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13:35  30 november  2020
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“Global security” law and freedom of the press: “A grotesque dystopia”

 “Global security” law and freedom of the press: “A grotesque dystopia” © Cyril ZANNETTACCI Rally in Paris against the proposed “global security” law, Tuesday. The Minister of the Interior says he is ready to revisit article 24 to guarantee the work of journalists. For the sociologist Fabien Jobard, the protection of the police, indisputable, seems to hide another purpose: to prevent documenting the demonstrations.

At least 81 people were arrested as mass protests and riots broke out on the streets of Paris against a proposed law that would criminalise the filming of police in France. The government has argued that the new law will not impede upon freedom of the press or the ability of the public to film officers , and

A French judge has placed four police officers under criminal investigation over the beating of a black music producer at his studio in Paris earlier this month, media reports say. Video of the white officers attacking producer Michel Zecler emerged last week, causing widespread outrage.

French President Macron had spoken of a "shameful" incident. The officers involved are under pressure because of violence against a black man.

Solidarität mit dem angegriffenen Produzenten Michel Zecler: Graffito in Toulouse am Samstag © Alain Pitton / NurPhoto / picture alliance Solidarity with the attacked producer Michel Zecler: Graffito in Toulouse on Saturday

Investigations have been initiated against four police officers, reports the French news agency AFP, citing judicial circles. Accordingly, two of them were in custody. The other two were released conditionally. The allegations made include "willful violence by a person with sovereign authority".

Such a procedure can ultimately lead to a criminal case if the investigators see sufficient evidence against the accused. Otherwise, you can stop the proceedings again. France's Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin had called for the police officers to be dismissed if the allegations were confirmed.

Evacuation of a migrant camp in Paris: journalist Rémy Buisine molested by a police officer

 Evacuation of a migrant camp in Paris: journalist Rémy Buisine molested by a police officer © Screenshot / Archives Journalist Rémy Buisine works for the online media Brut. Remy Buisine, a journalist with online media Brut, was repeatedly molested by a police officer during the evacuation of a migrant camp on Place de la République in Paris on Monday 23 November.

The protest against new security legislation took place in Paris , on November 28. The demonstrations against the security law – which would restrict the people's right to uncover and post online the faces of police officers – took place nationwide on Saturday with 46,000 marching in Paris .

On 3 October 2019, a police employee at the Paris police headquarters stabbed four of his colleagues to death and injured two others. He was shot dead by police at the scene.

The music producer Michel Zecler was beaten, kicked and racially insulted by police officers in the entrance area of ​​his studio in Paris about a week ago. One of the officers threw a tear gas grenade into the building. The case had become known through footage from a surveillance camera and had caused horror across the country. The four police officers were then suspended and taken into custody.

Beats, kicks, abuse

Video: Journalists fear self-censorship: Protests against security law (Euronews)

The officials told investigators that Zecler did not wear a corona protective mask on the street and then attacked . The video images only show how the police hit him in the face, kick him and beat him with the baton. Zecler himself stated that the officers attacked him for no reason: "They said 'dirty negro' several times and then beat me."

Suspended police officers and an investigation opened after a violent arrest in Paris

 Suspended police officers and an investigation opened after a violent arrest in Paris On Saturday evening, three police officers were filmed by a CCTV camera violently attacking a man, for no apparent reason. The Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, on Thursday, November 26, asked the prefect of police to "suspend as a precaution" police officers accused of having exercised violence against a man as part of an arrest in Paris, in the evening of Saturday, November 21 and revealed by the media Loopsider.

Paris ' top prosecutor has kept in custody police officers accused of beating Black music producer Michel Zecler. Protests over his arrest and a draft Syrian photojournalist Ameer al-Halbi sustained head injuries in a Paris protest against police brutality. An internal administrative inquiry had been

Four French police officers were arrested Friday after a video purportedly showed them beating up a Black music producer in Paris , the prosecutor said. But prosecutors threw out the probe and instead opened an investigation against the officers themselves for committing violence while in a position

  Ermittlungsverfahren gegen Polizisten in Paris © Aurore Mesenge / AFP / Getty Images

President Emmanuel Macron had reacted with indignation to the video recordings . He spoke of an unacceptable aggression and called the incident "shameful" for France. At the same time, he called on the government to quickly submit proposals in the fight against discrimination and to strengthen confidence in the police.

Photojournalist injured on demonstration

Also at the weekend, well over 100,000 people in numerous cities across the country protested against police violence and a planned law that would criminalize certain photos or films made by police. Numerous people were injured on both sides in clashes between demonstrators and security forces. The journalists' organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF) criticized the police for "unacceptable" violence, which also affected representatives of the press. The photographer Ameer al Halbi was injured in the face with a baton, said RSF General Secretary Christophe Deloire on Twitter.

Producer beaten up in Paris. Gérald Darmanin will ask for "the dismissal" of the police

 Producer beaten up in Paris. Gérald Darmanin will ask for © Thomas Coex / AFP Gérald Darmanin on the France 2 set this Thursday, November 26. Invited this Thursday, November 26 from France 2, the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, announced that he is requesting the dismissal of the police officers involved. So far, three police officers have been suspended.

The Paris Police Prefecture said the French internal police investigation body was asked to investigate the incident. It added it had asked the general director of the National Police to suspend the police officers involved as a precaution. CNN was unable to immediately determine who was

French police have clashed with activists protesting in Paris against racism and alleged police image captionThe death of George Floyd in the US resonated with the Paris protesters, many of Clashes erupted and tear gas was fired as officers moved against the protesters on the Place de la

Protest gegen Polizeigewalt und Rassismus am Samstag in Paris © Samuel Boivin / NurPhoto / picture alliance Protest against police violence and racism on Saturday in Paris

According to its own statement, the government wants to better protect the emergency services with the proposed law. Critics argue that many cases of police violence go unpunished if not filmed and posted on the Internet. Journalists' associations fear a massive restriction of the freedom of the press .

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Several news agencies have since corrected their earlier statements that charges had been brought against the police officers concerned. We have adjusted the article accordingly.

34 years later, the left does not forget the death of Malik Oussekine, killed by police .
© Copyright 2020, L'Obs Many left-wing personalities called on Sunday December 6 not to forget Malik Oussekine, 34 years old after his death during the repression of a demonstration, in reaction to the controversy triggered by an LREM deputy, Jean-Michel Fauvergue, former boss of the Raid. “34 years ago Malik Oussekine died in Paris under the beatings of a group of police officers, on the sidelines of a student demonstration. His death marked a whole generation.

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