on the card ascent again with the over-30 axis around Ulreich, Leistner, Klaus Gjasula and Simon Terodde, knowing full well that the attempt to go "all in" failed twice and was already the breeding ground for relegation to the Bundesliga. The fact that, with the exception of Terodde, all the so-called pillars are still looking for support, although the season has started successfully at first, seems like a wink of fate.

Fighters become "kittens"

Thioune's task now is to defeat the past, although he has nothing to do with it. But it has long since arrived in the present and is part of his problem. He started to make HSV more resistant, wanted to prove that the annual favorite in the lower house can also be "disgusting". The reality on Sunday was that one setback was enough to turn fighters into "kitties" who would rather speculate on a throw-in than seek a duel, who played offside rather than defending together. "We get too many goals against," says Tim Leibold, "we need a stable defense if we want to stay on top."

First of all, they have to come up again. And actually need more of everything than they did last.

HSV relies on mobile corona quick test .
second division soccer team Hamburger SV trusts a new quick test as additional security in addition to the routine corona checks of its players. "We are pleased that the HSV is relying on our Ultra-RT PCR test in the future after the positive experience," said Thomas Wüstefeld, managing director of the Hamburg SanaGroup, the "Hamburger Abendblatt" (Friday). © Federico Gambarini / dpa / archive image A laboratory employee is waiting for the result of a rapid test.

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