US News Eset: New hacking campaign is aimed at the foreign ministry of an EU member

19:10  03 december  2020
19:10  03 december  2020 Source:   zdnet.de

New law against trading platforms in the darknet planned.

 New law against trading platforms in the darknet planned. A criminal offense is planned that will target the operators of trading platforms in the darknet. The law could come into force during this legislative period. © TheaDesign / Shutterstock New law against trading platforms in the Darknet planned The Federal Ministry of Justice is planning to tighten sanctions against drug trafficking, arms trafficking and child abuse via Darknet. Such a law could be passed before the next general election, it is said.

Hackers working for Russia, China and Iran have recently escalated their attacks around the U.S. presidential race as Election Day looms, Microsoft The presidential campaigns are pushing into the final two months of the race — one that has national security officials as well as private companies on

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Jailbreak, Hack (Bild: Shutterstock) © DEFAULT_CREDIT Jailbreak, hack (Image: Shutterstock) The malware called Crutch has apparently been in use since 2015. She uses Dropbox to deliver stolen files to those behind them. Re-used administrator passwords make their work easier for cyber spies.

Researchers from the security provider Eset have uncovered a new hacking campaign , which counts the foreign ministry of an EU member state among its victims. A malware called new Crutch is used here . It steals confidential documents and other files by uploading them to Dropbox accounts controlled by the attackers.

The campaign has been active since 2015. The researchers link them to the hacking group known as Turla, which the British National Cyber ​​Security Center believes is receiving support from the Russian government.

Evacuation of a migrant camp in Paris: journalist Rémy Buisine molested by a police officer

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The new measure reacts to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and coordination at the EU level. Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Its aim is to raise awareness that women are frequently victims of physical, sexual and psychological violence whose

EU sanctions are carefully targeted, and designed to be proportionate to the objectives they seek to achieve. As such, they are aimed at those responsible for the Member States must have in place effective, proportionate and dissuasive penalties, and enforce them when EU sanctions are breached.

Crutch, in turn, is said to have been developed for attacks on specific targets. Apart from the information that it is a foreign ministry of an EU member state, Eset has so far withheld all details about possible victims. The ministry should, however, fit the general direction of Turla.

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According to the analysis, Crutch is only used after a victim's network has already been compromised, for example via a spear phishing attack. Crutch sets up as a backdoor and communicates with an already defined Dropbox account. The hackers would have chosen the online storage service in order not to generate any unusual or conspicuous network traffic when uploading files and to avoid detection.

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The Ministry . Our MinistersOur Ministers . Family members of a national of an EU Member State, the EEE or Switzerland who wish to submit a request for a “family member of a union citizen” residence permit must contact the competent French prefectural authority, in order to apply for a

The European Union ( EU ) consists of 27 member states. Each member state is party to the founding treaties of the union and thereby shares in the privileges and obligations of membership .

Eset also found that Crutch had been updated several times over the years. “The main malicious activity is the exfiltration of documents and other sensitive files. The sophistication of the attacks and the technical details of the discovery confirm that the Turla group has considerable resources to operate such a large and diverse arsenal, ”said Matthieu Faou, malware researcher at Eset.

Negligence on the part of the victims also helped the hackers to spread their malware on a compromised network. "During the investigation, we found that attackers were able to move sideways and compromise additional computers by reusing admin passwords," added Faou. “I believe that restricting movement would make the life of the attacker much more difficult. This means that users are prevented from acting as admin by using two-factor authentication and unique and complex passwords for admin accounts. "

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