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16:10  04 december  2020
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BERLIN/FRANKFURT/MUNICH (Reuters) - Volkswagen may have to step up its plans for mass production of electric vehicles in order to meet tougher-than-expected European targets to cut greenhouse emissions from cars, its chief executive said on Tuesday. The remarks came after the

Overall, VW plans to spend almost 44 billion euros on developing electric cars, autonomous driving and new mobility services by 2023, aiming to become the most profitable manufacturer of battery-powered vehicles. German rivals BMW and Daimler declined to comment on the

The Volkswagen Group will probably not quite achieve the European CO2 targets with its car fleet this year and possibly also next year. EU penalties could result.

Volkswagen wird die europäischen CO2-Ziele mit seiner Autoflotte in diesem und wohl auch im nächsten Jahr voraussichtlich nicht erreichen. © Hendrik Schmidt / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa Volkswagen is unlikely to achieve the European CO2 targets with its car fleet this year or next year either.

“We are now working under high pressure to get as close as possible to the goals,” said CEO Herbert Diess of “Wirtschaftswoche”. In 2021 it will be “easier” because of the hoped-for further market penetration of electric vehicles - “and from 2022 we should no longer have any problems achieving the fleet targets”.

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VW , Europe's largest carmaker, has earmarked about 30 billion euros ( billion) for the next five years to make sure it can achieve CO 2 cuts of 30 percent by retooling its production He added the group 's plans needed to be reviewed in autumn 2019, in line with the carmaker's planning calendar.

The incoming CO 2 targets can be seen as the apocalypse of the car industry in Europe. Volkswagen Group would have to pay the largest fine of almost €2,525 per car sold. Based on its sales volume last year, PSA would need to pay a penalty of €5.4 billion – more than half the fine of VW .

The company pointed out on Friday that the situation in 2021 could not be precisely foreseen. It does not have to be the case that the CO2 targets are not met, added a spokesman. Car manufacturers are threatened with billions in payments if they are unable to adhere to the specified limit values ​​over a long period of time. Should the EU raise its general climate targets again with its “Green Deal”, Volkswagen will also consider adapting its strategy.

Diess had already indicated that the emission standards from Brussels will probably be torn just for the time being. You were "a gram or so" away, he said in early November. "We haven't given up yet, but it will be very close to achieving the fleet goals." VW has also launched newly developed e-cars such as the ID.3 in the current year, but other models are in preparation. However, as long as the number of units is not sufficiently high, it is difficult to compensate for the CO2 values ​​of larger cars with combustion engines. The core brand VW should now be on track because of the new models.

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CO 2 emissions: How much does a country emit each year? What is the average emissions per Atmospheric concentrations of CO 2 continue to rise. Global emissions have not yet peaked. and rapid reductions in emissions would be needed to achieve either target .15,16,17 And the longer we

As early as 2020, car manufacturers in the EU will have to comply with a limit of 95 grams of carbon dioxide emitted per kilometer on average for their newly sold vehicles. In an introductory phase, the five percent with the highest emissions may be deducted; this transitional rule will not apply in 2021. So far, there have also been so-called supercredits for electric cars, which are weighted more heavily than combustion engines. Some climate protectors criticize the fact that the overall balance of your own fleet can be offset at least in part.

The EU Commission is considering further tightening the rules in the coming years - not only for the greenhouse gas CO2, but also for noxious nitrogen oxides, which the diesel scandal was about. Diess told the “Wirtschaftswoche” that VW “started relatively late” to convert its own fleet. By 2025, the group will now invest a total of 35 billion euros in e-mobility alone. At VW, this has priority alongside hybrid cars - fuel cell technology is considered unsuitable for passenger cars.

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The VW CEO had declared that he considered climate policy as a whole to be correct. However, considerable renovation costs could arise. "If Brussels demands an even faster pace from us, then you have to say: We will not be able to be much faster before 2025 because there are not enough batteries," he said now. "On the other hand, we could still grow between 2025 and 2030."

If the Commission gets through with its proposal - greenhouse gas emissions reduced by at least 55 percent by 2030 compared to 1990 levels - car manufacturers will also have to sharpen their own targets again. A “Strategy 2030” is being prepared for this at Volkswagen. The Group's vehicles are currently responsible for around one percent of all global CO2 emissions, and the VW Group aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

The program promoted by EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen would have consequences for the already ambitious goals. With his decision, the proportion of battery-electric vehicles sold at VW would have to increase significantly again by 2030, as can be seen from group planning. For the home market of Europe alone, this could mean that around 300,000 more electric cars of the core brand would have to be built each year. Where the necessary production and battery capacities should come from is now being discussed.

With all the fundamental support for the EU climate strategy, a “Green Deal” would bring new challenges. Because parallel to the enormous e-investments and the consequences of the Corona sales crisis, VW wants to stick to a return target of 6 percent as well as a significant reduction in costs and improved productivity every year.

On his future at VW after new differences of opinion with members of the supervisory board, Diess said that his contract would run until 2023. "And I intend to fulfill this contract." He is said to have felt slowed down on the employee side with important personnel proposals and the accelerated restructuring of the group. Diess told Wirtschaftswoche that he was not playing against Bernd Osterloh, head of the VW works council, but on the same team with him: “Of course we play in different positions. But we try to mostly pass balls to each other. " The employee representatives did not comment on Friday.

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