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Iran: researcher Kylie Moore-Gilbert released after 800 days of detention

 Iran: researcher Kylie Moore-Gilbert released after 800 days of detention © Provided by Le Point Kylie Moore-Gilbert, Iran It's the end of a long ordeal for Kylie Moore-Gilbert. The Australian-British researcher, a specialist in the Middle East, was released from Iran on Wednesday, November 25, after more than 800 days of detention. She had been convicted by the Iranian regime for espionage for the benefit of Israel . His release was accepted by Tehran in exchange for three Iranians.

If these animals are to be saved, people will need to be educated about the creatures' plight, poaching must be stopped, and the animals ' habitats will need to Below, are seven animals that humans are threatening with extinction . These are just a few examples of how humans are contributing to the

Animals so fascinating that never seize to amaze us with their intelligence, oddities and beautiful appearance. Most of them we’ve never seen live and chances are that we never will. The saddest part is that some of these animals are facing extinction and will disappear from the face of the Earth and

The Enigma cipher machine from the Second World War, discovered by divers in the Baltic Sea, is to be extensively restored in Schleswig. "We assume that this will take about a year," said the head of the Schleswig-Holstein State Archaeological Office, Ulf Ickerodt, on Friday. The rare machine was found in November off the coast of the northernmost state in the Geltinger Bay.

Ulf Ickerodt, Leiter des Archäologischen Landesamts Schleswig-Holstein. © Daniel Reinhardt / dpa / archive image Ulf Ickerodt, head of the Schleswig-Holstein State Archaeological Office.

A team led by research diver Florian Huber from Kiel discovered the Enigma on the seabed. She was caught in a ghost net. Huber and a colleague were actually looking for such fishing nets on behalf of the environmental protection organization WWF in the Geltinger Bay. They represent a deadly trap for fish, marine mammals and sea birds. "A colleague appeared and said: There is a net there, but there is an old typewriter in it," said underwater archaeologist Florian Huber after the discovery became known.

Olivier Poivre d´Arvor, new ambassador for maritime poles and issues

 Olivier Poivre d´Arvor, new ambassador for maritime poles and issues © Archives Ouest-France, Jérôme Fouquet Olivier Poivre d´Arvor (here, in 2013) is the new ambassador for maritime poles and issues. Almost a year after the departure of Ségolène Royal, ambassador in charge of international negotiations for the Arctic and Antarctic, Olivier Poivre d´Arvor was appointed ambassador for the poles on Wednesday in the Council of Ministers. With a mandate extended to international maritime issues.

These animals are only found in North America. They are mainly endangered because of the plagues and of course their receding habitat thanks to human This is the smallest in the rhino family living in Malaysia, Indonesia and Burma. They are also facing extinction thanks to targets by poachers.

This story appears in the October 2019 issue of National Geographic magazine. LIFE, BESIEGED. Most of the animals shown here are among the more than 28,000 species of animals and plants that the International Union for Conservation of Nature says are threatened with extinction .

On Friday, Huber handed over the Enigma, including the corresponding report to the state office. For Ickerodt and his team, the 45-year-old is an old friend. "He's a stroke of luck as a colleague, he's trained as a research diver," said Ickerodt. Huber regularly dives wrecks in the North and Baltic Seas.

The rare Enigma should first be desalinated in Schleswig. It will then be restored in the Museum of Archeology. "We'll treat them first in terms of conservation," said Ickerodt. He envisions exhibiting the machine later in the state museums, possibly showing it publicly on the day of archeology.

"The Enigma is a great memento in several ways," said Ickerodt. You also have a technical history perspective. It is linked to the story of the British computer scientist Alan Turing, "who cracked the whole thing". Turing made a major contribution to cracking the Enigma code during World War II. This had a significant impact on the submarine warfare in the Atlantic. From then on, the British were able to "read" the encrypted radio codes on German boats - unnoticed by the enemy.

fan rage after Schalke chaos days

 fan rage after Schalke chaos days Gelsenkirchen - Schalke 04 has been stumbling through the Bundesliga without a win for over ten months - without an audible response. Whistles, insults, outbursts of anger: At the Corona ghost games, the brutally crashed runner-up in 2018 was spared the gauntlet in front of his own fans. But after the recent days of chaos, people's anger breaks out - in a fire letter to the team and banners against the leadership.

The MCS says this species is “just one step away from extinction ” in the wild. Madagascar’s lemurs – of which the singing, black-and-white indri is the largest – are the world’s most endangered primate group: 105 of the island’s 111 known species and sub-species are threatened with extinction .

In 2002 many animals remain threatened with extinction as a result of human activity. The World Wildlife Fund works tirelessly to raise awareness of the predicament facing these animals and find ways to protect them. This has led to the animal being relentlessly hunted in its natural habitat.

The hunt for the Enigma is part of many Hollywood films and crime novels, said Ickerodt. For him, however, the most important thing is that such relics from the Third Reich “make us see what happened between 1933 and 1945”.

The Enigma is a complex machine for the time. Named after the Greek word for puzzle, it had 26 letter keys and just as many light fields with the letters that made up the encrypted text. Inside, the current ran through several rotating rollers on the way from pressing a button on board the submarine to the lamp above the keyboard. The sequence of the rollers and the resulting pairs of letters changed daily.

The naval historian Jann M. Witt from the German Navy Federation assumes that the Enigma from the Geltinger Bay came from a German warship and was thrown overboard towards the end of the war. Because the specimen found only has three rollers. However, only models with four rollers were used on submarines.

"lateral thinker" - a case for the protection of the constitution? .
In Germany there are increasing voices calling for tougher action by the state against the "lateral thinking" movement. Politicians increasingly see "democracy under attack". © Sina Schuldt / dpa / picture alliance Despite a ban by the Federal Constitutional Court, supporters of "lateral thinking" and offshoots of the movement have in recent months in many German cities against the restrictions in the Corona- Pandemic demonstrated. There are cross-contacts with right-wing extremist groups.

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