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17:25  03 december  2020
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Sweden leaves its special Corona route when strict regulations come into effect

 Sweden leaves its special Corona route when strict regulations come into effect With the entry into force of stricter regulations, Sweden will leave its special Corona route on Tuesday. For the first time, there are now requirements for meetings in public, only eight people are allowed to come together. So far 50 to 300 people have been allowed to meet depending on the occasion. Schools and restaurants should remain open according to the government order. However, restaurant operators must ensure that there are no more than eight guests per table.

So how can we alleviate Zoom fatigue ? Both experts suggest limiting video calls to those that are necessary. Turning on the camera should be She also suggests taking time during meetings to catch up before diving into business. “Spend some time to actually check into people's wellbeing,” she

Zoom meetings with teams. FaceTime with friends. Zoom fatigue is real. So this week I’ve been collecting my favorite tips and strategies to help us all stay sane and keep this In “gallery view” we can see into every single team members’ home , including their dog running through their background

Due to the corona pandemic, more and more people are working from home and hang out in video conferences all day. According to a study, the so-called "zoom fatigue" burdens a majority of office workers in Germany

Immer mehr Menschen arbeiten aufgrund der Coronapandemie aus dem Homeoffice © Picture Alliance / Andriy Popov / More and more people are working from home because of the corona pandemic

Those who meet with their colleagues more often via video conference may be more inclined to exhaustion and fatigue. That was the result of a study by the Institute for Employment and Employability of the University of Economics and Society in Ludwigshafen . Employees of the institute carried out a survey in late summer and autumn 2020 via all common social media channels. It was the first scientific study of online fatigue in German-speaking countries. They examined the phenomenon of "zoom fatigue", derived from the name of the frequently used online conference tool "zoom" and the French word for fatigue.

strategy consulting: Fabian Billing to be the new head of McKinsey

 strategy consulting: Fabian Billing to be the new head of McKinsey The 46-year-old will take over the business of Cornelius Baur in March 2021. He is considered a down-to-earth team player, which he also proves in the office's own rock band. © McKinsey / Anna Kaduk The 46-year-old will manage McKinsey businesses in Germany and Austria. bassists are usually not in the foreground in rock bands. They play the most important role when rhythm and melody are combined and the song should really catch on. As team players they keep the music and the band together.

In a typical virtual meeting , most individuals are only speaking for a small portion of this time. It may seem a bit inorganic to stare directly into the glowing LED alongside a webcam, but there are In the era of Zoom burnout and video conference fatigue , it's imperative to take a moment to reflect on the

As more and more people start working from home , many of us are asking: What is a virtual “ Virtual meetings connect us when we can’t be together because of pandemics, long distances Virtual meetings come along with a specialized handful of barriers—technological challenges, low

In the survey, three questions in particular should be answered: How is "zoom fatigue" noticeable, what is stressful and what helps to reduce stress? A total of 422 of the 3,000 interviewed employers, employees, managers and works councils answered.

Zoom-Fatigue: Online study confirms that around 60 percent suffer from it.

Around 60 percent admitted that they felt online fatigue, 77 percent said sometimes and only 8 percent rarely. "Zoom fatigue is clearly an issue for people who frequently take part in digital video conferences," says Dr. Jutta Rump, professor for general business administration at the University of Economics and Society in Ludwigshafen and director of the institute opposite "Heise". Particularly stressful for the employees is that the concentration drops and thus impatience and a kind of annoyance follow. The study participants also mention physical health effects, such as headache and back pain. "Stomach and body aches and pains were not mentioned, which is also logical because they only appear after prolonged exposure," says Rump.

In the United States, a high-risk Thanksgiving, Europe eases restrictions

 In the United States, a high-risk Thanksgiving, Europe eases restrictions © Provided by Le Point Virtual parade and calls for limited gatherings, Americans celebrate Thursday a Thanksgiving tarnished by the new embrace of the epidemic in the country, while the Europe slightly relaxed its restrictions despite a caveat: the AstraZeneca / Oxford University vaccine requires "further study". Pandemic Obliges, the famous Thanksgiving parade with giant balloons that usually brings millions of people to the streets of New York, was held without an audience.

Virtual meetings are becoming more common. More employees are working from home , more meetings are conducted online, and more candidates are interviewing via webcam. I recommend having two LED desk lamps with adjustable intensity and hue on either side of your webcam directed Upon first use, many programs like Microsoft Teams, Whereby, or Zoom need you to explicitly grant

Working from home , locked down at home , Do not worry !! This video talks about Zoom , a video conferencing solution for students, professionals. Below given

At the same time, it is also particularly stressful that some participants in video calls cannot be seen at all or, if so, then only via a small image on the edge of the screen. "That is why the others cannot interpret their body language," says Rump. Nonverbal conversation is an important element of communication. And the often poor sound and picture quality was also criticized in the survey.

A study by the University of California in Santa Barbara also confirms the reasons for "zoom fatigue": We lack real people. According to the researchers, the fact that we only talk with a screen demands a lot of mental effort. This could explain why video conferencing is twice as much. The researchers here recommend using particularly large screens so that the facial expressions and gestures of the participants can be better recognized.

"Zoom fatigue" will not go away anytime soon.

Musk, Zuckerberg, Bezos: These are the strict sleeping, eating and exercising habits of tech billionaires

 Musk, Zuckerberg, Bezos: These are the strict sleeping, eating and exercising habits of tech billionaires © Provided by Business Insider Germany Musk Zuckerberg Bezos Scott Olson / Getty / Mark J. Terrill / AP / Drew Angerer / Business Insider Composite The stars of Silicon Valley are definitely a diverse group of people. Tech billionaires like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos all have their own rituals that are used to manage their multi-billion dollar empires and keep their bodies and minds healthy.

Zoom breakout rooms enable groups to move smoothly from a single large gathering into several smaller groups, then return to a single group session. Zoom also enables what it refers to as "co-annotation" during meetings . This lets people draw on, mark on, or highlight meeting content on the

Zapier connects Zoom with hundreds of other apps, but perhaps the most useful integration of all is scheduling tools. When you schedule a meeting with someone I used Zoom to help me teach a virtual dance class. People complained they could not always hear the music, that it faded in and out.

Rump warns that the phenomenon will not go away anytime soon. The

corona pandemic has shown that working from the home office is perfectly suitable for everyday use, which is why more and more people will continue to work from home in the future. And according to the expert's assumption, expensive business trips will also take place less and less and will be replaced by video conferences. Her advice to all companies: Every company should formulate standards for virtual meetings.

At the end of the study, the respondents were allowed to make suggestions on how to avoid "zoom fatigue". Her suggestion: The digital meetings should not last longer than 45 minutes and breaks of between 10 and 15 minutes should be guaranteed between the appointments. The expert also agrees - if you always start on the hour and end the call on time, that would reduce the burden on everyone involved.

The researchers at the University of California, however, advise that we should be a little nicer to our colleagues and be patient. Often the colleagues come across as unfriendly and annoyed via video call. Problems with sound, technology or delayed transmission often made people look less likable than they actually are.

If “bye” is not enough: That's why we wave in the video call

 If “bye” is not enough: That's why we wave in the video call “Can you hear me?” - most video calls begin with this sentence. And how do they end? That's right, everyone is sitting in front of their computers and waving friendly at the camera. But why actually? © Evgeny Atamanenko / Shutterstock If “bye” is not enough: That's why we wave in the video call Usually at the end of a meeting we close our Macbook or notebook, quickly drink our coffee and leave the room.

Sources: Deutschlandfunk Nova , Heise

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