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14:25  30 november  2020
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Jogging in Winter ? Use these tips to stay fit and healthy even when it’s cold . If you want to keep fit and go jogging even during the cold season, there Darkness can also pose a danger to the runner. Headlamps and reflectors should be part of the basic gear for all joggers who are out and about on

Keep these five tips in mind to make sure Old Man Winter doesn’t sideline your sport this season: Pile on the layers. Layering is your best winter sports strategy. If finger dexterity is not important for your cold weather activity of choice, wear mittens instead of gloves. If gloves are necessary, consider

Joggen im Winter: 5 Tipps für ein effektives und gesundes Workout © Provided by WUNDERWEIB jogging in winter: 5 tips for an effective and healthy workout jogging in winter is not fun? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! With these five tips, the running workout is comfortable, healthy and effective even at low temperatures.

Just because it's cold outside doesn't have to be uncomfortable jogging in winter. We'll show you five helpful tips with which you can continue your running workout even in cold weather - without having less fun or having to wait for a free treadmill in the gym.

Jogging in winter: the right clothes

When it gets colder outside, shorts and a T-shirt are no longer enough. When running in winter, you should use the onion principle. Your outfit could look like this:

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Exercise psychologists share their favorite winter workout tips to keep you moving. If the weather is tolerable, take a long, brisk walk during lunch hour Cold days and long nights make it hard to get out of bed, let alone get the body moving, but there are simple ways to get motivated when the weather

After exercising outdoors in winter weather , your post- workout snack is as much about bringing your body Intense physical activity in winter weather puts you at higher risk for a heart attack, so It can be hard to notice that you're getting dehydrated when you're out in the cold , but with intense physical

long running trousers possibly combined with high stockings, a thin undershirt, over it a long-sleeved running shirt and a functional jacket.

Important: All items of clothing should be breathable.

It is also advisable to wear a thin hat or headband and thin gloves when the temperature is above five degrees. If you tend to have cold ears and hands, you can of course also protect yourself against the cold at higher temperatures. You have done everything right with your running clothes, if you shiver slightly before your training and do not start to sweat.

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Get really warm

Our bodies don't get going so quickly at low temperatures. It is therefore important that you allow yourself more time to warm up when jogging in winter . Run yourself warm outside in a relaxed manner to slowly get your body used to the temperatures and the strain.

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Benefits of Jogging in WINTER The Crazy Benefit to Running in Cold Weather Rajak Big Benefits Of Exercising Outside This Winter Let's face it -- it's tough

Fitness and Health: How to stay active in winter : 11 winter workout tips for exercising in cold weather .

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Give your feet space

Basically, your running shoes should always sit comfortably. However, especially in winter, it is important that your shoes are not too tight. Otherwise this can disrupt the blood circulation and lead to cold feet more quickly. This is of course not possible, especially at low winter temperatures. That is why do not wear your shoes too tightly laced , but still wear them in such a way that they hold your feet well.

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No top performance when running in winter

It is normal that you are not as fast at low temperatures as in spring or summer. But that doesn't mean that your body has to work less - on the contrary. So don't be surprised or annoyed that you need longer to cover the same route in winter than in summer. Rather be proud of yourself that you don't neglect your training in cold weather.

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Try these tips for exercising during cold weather to stay fit, motivated and warm. Wind and cold together make up the wind chill, a common element in winter weather forecasts. Consider shortening your outdoor workout or skipping it altogether during weather extremes, and know when

MUST HAVE Cold Weather Essentials | Winter Running Gear and Winter Running Workouts - Продолжительность: 5 :48 Jordan Thomas 11 712 просмотров. 11 ESSENTIAL WINTER RUNNING GEAR & TIPS (& how to run in cold weather ) - Продолжительность: 10:59 JustinDoesTriathlon 62

Tip: In winter it is all the more important that you do not ignore the limits of your body and take it slower if necessary.

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Don't forget to drink and eat.

If you run outside in winter, you usually don't sweat as much as in summer. However, that does not mean that no body does not lose fluids at all. It is always important that you keep your body hydrated. You should also not run on an empty stomach. And: jogging in winter costs your body more energy than in summer. Therefore, take in enough nutrients after the run to refill the memory. A great post workout meal is a smoothie, for example. Now try this recipe for a white smoothie .

These sports programs are a great addition to running in winter:

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