US News In Iraq, the weakened power fears the American withdrawal

22:50  30 november  2020
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At least eight dead after rocket fire in Kabul

 At least eight dead after rocket fire in Kabul © Rahmat Gul Relatives of a child who died after rocket fire on November 21 in Kabul. A series of explosions rocked the center of Kabul on Saturday, near the Green Zone where embassies and international companies are located. “At around 8:40 am this morning, the terrorists fired 23 rockets at the city of Kabul. According to initial reports, eight people were killed and 31 others injured, ”said spokesman for Afghan Interior Minister Tariq Arian.

The withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Iraq began in December 2007 with the end of the Iraq War troop surge of 2007 and was mostly completed by December 2011, bringing an end to the Iraq War. The number of U.S. military forces in Iraq peaked at 170,300 in November 2007.

Iraq seeks UN Security Council condemnation of US actions. Iraq is condemning the U.S. airstrike that killed Iran’s top military commander as a “flagrant violation” of the terms of the American forces’ presence in the country and “a dangerous escalation that might ignite a devastating war in Iraq , the

Des forces spéciales antiterroristes irakiennes devant l’ambassade américaine à Bagdad, au cœur de la « zone verte » ultra-sécurisée. © AHMAD AL-RUBAYE, AFP Iraqi anti-terrorist special forces in front of the American embassy in Baghdad, in the heart of the ultra-secure "green zone".

Despite the exhaustion of social protest, the economic crisis is still there in Iraq. And the government of Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazimi, which has suffered from escalating tensions between Washington and Tehran for a year, fears the return of Islamic State extremists.

The year ends in bitterness and pessimism, in Iraq. Thirteen months after the start of a revolt that saw thousands of Iraqis take to the streets, to denounce a political class deemed incompetent and corrupt, the movement is slipping.

Prior to troop withdrawal, Pompeo meets Taliban negotiators in Qatar

 Prior to troop withdrawal, Pompeo meets Taliban negotiators in Qatar © Reuters-Pool US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meets with Taliban negotiator Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar in Doha, Qatar, November 21, 2020. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with negotiators from the Taliban and the Afghan government on Saturday in Qatar, as Donald Trump accelerates the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan despite persistent violence. A final boost to inter-Afghan negotiations before an acceleration of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan .

1- The plan of American withdrawal from Iraq : In 2009 the American president Barack Obama announced that he would apply his decision to withdraw the American troops from Iraq within the timetable discussed with the top military officials in the pentagon. This step came after a long conflict

Miller said the withdrawal , which will leave approximately 2,500 troops in Afghanistan and roughly the same number in Iraq , "does not equate change" to US policies or objectives but provided "Moments ago, acting Secretary of Defense Miller announced major troop reductions in Afghanistan and in Iraq .

Because of the Covid pandemic, surely. Out of weariness, perhaps. The country is experiencing a violent economic crisis, due to the fall in oil prices. In this context, the Iraqis deplore the immobility of the government of Moustafa al-Kazimi, whose coming to power had for a time raised hopes.

À Bagdad, une manifestation de partis pro-iraniens non loin de l’ambassade américaine. © AFP In Baghdad, a demonstration of pro-Iranian parties not far from the American embassy. "The anger of the Iraqi youth will resurface"

Today, the protest movement is at a standstill, but the frustration and anger of these Iraqi youth will resurface. Every year we need to create 700,000 jobs just to reverse the unemployment curve. Millions of Iraqis are still unemployed, have no opportunities or access to training , details political scientist Sajad Jiyad, in Baghdad.

Children, these forgotten victims of domestic violence

 Children, these forgotten victims of domestic violence © Sipa Each year, these tragedies cause dozens of orphans and concern 4 million minors. They are no longer considered as witnesses but as co-victims. A year ago, the Grenelle had highlighted the impact of domestic violence on children. Before the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25, the worksite remains a priority in the eyes of associations. They would be 4million in France to be exposed, estimates the National Federation of Solidarity Women (FNSF).

The withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq this month, while less dramatic, also marks the passing of an era. Across Asia, Africa and Latin America , the American model, today damaged and more than slightly Only in the realm of military power has American dominance remained unquestioned, as

Is it time to fully withdraw troops from Iraq ? Those who support an American withdrawal have argued that the American military would be There are also fears that American soldiers are being put in harm’s way unnecessarily and an attack on them by Iran or its proxy forces could spark a war.

The early elections scheduled for June 6, 2021? For many Iraqis, it is difficult to foresee the prospect of free elections. They see the connections between the state, the security forces and the pro- Iran militias. The ruling class wants to maintain the status quo at all costs and you think it will reform itself? The Iraqis are not fooled , pursues Sajad Jiyad.

Tensions United States - Iran

The room for maneuver remains limited for Mustafa al-Kazimi, caught between the Shiite political parties, determined not to give up their seats in Parliament, and pro-Iran armed factions infiltrated in all spheres of power.

For a year now, the Iraqis have witnessed, despite themselves, the escalation on their soil between Trump's United States and the Iranian Ayatollahs. Despite the 'announcement of an additional withdrawal of 500 American soldiers, reducing their presence to 2,500 throughout Iraq, seven rockets targeted the American embassy in Baghdad on November 18, killing a girl and injuring several civilians. . This new attack marks the end of a truce decreed in mid-October by pro-Iranian factions demanding a total withdrawal before the end of the year.

American Presidential: Donald Trump indirectly recognizes the victory of Joe Biden

 American Presidential: Donald Trump indirectly recognizes the victory of Joe Biden The American president on Monday evening gave his agreement to the process of transfer of power to his democratic rival FIRST STEP - The American president on Monday evening gave his agreement to the process of transfer of power to his democratic rival Even if he still affirms on Twitter: "I believe that we will triumph", Donald Trump has just taken a big step towards the recognition of his defeat.

American soldiers firing artillery last year in support of Iraqi forces fighting Islamic State militants And having NATO serve as the public representative for the American -led mission in Iraq could serve as And what would Mr. Trump do if Mr. Sadr again demands an American troop withdrawal from Iraq ?

The deteriorating situation in Iraq is giving Congress pause about President Barack Obama's plan to withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan by the end of 2016. Iraq crisis raises fresh questions over Obama’s withdrawal from Afghanistan as Taliban strikes In the absence of the Americans , the

The pro-Iran armed factions keep the pressure on the United States. The message is clear: if you do not return to the negotiating table, if you continue to campaign against pro-Iran cadres and militias in Iraq, we will continue our attacks , analyzes Iraqi Adel Bakawan, from Iremmo (Mediterranean Middle East Research and Studies Institute).

The threat of the resurgence of the Islamic State

Iran has, however, recently conveyed the message to its supporters in Iraq: from moderation until the arrival of the new American president so as not to give Donald Trump a pretext to strike while he's at the White House .

The Kazimi government also wants to maintain a minimum of American forces, in order to prevent a resurgence of the Islamic State group. If the president-elect Joe Biden withdraws all the troops, the Iraqi state does not have the means to resist against an ideological army like that of ISIS , assures Adel Bakawan.

If Ethiopia "does not offer a path of reconciliation, one day or another the fighting will resume", thinks Pascal Boniface .
The director of Iris, Pascal Boniface, fears that the military victory proclaimed by the former Ethiopian minister is only short-lived INTERVIEW - The director of Iris, Pascal Boniface, fears that the military victory proclaimed by the Ethiopian prime minister will only be short-lived In the armed conflict which sees power clash Ethiopian and the dissident region of Tigray since November 4, Ethiopia proclaims its victory.

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