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20:40  11 january  2021
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Covid: large-scale vaccination in Beijing before the Chinese New Year

 Covid: large-scale vaccination in Beijing before the Chinese New Year © GREG BAKER Residents line up to be vaccinated before the Chinese New Year on January 4, 2021 in Beijing Thousands of Pekingese lined up on Monday by freezing cold to be vaccinated against Covid-19 before the great Chinese New Year migration, the authorities seeking at all costs to avoid a new epidemic wave.

Stéphane Ravacley, baker in Besançon in eastern France, has been on hunger strike since 3 January, 2021, to keep his Guinean apprentice. The petition launched by Stéphane Ravacley sounds like a cry from the heart. " Help us save our super apprentice baker from being evicted from the

A hunger strike is a time-honored but desperate way for prisoners and political activists to attract attention to their cause. Of the 166 prisoners being held at the U.S. military detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, 84 of them — more than half — are now on a hunger strike to protest their

  TRIBUNE. « Monsieur le Président, aidez le boulanger de Besançon en grève de la faim ! » © Copyright 2021, L'Obs

Mr. Chairman,

Stéphane Ravacley is a baker in Besançon. A week ago, he went on a hunger strike to protest the deportation decision targeting Laye Fodé Traoré, his 18-year-old Guinean apprentice.

“Laye is a kid who arrived at my place a year and a half ago. He is one of all these young people who arrived by inflatable boat. They were looking for work and I was looking for a first year apprentice. We did two months of testing and it worked well. He is a super discreet, very nice person, never a word above the other. »

For a year and a half, Laye Fodé Traoré has been living in Besançon in a hostel and, two months ago, he obtained his apartment. He has integrated a baker's CAP and works at La Huche à Pain with Stéphane:

Iran. President Hassan Rohani believes that "Western democracy is fragile and vulnerable"

 Iran. President Hassan Rohani believes that © DENIS BALIBOUSE / REUTERS Iranian President Hassan Rohani makes a statement after a two-day visit to Bern, Switzerland on July 3, 2018. When with a televised address, the Iranian president reacts on January 7 to the pro-Trump assault on Capitol Hill in the United States. Hassan Rohani judges that Western democracy is "fragile and vulnerable".

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Spanish/Nat Former Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari has called off his hunger strike - just hours after starting it. He began the fast on

"I chose the bakery because you touch everything, you can sometimes tinker. I like croissants, bread. I don't mind getting up early.

Laye arrived in France under the status of unaccompanied foreign minor, but he is now of legal age and therefore deportable. He was notified of an obligation to leave French territory. For the past week, a huge wave of solidarity from bakers and citizens has risen across France. Despite this vast mobilization, despite the mobilization of mayors and local elected officials, despite the 200,000 citizens who signed the online petition, neither Gérald Darmanin nor Marlène Schiappa deigned to respond to Stéphane. And your administration continues to turn a deaf ear.

Now, Mr. President, the situation is becoming urgent: Stéphane Ravacley had three pulmonary embolisms in three years. His doctor considers him "fragile" and to let him continue this hunger strike would be a mistake.

United States. Democrats consider impeachment proceedings against Trump

 United States. Democrats consider impeachment proceedings against Trump © JOSHUA ROBERTS / AFP Donald Trump at a press conference on September 27. Several elected Democrats in the US Congress are calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump after supporters of the president entered the Capitol on Wednesday January 6.

The Hunger Strike is a second season episode of the Adult Swim animated television series The Boondocks. It is one of two episodes from this season to take a critical shot at the network BET . It was set to premiere on January 7, 2008

Tina is starting her hunger strike today and has the support of her family with her. Stay tuned for a longer introduction later today! Moses, Brian and Vivian are studying on the lawns outside of Parliament whilst learning and participating in real social change.

