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07:05  30 november  2020
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Iran could buy missiles and tanks from Russia and China

 Iran could buy missiles and tanks from Russia and China © Mohsen Shandiz / Getty Images Iran could buy missiles and tanks from Russia and China The UN has put an end to the sanctions which prohibited Iran from importing heavy weapons from abroad. The Islamic Republic is reportedly interested in purchasing Russian T-90 tanks and Chinese J-10 fighter jets. The United Nations embargo that banned the sale of arms and heavy military equipment to Iran expired last October.

Officials in Iran are plotting its response after scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was killed. Trey Yingst reports. Israel has not commented on the attack, but Iran ’s clerical and military rulers claim the Jewish state is responsible, pointing to a string of killings of other Iranian nuclear scientists over the

A handout picture provided by Iran 's Defense Ministry on November 29, 2020 shows servants of the Imam Reza holy shrine carrying the coffin of Iran 's assassinated nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh during his funeral procession in the northeastern city of Mashhad.

  Iran: funérailles du scientifique assassiné, réflexion sur la riposte à mener © Provided by Le Point

Ripost immediately by further abusing a dying Iranian nuclear deal, or wait? There was heated political debate in Tehran over how to respond to the assassination attributed to Israel of a prominent Iranian nuclear physicist, whose funeral is being held Monday.

In Parliament, the deputies unanimously signed an appeal to avenge the scientist. But taking the opposite of the cautious approach developed the day before by President Hassan Rouhani, they argue in favor of a law by which Iran would stop allowing the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to inspect its nuclear facilities.

In Iran, an airliner misses its landing ... and ends its run on the highway

 In Iran, an airliner misses its landing ... and ends its run on the highway © Supplied by Gentside In Iran, an airliner misses its landing ... and ends its race on the highway It's a landing that passengers will not soon forget. On Monday, January 27, 2020 in the morning, an airliner of the company Caspian Airlines which was to connect Tehran to Bandar-e Mahshahr, in the southwest of the Iran , finished its course on the highway after an exit of track. No injuries were reported among the 135 passengers and crew on board, said CNN .

Iran will give a “calculated and decisive” response to the killing of its top nuclear scientist , said a top adviser to Iran ’s supreme leader, while a “The attack should be carried out in such a way that in addition to destroying the facilities, it should also cause heavy human casualties,” wrote Saadollah

Iran 's top scientist was assassinated with a remote-controlled machine gun from 150 meters away, semi-official news agency Fars said, contradicting previous detailed reports of a Just then, the car carrying Fakhrizadeh and his wife was hit by bullets. He got out of the vehicle, thinking the sound

Quoted by the Isna agency, Mohsen Rezaï, the former commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Guards, the ideological army of the Islamic Republic, and today secretary of the Discernment Council, a key post in the political system, has gone so far as to judge that "there is no reason for (Iran) not to reconsider" its accession to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

In Iran, however, it is the Supreme National Security Council which has the upper hand over decisions relating to the nuclear issue.

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was killed on Friday in a vehicle bomb attack followed by a shooting against his car, according to the Iranian Ministry of Defense, which presented the victim as the head of its research and innovation department, responsible in particular for " anti-atomic defense ".

In Sudan, Ethiopian refugees try to rebuild life in their camp

 In Sudan, Ethiopian refugees try to rebuild life in their camp © ASHRAF SHAZLY An Ethiopian refugee sells tea, in a transit camp in Sudan, November 26, 2020 Samarwat Tkhali, 10, has been walking around for a week the streets of "Village 8" in Sudan, where thousands of Ethiopians have taken refuge fleeing the war in Tigray. To survive, she sells the chocolate cakes bought by her father. In this miserable village, where some 15,000 Ethiopian refugees are crowded near the border, she approaches the people by asking them timidly: "Do you want to taste one?".

Iran accused its arch-enemy, Israel, of carrying out the attack. Expecting retaliation, Israel put its global embassies on high alert on Saturday, Hebrew-language media reported. Iran ’s immediate priority, he said, was the “definitive punishment of the perpetrators and those who ordered it”.

Iran is suspicious that UN agencies may have given away information which aided the murder of Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi According to him, this included interviews with Iranian nuclear scientists carried out by the International Atomic Energy Agency and the sanction list of the

Israel presented him as the head of a secret military nuclear program that Tehran has always denied.

His remains were honored on Saturday evening and Sunday in two of the main Shiite holy places of Iran (in Mashhad, in the North-East, and Qom, in the Center), before a new tribute at the mausoleum of Imam-Khomeini , in Tehran. The funeral was announced for Monday at an unspecified location.

