US News Thousands of Armenians insist on resigning from the government

19:30  05 december  2020
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In Sudan, Ethiopian refugees try to rebuild life in their camp

 In Sudan, Ethiopian refugees try to rebuild life in their camp © ASHRAF SHAZLY An Ethiopian refugee sells tea, in a transit camp in Sudan, November 26, 2020 Samarwat Tkhali, 10, has been walking around for a week the streets of "Village 8" in Sudan, where thousands of Ethiopians have taken refuge fleeing the war in Tigray. To survive, she sells the chocolate cakes bought by her father. In this miserable village, where some 15,000 Ethiopian refugees are crowded near the border, she approaches the people by asking them timidly: "Do you want to taste one?".

On Tuesday, thousands of Armenian -Americans took to the streets of Los Angeles, waving Anti- government protesters hold their mobile phones aloft as they take part in a pro-democracy rally in Armenian -Americans march in protest through the Little Armenia neighborhood of Hollywood

Protesters in Yerevan headed for the Armenian government building, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. The Armenian opposition began to organize protests, trying to seize power against the backdrop of the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh.

The anger over the ceasefire agreement with Azerbaijan continues. The demonstrators feel betrayed and want Prime Minister Pashinyan to leave. A successor is already ready.

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More than 15,000 people had gathered in the Armenian capital Yerevan and called for the resignation of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan . For the first time, representatives of the influential Armenian Apostolic Church were there, as correspondents reported. Pashinyan was again insulted as a "traitor". Manja Khaschatrijan, a 49-year-old rally participant, said Pashinyan inflicted such wounds on Armenia and the people that it will take several generations to heal.

Roads closed, cities reinvested: the inhabitants of Nagorno-Karabakh facing the new borders

 Roads closed, cities reinvested: the inhabitants of Nagorno-Karabakh facing the new borders © bagramyan26 on Telegram Closure of the road allowing access to Nagorno-Karabakh via the district of Kelbadjar, after the latter has passed under the control of Azerbaijan on November 25, 2020.

The thousands of Armenian men conscripted into the Ottoman army were eliminated first. When the Ottomans entered World War I, they confirmed journalists to Istanbul, and since the main communications system, the telegraph, was under government control, news from the interior was

The Armenians suffered severely from the application of this principle. Devoid of all national government , they were raided alternately by Turks and large number of Armenians fought on the Russian side. Akhaltzykh was occupied after the war with Turkey in 1829; and finally, in the campaign

Der frühere Ministerpräsident Wasgen Manukjan: Das Land wird nie seinen Frieden schließen mit dem Abkommen © Artem Mikryukov / REUTERS Former Prime Minister Wasgen Manukjan: The country will never make peace with the

Agreement Almost a month ago, Pashinyan signed a peace agreement with Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev for the South Caucasus region, which was negotiated by Russia's President Vladimir Putin had come about.

This was preceded by six weeks of fighting over the Nagorno-Karabakh region with a total of more than 4,600 dead. According to the agreement, 2,000 Russian soldiers are responsible for observing the ceasefire. Azerbaijan celebrates the agreement as a victory. For Armenia it means huge territorial losses.

Seit fast vier Wochen versammeln sich immer wieder Regierungskritiker im Zentrum von Eriwan © Lusi Sargsyan / ITAR-TASS / imago images For almost four weeks, critics of the government have been gathering in the center of Yerevan

A tweet about a throat cut further strain the relations between China and Australia

 A tweet about a throat cut further strain the relations between China and Australia © Copyright 2020, The Obs Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison angrily denounced on Monday November 30 a "scandalous" tweet emanating from a spokesperson for the Chinese government and called on Beijing to formally apologize. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian sparked outrage by posting a scene in which a man, dressed as an Australian soldier, holds a bloody knife against the throat of an Afghan child .

Stalin's government took several measures in limiting power of the Armenian Church, already weakened by Over a thousand people were arrested and seven of nine members of the Armenian Politburo Further deportations of Armenians from the coastal region occurred in 1948, when 58

Armenian populations exist throughout the world. Although Armenian diaspora communities have existed since ancient times, most of the Armenians living outside of the Republic of Armenia are

Many Armenians are talking about surrender and the Pashinyan protests have been going on ever since. 17 opposition parties have now decided on a successor to the Prime Minister - the former Prime Minister Wasgen Manukjan. The 74-year-old led what was then the Soviet republic to independence 30 years ago.

At the rally on Saturday he said that Armenia would never make its peace with the agreement, but still have to stick to it. "Otherwise it means war with Turkey and Azerbaijan," he said. Azerbaijan sees itself supported in the conflict by its "brother state" Turkey.

Denkt nicht an Rücktritt: Regierungschef Nikol Paschinjan © Kay Nietfeld / dpa / picture alliance Don't think about resignation: Prime Minister Nikol Paschinjan

Manukjan said that a new government under his leadership would have to clarify the many open questions of the agreement in favor of Armenia. He wants to coordinate closely with Russia as the most important ally.

For example, the political status of Nagorno-Karabakh has not been clarified. Pashinyan had changed several members of the government. He still refuses to resign. Putin had assured Pashinyan of his support on Wednesday and praised him for his "courage". The agreement was a "very difficult but necessary decision".

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Erdogan in Azerbaijan to celebrate the "glorious" victory in Nagorno Karabakh .
© Handout Image produced and released on December 9, 2020 by the press service of the Turkish Presidency, showing Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev (l) welcoming his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan (d) on his arrival in Baku Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan celebrates Thursday in Azerbaijan the victory of this ally against Armenian forces in Nagorny Karabakh, made possible thanks to the precious support of Ankara.

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