US News Plastic waste: Svenja Schulze wants to oblige restaurants to use reusable packaging.

12:41  17 january  2021
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Covid-19: the beginning of a rebound "in connection" with the end of year celebrations

 Covid-19: the beginning of a rebound The various indicators attest to this start of recovery, which had been blurred during the holiday season and the significant drop in the number of tests carried out. France had more than 15,000 confirmed cases per day on Thursday, on average over the last seven days, knowing that the last three days reported more than 20,000 new daily contaminations . This level had not been reached since the end of November, before the start of deconfinement.

Plastic waste surges as coronavirus prompts restaurants to use more disposable packaging . But most local economies don't have the infrastructure in place for reusable or compostable takeout packaging . And environmentalists warn the pandemic threatens to scare consumers away from

Starbucks aims to make its packaging reusable , invest in better waste -management and add plant-based foods to its menu as part of its latest plan to become

Environment Minister Svenja Schulze wants to tighten the requirements for plastic packaging. Restaurants and delivery services should only use reusable packaging. However, there is still some time to go before the possible law.

  Plastikmüll: Svenja Schulze will Restaurants zu Mehrwegverpackungen verpflichten © DPA / Alexander Heinl

In the corona pandemic, restaurants and bars are closed, delivery services are booming. However, many companies package their food in disposable plastic, and the garbage piles up. Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze ( SPD ) now wants to oblige restaurateurs to offer reusable packaging for all meals outside the home. This emerges from an amendment to the packaging law that is available to her, reported the "Bild am Sonntag". The new requirement should be introduced into the cabinet on Wednesday and also apply to the sale of coffee, reported the ARD capital studio.

Macron in Eure in a new generation rocket engine factory

 Macron in Eure in a new generation rocket engine factory © JODY AMIET / AFP The President of the Republic is going to Vernon, in Eure on Tuesday, to visit an ArianeGroup factory which is building a new generation of rocket engines, cheaper and above all reusable. The head of state will thus highlight a strategic project for France and for Europe. This is a political spotlight on an industrial project of the future. Emmanuel Macron goes to Vernon, in the Eure, on Tuesday afternoon, on one of the ArianeGroup sites.

Weighing at just 2.8oz (80g), this stainless steel FinalStraw is definitely a keeper. It’s a perfect straw for anyone who wants to help our environment by

Plastic tubes of lipstick accented in gold, medicinal looking glass bottles topped with an eyedropper or curved tubs filled with thick creams — cosmetics packaging is often used to create a brand's If successful, P&G said, the move could substantially reduce plastic waste from single- use products.

However, the law will be a long time coming. The reusable obligation should apply from January 2023 for so-called final distributors, i.e. all restaurateurs, caterers and delivery services. Exceptions are companies with less than 80 square meters and a maximum of five employees. According to ARD information, however, this exception does not apply to branches of large chains.

The reusable alternative should not cost any more, should not entail any loss of quality and should be clearly advertised. However, disposable cups or containers should still be possible.

"Disposable plastic is still the rule in many restaurants, snack bars and cafes," Schulze told "Bild am Sonntag". »My goal is for reusable to go to become the new standard. So I want to oblige the catering industry to offer non-reusable packaging as well as reusable packaging in the future. «

DRC: six dead and 19 missing in the sinking of a barge on the Congo river

 DRC: six dead and 19 missing in the sinking of a barge on the Congo river © JOHN WESSELS Barges on the Congo river in September 2018 in the DRC Families accompanied by fishermen who came to offer their help flocked to the along the Congo River after the sinking of a barge that left six dead and 19 missing in the northeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo at the end of last week. "A whaling boat (barge) which left Kisangani for Basoko was wrecked on Friday evening.

Despite using heavier packages , more transportation, and cleaning, it has a lower carbon footprint than single- use packaging . In retail stores, though, customers can pick and choose which Loop products to use . “By the retailer listing in-store, the benefit to the consumer is they can go shop the

Use a reusable coffee mug instead of disposable ones. Consider alternatives such as Soda Stream and She stopped buying chips and other packaged snacks, chocolate bars, fresh berries that aren't locally She plans to use the plastic bags and containers she already has for as long as they hold up.

Hotel and Restaurant Association Criticizes Project

The General Manager of the Hotel and Restaurant Association, Ingrid Hartges, criticized the timing of the initiative. "The discussion about a reusable obligation comes at an absolutely inopportune time," she told the "BamS" with a view to the particularly severe effects of the Corona crisis on the catering trade. »Delivery and collection services are currently the only thing that keeps the industry going. The last thing the catering industry needs now is the prospect of additional costs and documentation requirements, «warned the head of the association.

The Vice-Prime Minister in Saarland , Anke Rehlinger (SPD), meanwhile spoke out in favor of extending the VAT reduction on food in restaurants until the end of the year. As things stand, the tax cut from 19 to 7 percent should end on June 30th. "The lower the value added tax becomes a farce the longer the shutdown lasts," said Rehlinger of the "BamS". "After all, nobody can eat in closed restaurants."

Covid-19: in Japan, non-compliance with health rules could lead to prison .
© Provided by Le Parisien Le Parisien Enough discussed, Japan is going to sanctions. The Japanese government approved two bills on Friday aimed at strengthening the effectiveness of restrictive measures to fight against Covid-19. They would allow, if adopted as is, to impose fines and even prison terms on refractory. For the moment, calls to limit exits or to close bars and restaurants earlier are not accompanied by any sanctions in the peninsula.

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