You cannot remain insensitive to the fact that a French citizen endangers his health in order to defend the humanist principles - freedom, equality, fraternity - which are inscribed on the pediments of our town halls and are supposed to underpin our Republic. This mobilization is not a question of left or right, of political camp or ideological family, it is a matter of human solidarity.

Simply. The story of a man with no political chapel or party who decided to fight injustice. Until the end. Some individual cases become symbols and define who we are and what we want to be, collectively. In the hope of a just decision, we urge you, Mr. Speaker, to accept our most humanistic and united feelings.

First signatories:


Omar SY, actor

Hélène SY, humanitarian and president of the CéKeduBonheur association

Leïla SLIMANI, writer

Nicolas HULOT, former minister

Marion COTILLARD, actress

Erase Donald Trump from Mom, did I miss the plane again? Macaulay Culkin is for cutting US President

 Erase Donald Trump from Mom, did I miss the plane again? Macaulay Culkin is for cutting US President While many fans recently demanded that Donald Trump's cameo be removed from "Mom, I missed the plane again," Macaulay Culkin (performer of Kevin MacCAllister) argued the proposal on Twitter. © 20th Century Fox Erase Donald Trump from Mom, did I miss the plane again? Macaulay Culkin is for cutting US President While incumbent US President Donald Trump was recently banned from Twitter, many fans of Mom I Missed the plane again have been clamoring to have his cameo removed from the movie.

Mr Kim, who has also now been promoted to Secretary General (the highest rank of the ruling Worker's Party), is struggling to be heard outside his own country amidst the current tumult in the US. But if the incoming US administration harbours any hopes of preventing Mr Kim's nuclear ambitions, now might

He took part in the ongoing hunger strike at the prison. More than 37 detainees remain on hunger strike , according to the US military. Wingard argues that two things at this point can help the situation in Guantanamo, the first one being public pressure and “habeas petitions being refilled once

François HÉRAN, professor at the College of France

Adèle EXARCHOPOULOS, actress

Just RIADH, actor and comedian

Eddy DE PRETTO, singer

Elise GOLDFARB, feminist entrepreneur

Yannick JADOT, MEP

Benoît HAMON, founder of Generation.s

Edgar MORIN, sociologist and philosopher VALLAUD

Najat -BELKACEM, Director of One France

Olivier FAURE, First Secretary of the Socialist Party


Camille LELLOUCHE, actress and singer

Jean-François RIAL, CEO of Voyageurs du Monde

Laurent BERGER, secretary general of CFDT


Jeanne BARSEGHIAN, Mayor of Strasbourg

Nicolas MAYER-ROSSIGNOL, Mayor of Rouen

Olivier BIANCHI, mayor of Clermont-Ferrand

Johanna ROLLAND, mayor of Nantes

Anne VIGNOT, mayor of Besançon

Eric PIOLLE, mayor of Grenoble

Jo SPIEGEL, President of Place publique

Bruno BERNARD, President of Greater Lyon

Grégory DOUCET, mayor of Lyon

Emmanuel DENIS, mayor of Tours

Marie-Guite DUFAY, president of Bourgogne Franche-Comté

Antoine VAUCHEZ, CNRS research director

Irène THERY, director of studies at EHESS

Boris VALLAUD, deputy

Jean-Louis FABIANI , director of studies at EHESS

Jean-Yves PRANCHERE, member of the Center for Political Theory of the Free University of Brussels


research director Cyril DION, director

Camille ETIENNE, climate activist

Elsa WOLINSKI , writer

Patrick PELLOUX, doctor

Joe Biden is the new President: This is how the stars congratulate .
It is a happy day for many: On January 20, Joe Biden (78, "Promise me" ) and Kamala Harris (56) became President and Vice President of the USA introduced into their offices. Numerous personalities from show business and politics promptly congratulated. Here is a selection. © imago images / UPI Photo Joe Biden during his first speech as US President "Such an emotional day" For model Hailey Bieber (24), Wednesday was "such an emotional day".

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