US News Coronavirus: The Netherlands make the wearing of a mask compulsory

18:55  01 december  2020
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Nobody else needs to wear a mask , and experts have given several reasons for that. One is that a In Singapore, which used to discourage citizens from wearing masks , it's now compulsory to For many of these countries, mask - wearing was a cultural norm even before the coronavirus outbreak.

Nothing symbolizes our battle with the novel coronavirus like the face mask — it’s the most visible, humbling and contentious Several studies suggest face coverings help — provided they’re properly made , maintained and worn — in limiting the spread of tiny exhaled particles carrying the coronavirus .

HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS-NETHERLANDS-MASKS: Coronavirus: The Netherlands makes the wearing of the mask compulsory


AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A law making the wearing of masks compulsory to slow the spread of the coronavirus came into force on Tuesday in the Netherlands, illustrating the ongoing turnaround in the country's policy on the 'epidemic.

Health officials said the toll of new infections fell to 33,949 for the week ending December 1, a slight drop from the 36,931 cases reported the week before.

The wearing of a compulsory mask in public buildings, including schools, supermarkets and restaurants, will be imposed for an initial period of three months. Offenders may be fined up to 95 euros.

Containment: Expected for the end of December, the vaccine will not be compulsory, Macron announces

 Containment: Expected for the end of December, the vaccine will not be compulsory, Macron announces The president announced the next steps of the light containment during a speech this Tuesday evening © John Nacion / STAR MAX / IPx Illustration of a future vaccine against Covid. CORONAVIRUS - The President announced the next steps in the light containment during a speech this Tuesday evening No question of pointing an population already reluctant on the issue.

Authorities have made it compulsory for everyone older than six to wear masks in indoor public spaces, and outdoor ones when it is impossible to keep more than two Have you been got a story you want to share about mask - wearing or the coronavirus pandemic? You can get in touch with

"Some people wear masks , some people don't. It makes the whole thing absurd. I think it's a bit of a placebo." Last week the eastern state of Saxony became the first to make mask - wearing compulsory . It is also compulsory in Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, for shoppers and

While the Netherlands has been subject to "partial containment" measures since October 13, the Dutch government has not recommended the public use of fabric masks outside of public transport from March to September, following thus the advice of the National Institute of Health (RIVM).

As early as June, the World Health Organization had yet started to recommend their use in public places when social distancing was insufficient.

RIVM chief Jaap van Dissel then countered that there was no convincing scientific evidence of the masks' effectiveness, hypothesizing that their use could lead people to ignore distancing measures social.

However, on September 30, the government changed its mind and decided to "strongly advise" the use of masks in busy public places, a recommendation that did not really attract support.

Despite government advice, the RIVM website noted that any benefit from wearing cloth masks would "probably be modest".

To make this measure compulsory, Parliament had to adopt a special law in order to respect the constitutional guarantees on individual freedoms.

(Toby Sterling, French version Dagmarah Mackos, edited by Jean-Michel Bélot)

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© Pixabay Live: where can we travel for Christmas? The end of movement restrictions on the territory is expected Tuesday, December 15, unless the government decides to tighten the screw. Emmanuel Macron warned the French without really holding their attention: deconfinement will take place on Tuesday, December 15 only if the health situation allows it.

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