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According to a new draft law by Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD), it is easier for employees to work regularly from a location of their choice. They should have the right to discuss a wish for regular mobile work with their employer.

Hubertus Heil (SPD), Bundesminister für Arbeit und Soziales, aufgenommen im Arbeitsministerium bei einem Interview mit der dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur. © Michael Kappeler / dpa Hubertus Heil (SPD), Federal Minister for Labor and Social Affairs, recorded in the Ministry of Labor during an interview with the dpa German Press Agency.

The draft for the “Mobile Work Act” went into vote within the government on Monday, as the German Press Agency learned from coalition circles. Employers should have to specifically address the desired design of mobile work. If you reject the application, you should have to give reasons in writing after two months at the latest.

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With the departmental vote, Heil opened the legal procedure with the aim of a resolution in the Federal Cabinet and deliberations by the Bundestag and Bundesrat. Heil had already presented a draft at the beginning of October, but the Federal Chancellery had not approved it for departmental coordination. Originally, Heil wanted employees to be able to work mobile or in the home office 24 days a year if there were no operational reasons against it.

According to the draft submitted by the dpa, this is no longer planned. Employees who want to work mobile on a regular basis should notify the employer of the start, duration, scope and distribution of mobile work at least three months in advance. The work should therefore be able to be done at a location of choice or at locations agreed with the employer. If the employer does not comply with his obligation to explain or discuss, mobile work should be considered fixed for a maximum of six months. The "Handelsblatt" also reported on the ministerial coordination that had started.

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"The Federal Government and the states are currently calling for employees to work from home wherever possible," said Heil of the dpa. "Now is the time to create a sensible and modern regulatory framework for this." The Union and SPD had already promised to promote mobile work in the coalition agreement. The coalition had announced a legal framework, which should include a right of employees to information about the reasons for a refusal.

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There are also gaps in insurance cover, said Heil. "If you drive to work today, bring your child to day-care center and continue from day-care center to work, you are insured against accidents because it is a commute," he explained. Anyone who takes the child to daycare and then drives to the home office officially has no way to work. Heil: "That's not okay."

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The draft law states: "In future, employees who work from home or at another location outside of the company premises will enjoy the same level of insurance protection as when they work in the company premises." The journey to and from childcare facilities should also be recorded when working in the same household.

In addition, according to the draft, there should also be occupational safety in the home office. The parties to the collective bargaining agreement and the company should also be able to make their own regulations on mobile work. And for employees with regular mobile work, the entire working time should have to be recorded in full every day. Heil said that home office should not lead to the delimitation of work into private life. "Even in the home office, work has to be done and a minimum level of occupational safety must apply."

Heil called on the Union to give its consent, even if there was no majority in the coalition for a legal right to work from home: "Let's not get stuck here, but let's do the things that are capable of a majority and now also necessary."

was positive about a possible tax lump sum for home office. "We need to talk about tax deductibility," he said. “At the moment the tax sales opportunities for the home office relate to a permanent office. But who has that? Very few are. " Heil said: "A package deal is an uncomplicated and good possible way."

Heil pointed out the limits of mobile work. "If you work in the steelworks or bake bread and rolls, you obviously cannot do that from home." In other professions, however, people could also work from home for a few days after the pandemic. "That saves stress in traffic jams and allows more time with the family." However, many employees also wanted to work physically with their colleagues. "People should not be unintentionally sent to the home office." Heil: "Only where it is operationally possible and where it is wanted, this possibility should be created."

Despite Corona - How to start a new job in the home office .
During the corona pandemic, starting a new job usually goes differently than planned. You can find out how "onboarding" can still work here. © Provided by Finanz.net PHILIPPE HUGUEN / AFP / Getty Images Although the economy in Germany does not come to a complete standstill, companies have to adhere to hygiene and distance regulations. Anyone who changes their job during these times must therefore be prepared for special framework conditions.

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