US News Coronavirus: how the cold chain is preparing to plan the distribution of vaccines

10:55  01 december  2020
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Merkel calls for global cohesion in the case of Corona

 Merkel calls for global cohesion in the case of Corona The first day of the virtual G20 summit was dominated by the corona pandemic. Chancellor Merkel and others called for closer international cooperation in the spread of a vaccine against the virus. © Guido Bergmann / picture alliance Angela Merkel: Access to vaccination must be affordable for every country As so often, it was about more money. "In order to contain the pandemic, access to vaccination must be possible and affordable for every country.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine : Since different Covid-19 vaccines like that of Moderna, Oxford, Pfizer require different temperatures, cold chain According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), ‘ cold chain ’ is a system of storing and transporting vaccines at recommended temperatures from the

The U.S. government plans to transport a coronavirus vaccine to distribution sites across the U.S. within 24 hours after the Much of the guidance, but not all, described in the plan will overlap with many routine activities for immunizations and pandemic influenza planning , CDC Director Dr. Robert

Les 150.000 camions de la chaîne du froid française se préparent à planifier l'acheminement des millions de doses de vaccin contre le coronavirus. Un défi de taille, même pour cette puissante filière, au vu de l'ampleur du trafic, qui reste pour l'heure difficilement quantifiable avec précision. © AFP The 150,000 trucks in the French cold chain are preparing to plan the delivery of millions of doses of vaccine against the coronavirus. A sizeable challenge, even for this powerful industry, given the scale of the traffic, which for the time being remains difficult to quantify with precision.

The refrigerated road transport sector is preparing. While the High Authority of Health (HAS) unveiled on Monday its recommendations for the vaccine strategy in France against the coronavirus , it is now the question of logistics that arises. Because once the vaccines have been purchased from the various laboratories, they will have to be made accessible to the French, while sometimes transporting them at -70 degrees Celsius. If France has one of the most developed cold chain sectors in the world, with 150,000 trucks, the sector is facing a major challenge.

Covid-19: the secrets of the government task force preparing the arrival of the vaccine

 Covid-19: the secrets of the government task force preparing the arrival of the vaccine © Kirsty Wigglesworth / AP / SIPA An army of officials and scientists are trying to speed up the virus by preparing for the arrival of the vaccine . A vaccine for the new year? This is not yet a reality; but no longer quite a dream. If Olivier Véran cultivates these days prudence and discretion on this burning issue, some kingpins of the Ministry of Health are now assuring, in off-duty, that the mission is not impossible. It must be said that time is accelerating.

The cold chain process begins with the cold storage unit at the manufacturing plant, extends through transport of the vaccine to the distributor , followed Considering the number of steps involved and their complexity, it is easy to see how errors can occur. In general, the success of the cold chain is

Developing plans to assess vaccine effectiveness, which means how well the vaccines protect against In addition, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is a new virus, so entirely new vaccines must However, it is important that the initial supplies of vaccine are given to people in a fair, ethical

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A sector accustomed to extreme temperatures ...

But the professionals assure it, they are ready. "We already have the equipment", explains to the microphone of Europe 1 Gérald Cavalier, boss of Cémafroid, a company which certifies the refrigerators of refrigerated trucks. "In these vehicles, you can set a temperature of -20 degrees Celsius and transport to -70 degrees Celsius." Especially since the industry is used to this transport in extreme temperatures, it already does so every day. "For ice cream it's -20 °, for tuna -70 °", he explains.

Still, the big difference between fish and vaccine doses is above all the extent of trafficking. This data is still unknown, since the precise number of doses to be transported remains to be determined. But with 1 refrigerated truck for 450 inhabitants, France is 26 times better endowed than China, for example. There will therefore be no break, promises Jean-Eudes Tesson, president of the Refrigeration Logistics Chain.

Angela Merkel worried about the distribution of vaccines against Covid-19

 Angela Merkel worried about the distribution of vaccines against Covid-19 German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in power for exactly 15 years on Sunday, said she was "worried that nothing has yet been done" in concrete terms to ensure vaccination in poor countries. © REUTERS / Hannibal Hanschke / Pool The leaders of the G20 promised on Sunday to "stop at any effort" to guarantee equitable access to vaccines against the Covid-19, a voluntarism however tempered by declarations of Angela Merkel in particular , "worried" about the slow progress in this area.

Who Is Developing a Coronavirus Vaccine ? Prevention efforts in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia are hurt by the lack of a coordinated response A researcher of Stermirna Therapeutics Co., Ltd. shows the experiment to develop an mRNA vaccine targeting the novel coronavirus in Shanghai

But that ’s because the global genocide plan requires obedience. They have to convince people to consent to suicide-by- vaccine in order to make it So when the day comes that the first coronavirus vaccine is available to the public, drive by the long waiting lines and watch in awe as people line up to


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mask ... which needs precise information quickly

But it asks the government on the other hand to specify at most quickly the places of storage and vaccination. "It is not the same thing to deliver a general practitioner in a small village than a big hospital, we are not going to use a semi-trailer! That is why we need precise information in the days who come."

In the meantime, what is emerging for the first phase is transport to the main hospitals and then redistribution to nursing homes in smaller vehicles. A system that should make it possible to start the first phase of vaccination on seniors, as recommended by the HAS.

TV money: Leki regrets the lack of an efficiency criterion .
In a kicker interview in mid-September, Oliver Leki brought a kind of efficiency rate into play as a new parameter for distributing the TV money. Such a component is missing from the new distribution key despite the personal commitment of the Freiburg executive board, who as a DFL executive committee member was directly involved in the decision. © imago images Could not get his suggestion through: Freiburg board member Oliver Leki.

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