US News Hacker targeting German users with banking malware Gootkit

15:05  01 december  2020
15:05  01 december  2020 Source:   zdnet.de

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 Lyon: Rhônexpress prices will decrease for young people and those who will take the train On Monday, Sytral elected officials voted to lower the pricing of Rhonexpress, the tramway which serves Lyon airport. But this will only concern some of the users © E. FOUDROT / 20 Minutes Rhonexpress trains carry up to 2,500 passengers every day. TRANSPORTS - On Monday, Sytral's elected officials voted to lower the pricing of Rhonexpress, the tramway that provides service to Lyon airport.

Malwarebytes Anti- Rootkit BETA is a free, cutting edge rootkit scanner & remover that detects and eliminates even the nastiest malicious rootkits . Malwarebytes Anti- Rootkit Beta. Removes and repairs the latest rootkits and the damage they cause.

A rootkit is the most damaging type of malware out there. It can enslave your PC into a botnet, intercept your traffic and more. User -mode rootkits are simpler and easier to detect than kernel or boot record rootkits . This is because they hide within an application itself, and not system critical files.

Hacker (Bild: CNET.com) © DEFAULT_CREDIT Hacker (Image: CNET.com) The attackers find their victims using compromised websites. There, false forum posts are supposed to induce them to download malware. What is new is that the hackers are also delivering the ransomware REvil as an alternative to Gootkit.

Malwarebytes warns of a return of the banking Trojan Gootkit . Hackers are currently apparently increasingly using the malware against users in Germany. What is new is that they combine Gootkit with the ransomware REvil (Sodinokibi) in their attacks.

In the current campaign, cyber criminals use compromised websites to use social engineering to induce users to download the malware. “When analyzing the complex malware loader, we made a surprising discovery. Victims get Gootkit themselves or, in some cases, the REvil ransomware. The decision to deliver one or the other payload is made after a check by the criminal infrastructure. ”

71 victims since September: researchers warn of Egregor ransomware

 71 victims since September: researchers warn of Egregor ransomware © DEFAULT_CREDIT ransomeware-shutterstock-carlos-amarillo-800 The backers are so far active in 19 countries. However, the majority of the victims are in the United States. Thanks to ingenious code obfuscation, security researchers have not yet been able to fully clarify the path of Egregor infection. The cybersecurity provider Digital Shadows has analyzed the activities of the ransomware Egregor , which was first discovered in September .

ESET presented its case Thursday that the hacker group, known as Fancy Bear (or APT28), is using rootkit malware to target its victims. Although the researchers would not name the targeted governments, they said that the hackers were active in targeting the Balkans and some central and

What sets rootkits apart from other malware ? For obvious reason, rootkits are also known as Rootkits vary primarily in the method used to hide malware processes and hacker activities. Exploit kits refer to collections of tools that target the security vulnerabilities of popular software like Adobe

First of all, the security researcher

TheAnalyst reported on the attacks on German users in November. The CERT Bund later confirmed the return of Gootkit to . Malwarebytes finally discovered nationwide activities of the banking Trojan while evaluating telemetry data. In a few days, Malwarebytes cleaned more than 600 infected systems.

According to the researchers' analysis, the hackers used SEO techniques to present potential victims with websites tailored to them, intended to trick them into downloading a file. The websites are disguised as an Internet forum - the download is intended to solve a problem for the user or to provide the answer to a question. “This fake forum post is created dynamically when the right victim surfs the compromised website. A script removes the legitimate content of the website and adds its own content. ”

Spain: BBVA and Sabadell abandon their merger project

 Spain: BBVA and Sabadell abandon their merger project © Provided by La Tribune The two banks announced on November 16 this merger project, the aim of which was to help them better withstand the economic crisis resulting from the pandemic of Covid-19. Thunderbolt in the Spanish banking sector: Sabadell and BBVA announced on Friday the abandonment of their merger project, an operation intended to help them cope with the crisis and which would have given birth to a juggernaut.

Dubbed Nansh0u, the malicious campaign is reportedly being carried out by an APT-style Chinese hacking group who has already infected nearly 50,000 servers and are installing a sophisticated kernel-mode rootkit on compromised systems to prevent the malware from being terminated.

During my malware analysis stream, I decided to take a look at an old coin mining sample I caught a few months ago that created a "fake" rootkit by manipulating In this video, we take a look at how this userspace rootkit works, and the effects that the rootkit has. DISCLAIMER: Please do not mess with

The downloaded file in turn contains a script, the execution of which will initiate the infection of the system. It runs in several steps, whereby in addition to JavaScript, a PowerShell script and a loader based on

Microsoft .NET are used.

The researchers compare the loader to a matryoshka doll. It takes several steps to avoid detection by security software. Among other things, the actual malicious code is stored in the registry under a randomly generated key.

The researchers were unable to determine the criteria according to which the ransomware was delivered instead of Gootkit. Only one infection with REvil could be reproduced in the laboratory. Since the ransom note refers to the domain "Decryptor.top", the researchers also assume that it is an older version of REvil.

"Banking Trojans are a completely different business model than ransom Trojans," commented Malwarebytes. “The latter have really blossomed in recent years, bringing in millions of dollars for criminals, thanks in part to heavy ransom payments from high-ranking victims. We've seen banking malware turn into ransomware loaders so that the various threat actors can specialize in what they do best. Time will tell what this return of Gootkit really means and how it could develop. ”


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