According to Tehran, Israel is behind the death of Fakhrizadeh. Accusing the Jewish state of wanting to sow "chaos", Mr. Rouhani promised a response "in due course".


But he also warned that Iran would not fall into the "trap" set according to him by Israel.

Since the announcement of Joe Biden's victory in the American presidential election, Mr. Rouhani has multiplied the signs of openness showing his will to save what can be saved from the international nuclear agreement concluded in Vienna in 2015

Iranian scientist killed: Turkey denounces an act of "terrorism"

 Iranian scientist killed: Turkey denounces an act of © AFP The scientist was killed in his car on Friday in Tehran, the Iranian capital. Two days after the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Iranian nuclear scientist, Ankara condemned the facts and spoke of "an act of terrorism". Turkey condemned on Sunday the assassination of one of the main scientists of Iran's nuclear program , seeing it as an act of "terrorism" which "disturbs the peace in the region" . “The death of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh as a result of an attack pained us.

A top advisor to Iran 's Supreme Leader has warned that those responsible for killing one of the country's top nuclear scientists would face a "calculated and decisive" response . Tehran blames Israel for the attack.

Terrorists murdered an eminent Iranian scientist today. His statement came after Mohsen Fakhrizadeh-Mahavadi was attacked during an armed standoff between his bodyguards and unidentified assailants in the city of Absard, just east of the Iranian capital Tehran.

This pact offers Tehran relief from international sanctions in exchange for guarantees, verified by the IAEA, intended to attest to the exclusively peaceful nature of its nuclear program.

In 2018, US President Donald Trump, who had made Iran his pet peeve, unilaterally pulled his country out of the deal, which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly fought against.

Sanctions imposed or reimposed by Washington plunged the Iranian economy into a deep recession and prompted Iran to suspend the application of most of its commitments, but not the access granted to IAEA inspectors.

Mr. Biden said he wanted to bring the United States back into the Vienna agreement.

But he will have little time between taking office (January 20) and the Iranian presidential election (June 18), for which the conservatives are favorites after their landslide victory in the legislative elections in February at the expense of the alliance of moderates and reformers supporting M. Rohani.

"Clear message"

For the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the elimination of Fakhrizadeh "is a clear message" to Joe Biden and shows Israel's opposition "to a return to the nuclear deal".

Tehran pays a last tribute to the assassinated "doctor martyr"

 Tehran pays a last tribute to the assassinated © Provided by Le Point With a protocol worthy of the greatest "martyrs" of the Islamic Republic, Tehran paid a last tribute on Monday to an important scientist killed in an attack attributed to Israel and promised to continue his work. The funeral of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh has started at the Ministry of Defense in Tehran.

"We are concerned" by a risk of escalation in the region, said Great Britain, one of the countries party to the agreement, while Turkey, a neighbor of Iran, denounced the assassination of the atomist scientist as an act of "terrorism" which "disturbs the peace in the region".

The United Arab Emirates on Sunday condemned a "heinous" assassination, but called for "the utmost restraint" to "prevent the region from sinking into a new phase of instability and threat to peace".

The Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Mohammad-Bagher Ghalibaf, pleaded for "a strong reaction" likely to ensure "deterrence" and "revenge".

A communiqué signed by all the deputies judges that "the best response" to the acts of "terrorism and sabotage" of Israel, the United States and their allies, is to "revive the glorious nuclear industry of Iran "by ceasing to apply the IAEA additional protocol.

Under the terms of the Vienna Agreement, Tehran agreed to comply with the requirements of this document providing for unrestricted access for IAEA inspectors to its nuclear installations, even before its ratification by Parliament.

But Behrouz Kamalvandi, spokesperson for the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization, told the official Irna news agency on Saturday that the issue of inspectors' access should be "decided at the highest levels".

In a violent editorial, the ultraconservative newspaper Kayhan called on Sunday to attack the Israeli port of Haifa in order to "totally destroy its infrastructure" and to kill many people if it is "proven" that Israel is behind the death by Fakhrizadeh.

11/30/2020 04:04:43 - Tehran (AFP) - © 2020 AFP

Iran: Fakhrizadeh killed by a remote controlled satellite weapon .
IRAN-NUCLEAR-SCIENTIFIC: Iran: Fakhrizadeh killed by a remote controlled satellite weapon © Reuters / WANA NEWS AGENCY IRAN: FAKHRIZADEH KILLED BY A REMOTE-CONTROLLED WEAPON FROM SABA Reuters) - Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was assassinated on November 27 using a remote-controlled satellite submachine gun, without anyone being present at the scene, the deputy commander of the guards said on Sunday. the revolution.

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