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16:10  01 december  2020
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Horst Seehofer, Germany ’s interior minister: ‘Whoever fights against “There’s no place in this country for an association that sows hatred and and works on the resurrection of a Nazi state.” The members of the group want to re-establish a Nazi dictatorship and abolish democracy, the interior ministry said.

German police raided the homes of prominent neo- Nazis in three states early on Tuesday morning, after the government banned the far-right group Seehofer also said that an “ association that sows hatred and advocates the re-establishment of a National Socialist state has no place in our country.”

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer relies on bans in the fight against right-wing extremist structures. Now it hits the self-proclaimed "Sturmbrigade / Wolfsbrigade 44". Their goal was "the re-establishment of the Nazi state".

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"Sturmbrigade 44". That sounds like military, attack and war. And it sounds like a particularly brave army unit. The members of the small association "Sturmbrigade / Wolfsbrigade 44" wear the lettering large and white in old German script on their shirts or jackets. In right-wing extremist demonstrations, the clothes are confidently displayed - as a declaration of one's own convictions. This seems intimidating to outsiders. The bottomless abyss behind the letters and numbers remains hidden from most people.

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The generally tolerant official drug policy in the Third Reich, the period of Nazi control of Germany from the 1933 Machtergreifung to Germany 's 1945 defeat in World War II, was inherited from the Weimar government which was installed in 1919 following the dissolution of the German monarchy at the end

Germany has banned its biggest neo- Nazi association , the HNG, which supports far-right prisoners in German jails. The Interior Ministry said the group, with its racist, anti-Semitic agenda, was a threat to German society and the constitution. The ban is the latest step by the government to curb the

  Deutschland verbietet Nazi-Verein © Sascha Steinach / picture alliance

The crimes of "Sturmbrigade 44" in the Second World War are so monstrous that it is difficult to describe them in words. It is an SS special unit led by Oskar Dirlewanger. In the course of the war, the soldiers murdered tens of thousands of people, almost all of them unarmed civilians. You burn babies and children, rape young girls and, especially in Belarus, shoot every farmer you come across. In the village of Khatyn, the soldiers loot the people, lock them in a barn, set them on fire and open fire on anyone who tries to escape. 75 children are among the victims. The village blacksmith Josef Kaminsky survived. After the SS withdrew, he discovered his dying son Adam in the burned down barn. Oskar Dirlewanger later received the Knight's Cross for glorious deeds as an award for his work.

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Countries that formerly banned nazi or communist symbols. The Flag of East Germany was outlawed as an unconstitutional and criminal symbol in West Germany and West Berlin, where it was referred to as the Spalterflagge (secessionist flag) until the late 1960s, when the ban was lifted.

Germany has banned the neo- Nazi group Combat 18 and launched raids across the country in an attempt to crack down on the organisation, officials say. "Right-wing extremism and anti-Semitism have no place in our society", Germany 's interior ministry said. Combat 18 takes its name from the Nazi

Adoration of the mass murderer Oskar Dirlewanger

This Oskar Dirlewanger is adored by the now banned "Sturmbrigade 44". In neo-Nazi symbolism, the number 44 stands for the fourth letter in the alphabet, i.e. for DD or "Division Dirlewanger". On Tuesday, December 1, 2020, police officers in several federal states searched the homes of eleven club members. According to the Interior Ministry, you will find forbidden knives, a crossbow, bayonets, a machete, swastikas and Nazi flags.

Bundesinnenminister Seehofer: © Michael Kappeler / dpa / picture alliance Federal Minister of the Interior Seehofer:

According to experts, the group is not of particular importance in the right-wing extremist scene, but is considered to be well networked. As early as 2019, the Attorney General had apartments searched on suspicion of the formation of a criminal organization. The members were noticed at regional demonstrations and swastika graffiti.

New Industry President: Sociable Engineer

 New Industry President: Sociable Engineer Siegfried Russwurm replaces Dieter Kempf at the head of the Federal Association of Industry. © Photo: dpa Siegfried Russwurm has spent most of his professional life at Siemens. In 2017 he resigned as a board member. Actually, the time has come for a woman. There are two women among the nine vice-presidents of the Federation of German Industries (BDI): Hildegard Müller, who is a full-time president of the automotive industry, was out of the question.

The Nazi Party, officially the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP), was a far-right political party in Germany that was active between 1920 and 1945

The German Strafgesetzbuch (Criminal Code) in section § 86a outlaws "use of symbols of unconstitutional organizations" outside the contexts of "art or science, research or teaching".

For David Anbich from the association "Together" from Saxony-Anhalt, the investigations are proof of how nationally the right-wing scene in Germany is networked. And that has noticeable consequences, he explains to the online magazine Belltower-News: "In these alliances there has been a process of radicalization over the past three years that has increased the propensity for violence against migrants and political opponents. This played an essential role networking in social networks. "

Right-wing networks in social media

And the sympathizers act anything but conspiratorial. On Oliver R.'s Facebook page, everything revolves around his right-wing extremist sentiments and his sympathies for the "Sturmbrigade 44". He has made 274 friends. The scene is well connected.

Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer sees a clear sign in the association's ban: "An association that sows hate and advocates the rebuilding of a National Socialist state has no place in our country," the minister explains about the ban. It is the fourth ban in 2020 against a right-wing extremist organization in Germany.

Dirlewanger admiration continues

Despite all the assurances, there is still room for right-wing extremist hatred and agitation. And the homage to the mass murderer Oskar Dirlewanger continues. They can be purchased quite legally as music in online mail order companies under the name "SKD". The abbreviation stands for Sonderkommando Dirlewanger and the sound carriers of a now disbanded right-wing rock band. And the "Aryan Brotherhood" of neo-Nazi Thorsten Heise can continue to act as a security service at right-wing rock festivals. Their emblem: two crossed stick hand grenades. The symbol of the SS special unit Dirlewanger.

Author: Hans Pfeifer

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