US News On vaccines, Macron promises to say "what we know and what we don't know"

22:10  04 december  2020
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VIDEO Emmanuel Macron: his radical decision on the vaccine against the coronavirus

 VIDEO Emmanuel Macron: his radical decision on the vaccine against the coronavirus © France 2 VIDEO Emmanuel Macron: his radical decision on the vaccine against the coronavirus On November 24, during his speech to the French, Emmanuel Macron announced the imminent commissioning of a vaccine against Covid-19. A vaccine that will not be mandatory. A much awaited speech. Emmanuel Macron made an appointment with the French , this November 24, for a speech on the stages which will organize little by little the deconfinement in the hexagon.

" We are at a historic moment for our country," the French leader said from the capital's presidential Elysee Palace. " We will not resume the normal Graffiti scrawled throughout the French capital singles Macron out for criticism, reflecting a national sense that the former banker is arrogant and removed

Acknowledging “ we still don ’ t know whether these vaccines will succeed,” he nevertheless pooh-poohed Russian and Chinese vaccine development efforts, predicting that once ‘his’ – the Western – jabs were widely available at low cost, “I doubt there will be a lot of Russian or Chinese vaccine going

  Sur les vaccins, Macron promet de dire « ce qu’on sait et ce qu’on ne sait pas » © Copyright 2020, L'Obs

Operation: transparency! Emmanuel Macron assured during a visit to Necker hospital in Paris this Friday, December 4 that the government will say "very clearly what we know and what we do not know" about vaccines against Covid- 19.

While a good part of the French are suspicious of vaccines, more than in all EU countries, the Head of State reaffirmed that the vaccination campaign which will start in January "will be based on independent expertise and transparency ”and not just on information from pharmaceutical companies.

"Big constraints will weigh on the transport of vaccines against Covid-19"

The French vaccine strategy "is based on transparency", hammered Emmanuel Macron. "We will never say things that are not scientifically sound, that is why a leading expert [the infectious disease specialist Alain Fischer, editor's note] will say very clearly what we know and what we do not know. "

"No problem" to travel by train or plane from December 15, according to the government

 © Joel Le Gall / Ouest-France Rennes station. (Photo of illustration) This Tuesday, December 1, the Minister for Transport assured that the French can already book train and plane tickets for trips from December 15, the date of relaxation containment. With the lifting of confinement, the French will find freedom of movement from December 15, said Tuesday, December 1, the Minister for Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, explaining that there was no problem reserving a train or plane ticket.

Emmanuel Macron , center, in Albi, France, on Thursday.Credit Benoit Tessier/Reuters.

Aimen Dean said plots were being hatched by Isis cells in Syria and Libya. But what remains of the so-called Islamic State have squirrelled away more than £330million in criminal funds Emmanuel Macron has warned against 'Islamist separatism' in France and promised to place mosques under

" Mr. Vaccine "criticized

Alain Fischer, the" Mr. Vaccine "responsible for coordinating the vaccine strategy of the government , was attacked this Friday, December 4 by several political leaders. "With Mr. Vaccin, Professor Tournesol of the government, we are vaccinated against the vaccine!" "Rassemblement national MEP Gilbert Collard denounced.

"Vaccination will be free for all": announcements of Castex

Former socialist minister Ségolène Royal called Alain Fischer a "disaster" that should be "quickly changed". His fault? To have a speech which would be, among other things, responsible for a fear of the vaccine: "When he says that nothing is certain, that the vaccine can be dangerous, it is a disaster. "

Video: Covid-19:" We obviously do not know everything about the first vaccines that are arriving ", recalls Macron (Le Figaro)

In the intimacy of an Emmanuel Macron seducer, calculator, and Darwinian

 In the intimacy of an Emmanuel Macron seducer, calculator, and Darwinian © Thomas COEX / AFP Seducer, calculator, and Darwinian ... Here are three adjectives that would best qualify Emmanuel Macron according to the book "Burglar President "by political journalist Corinne Lhaïk. She was at the microphone of Europe 1, Wednesday, to say a little more about the psychological and political profile of the President of the Republic.

Dr Pfeifer said : ' We 've made tremendous progress fighting the spread of pneumonia, especially among children. 'The advantage of our approach is that we don ' t have to apply the more complex chemistry that is 'What's really exciting is that we now have the ability - with the vaccine we 're developing - to

What, as they say , could possibly go wrong? The first thing to say is that, with something this new, we don ’ t really know . It could be that it is absolutely 100 percent safe. We are told that none of the mRNA can get into the nucleus of the cell, where it could become incorporated into the DNA. I hope so.

The Prime Minister, Jean Castex, while calling the French to be vaccinated, recalled Thursday, December 3 that those of the Moderna and Pfizer groups, developed with pioneering technology, should be the first to obtain a European authorization.

Should the Covid vaccine be made compulsory? 61% of French people do not intend to be vaccinated

"There is still a lot of things that we do not know about the virus," said Emmanuel Macron, and we "obviously do not know everything about vaccines coming in. "

The head of state stressed that the vaccination strategy will be based on the recommendations of the High Authority for Health (HAS). “We must not let people think that it is just the pharmaceutical companies that communicate. »

Who are the« vaxxers », who dismantle anti-vaccine discourse on social networks?

"I am very attached to the fact that information is kept by independent public bodies and declined under the control of expertise and its transparency", he concluded.

France: The government changes the security law after mass protests

 France: The government changes the security law after mass protests After massive protests, the government in Paris withdraws a controversial article of the new security law. Here the star political scientist Jérôme Fourquet talks about the strategy behind the maneuver. © IAN LANGSDON / POOL / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock These were days of protest that France experienced last week despite lockdown. Journalists' associations and representatives of the left opposition raged against the French government's new "global security law".

“ We are not sure it is an asteroid (that is, a natural body), as it could be the rocket booster of the Surveyor 2 NASA mission, dating back to The object will be the third known minimoon the Earth has had since records began, though there were likely many, many more throughout the planet's history.

Our lives as we know it have changed completely. We don ’ t even have a new normal yet. But I guess what I would have to say , now that I’ve had a minute or so to reflect on this, is that all the previous science — the vast majority of the previous science — about vaccines tells us that the

“Our great risk is to see the arrival of a new obscurantism, conspiracy at work, which even takes hold in the land of Pasteur and the Enlightenment. »

Sufficient to reassure the French? At present, around 61% of them do not intend to be vaccinated against Covid-19, according to an Ifop poll carried out on December 1 and 2 for CNews and Sud Radio, published on Thursday December 3. In detail, 33% will "probably not" go while the remaining 28% will "definitely not" go.

Macron invites himself to Brut and Snapchat: "More than a communication strategy, a necessity"

In Le Creusot, Emmanuel Macron defends the "relevance" of nuclear power .
Visiting the Framatome site in Le Creusot on Tuesday, the President of the Republic once again defended nuclear energy as essential to the fight against global warming. A view highly contested by environmentalists and NGOs. © Laurent Cipriani / AP / SIPA Since Emmanuel Macron presents himself as a champion in the fight against climate change , he has never hidden that nuclear power remains at the heart of his strategy.

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