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19:30  05 december  2020
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IGPN seized after new video showing man beaten up by police officers

 IGPN seized after new video showing man beaten up by police officers IGPN was seized by the courts after being informed of a video showing three police officers beating up a music producer in Paris. © Screenshot / Loopsider Police violence again highlighted by a video. Loopsider reveals this Tuesday the images of a man beaten last Saturday by several police officers, in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. According to the media, Michel, a music producer, was in front of his studio when he was attacked by agents, "simply because he was not wearing a mask." In total

Violence erupts during Paris protest against police brutality as fires start burning in the streets and unrest grows.

French parliament late on Tuesday passed a bill on global security, criminalising the publication of images of police officers online, despite the recent riots against the legislation being criticised for possibly infringing on the freedom of the press.

The law, which criminalizes filming of police officers during operations, continues to drive many French people onto the streets. They see the freedom of the press at risk. In addition, there is anger about the social situation in the country.

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During new protests against police violence and social injustice, serious riots broke out in Paris. Protesters set cars on fire in the French capital and clashed with police. The officers responded by using tear gas.

"Everyone hates the police"

Several thousand people had gathered for the rally, including many supporters of the yellow vests movement among the demonstrators. Repeatedly chants rang out like "Everybody hates the police." The initially peaceful demonstration quickly turned into violence. Cars were set on fire along the route and shop windows of banks and supermarkets were smashed.

Anti-global security law demonstration: "We are not against the police, but things have to change"

 Anti-global security law demonstration: Demonstrations took place all day on Saturday all over France, against the "global security bill" "and police violence. Europe 1 met demonstrators, who do not incriminate all the police but deplore the lack of reaction from the executive to a "sick institution". 133,000 people gathered on Saturday all over France to protest against the bill for "global security" according to figures from the Ministry of the Interior, 500,000 according to the organizers. In Paris, they were 46,000.

Rioting erupted in major French cities including Paris on Saturday as thousands demonstrated against a new law making it illegal to film the 'Today's demonstration is a legal one, but it has turned very violent ,' said a CRS riot police officer at the scene. 'We have come under attack from

The demonstration in Paris led to 18 arrests, according to the authorities, and came as protests swept the US over police racism and violence after the killing of Elsewhere in France, a further seven people were arrested and 10 police officers injured in other demonstrations against police violence .

Auch die Anhänger der Gelbwesten-Bewegung sind bei den Protesten in der französischen Hauptstadt dabei © Francois Mori / AP / picture alliance Supporters of the yellow vests movement are also present at the protests in the French capital

In total, around a hundred rallies were planned across France this Saturday. Originally registered as a protest by the trade unions against social injustice, many participants came to the demonstration in Paris out of anger about a planned security law that has been causing protests for weeks. The protests were fueled by cases of police violence, which had become known through video recordings and which had caused horror nationwide.

Comprehensive security or restriction of the freedom of the press?

The government of President Emmanuel Macron wants to use the law for "comprehensive security" to criminalize the dissemination of photos or film recordings of police operations, if the "physical or mental integrity" of individual officials is endangered as a result. With the law, the government wants to protect the emergency services better. Journalists' associations, however, fear a massive restriction of the freedom of the press . Critics also argue that, in the past, many cases of police violence would have gone unpunished if they had not been filmed and posted on the Internet.

In view of the protests against the law, the government majority in the Paris Parliament has now announced that it wants to revise the controversial film ban in the security law. However, it is not yet known exactly how the article will be changed.

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Bertrand accuses Macron of having "let go of the police" by speaking of "police violence" .
© Copyright 2020, L'Obs Xavier Bertrand, the ex-LR president of the Hauts-de-France region, denounced Sunday the "fault" which "is not forgivable" of Emmanuel Macron who, according to him, "let go of the police" by agreeing to speak of "police violence". The President of the Republic admitted on Friday that there was "violence by the police", an expression he said he preferred to that of "police violence", which he said has become "a slogan".

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