US News Is the Stock Exchange becoming a big casino, because of the central banks?

14:40  18 january  2021
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Ethereum starts catching up on the crypto markets - what's behind the rapid price increase?

 Ethereum starts catching up on the crypto markets - what's behind the rapid price increase? The second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Ethereum, has risen by more than 75% since the beginning of the year. While Bitcoin stole the show from all altcoins in 2020, Ethereum is now pushing into the limelight. There are several reasons for this. © Provided by Finances.net MIKE CLARKE / AFP / Getty Images Institutional investors become aware of Ethereum In early December, major investor Paul Tudor Jones II drew attention to Ethereum's role in the economy of cryptocurrencies w

Some of the stocks listed in the stock exchange could be a fake listing or the reports provided by they don’t have their own opinion about Stock Market and say that, because other people think so In the short-term, stock market is like a casino . You have ZERO idea if your investment would go up or

“Our financial markets have become a Vegas/Macau/Monte Carlo casino , wagering that an unlimited supply of credit generated by central banks can Deutsche Bank CEO John Cryan, who is embroiled in his own fight to restore confidence at Germany’s largest lender, also has attributed some of the

La Bourse devient-elle un grand casino, à cause des banques centrales ? © Wikimedia Is the Stock Exchange becoming a big casino, because of central banks? IPOs, bitcoin, Tesla, Signal ... Market aberrations and extreme volatility are increasing on the stock market. A situation largely attributable to the massive liquidity injected by central banks and the frantic quest for yield from investors ...

Is the stock market seized with irrational exuberance at present? The question deserves to be asked, in view of the breathtaking surge of certain equity indices, certain sectors of activity, the frantic quest for returns by stakeholders, the extreme volatility of certain stocks ... and glaring aberrations, to like the recent Signal case. Often absurd situations, linked to the spillage of astronomical amounts of liquidity by central banks in the face of the Covid-19 crisis.

Death of Sheldon Adelson, casino magnate and financier of American conservatives

 Death of Sheldon Adelson, casino magnate and financier of American conservatives The casino magnate, whose group employing 50,000 people notably owns two luxury resorts on the Las Vegas Strip - The Venetian and The Palazzo - and casinos in Macau and Singapore, had largely worked in favor of Republican President Donald Trump.

Valuation of Securities: Stock market helps in the valuation of securities based on the factors of supply and demand. Facilitates liquidity: The most important role of the stock exchange is in ensuring a ready platform for the sale and purchase of securities.

Smaller stock exchanges often handle only national stock , whereas the big stock exchanges handle the stock The stock exchange is a marketplace where brokers buy and sell stocks and bonds for other people. Stocks and Bonds. A person who buys stock becomes one of the company’s owners.

Mistaken for another, Signal Advance took ... 6,000% lately ! Signal Advance's price increased 64.5-fold between Jan. 6 and 11 after Tesla boss Elon Musk urged on Twitter to "use Signal," WhatsApp's rival messaging app. Problem: Signal Advance is not a messaging system, it is a Texas healthcare company. Signal "represents a textbook" of current financial aberrations, notes Christopher Dembik, head of economic research at Saxo Bank. Such a massive influx of investors into the stock combined with such a mistake shows the extent of the "quest for yield and the need for money not to sleep," he continues. "In a market economy where there would be much less liquidity, there would not have been this movement", adds the expert.

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Analyst warns of a millennium-style market correction for 2021

 Analyst warns of a millennium-style market correction for 2021 Despite the huge Corona crash in spring, 2020 turned out to be a very good year for stocks: At the end of the year, many indices once again marked new all-time highs, thus creating an extremely forgiving one End of the year. But 2021 could be uncomfortable, experts warn. © Provided by Finance.net Ralph Orlowski / Getty Images • Saxo Bank strategist compares stock market developments in 1999 and 2000 • Warning of "cruel correction" • Others also see bubble that is about to burst Das The new stoc

In a fixed exchange rate system, how do countries address the problem of currency market pressures that threaten to lower or raise the value of their currency? If demand rises, countries must fill the excess demand for foreign currency by selling reserves and adjusting the value of the exchange rate to the

· How exactly does the central bank supervise the commercial banks ? · How do central banks influence exchange rates with foreign currencies? If the company is successful and later becomes a public company, which means it is listed on a stock exchange , the venture capitalists will be able to

Similar errors, although less significant, have been observed in recent years with Zoom, Airbnb and Twitter. And the IPOs are probably experiencing an exaggerated craze, with a disproportionate surge from the first day of listing ... A surge of 115% just for the first stock market session of Airbnb on Wall Street, + 78% for the delivery man of DoorDash meals in a few hours, a record 456 IPOs in the United States last year for the colossal sum of 167 billion dollars raised according to the firm Dealogic ... Against all expectations, 2020 has enabled investors to bet heavily on the IPOs of technology companies, helped by bottoming interest rates and assurances that the US Central Bank (Fed) would support markets tooth and nail.

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If there is one counter that the car manufacturer has panicked in recent months, it is that of the Stock Exchange. The stock's 743% surge last year pushed the company's value up to more than $ 800 billion, making Elon Musk virtually the richest man in the world. Problem: Tesla only sold 499,550 cars last year while Volkswagen, which is "only" worth € 81 billion, sold 9.3 million. But Tesla, which entered the prestigious S&P 500 index last year, was fueled by an army of professional investors and individuals who flocked to the stock market across the world last year, sometimes seeing Elon Musk - and his 42.3 million subscribers on Twitter -, the figure of a visionary guru. The company "is starting to get out of the rut but that does not legitimize such an appreciation of the title" comments Christopher Dembik.

"Dear Tayyip": Macron and Erdogan write to ease tensions

 French Presidents Emmanuel Macron and Turkish Presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan have agreed, in a letter exchange, to resume dialogue in order to overcome the strong tensions between Ankara and Paris , the head of Turkish diplomacy said on Friday.

As the Federal Reserve mulls buying stocks , the Bank of Japan offers a case study of its efficacy and limitations Continue reading The Federal Reserve has been at the forefront of the effort to stabilize capital markets amid the unprecedented disruption created by the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

three measures of the Money Stock for the Euro Area. central bank . Money has three functions: It acts as a medium of exchange , a unit of account, and a hedge against inflation. The Bank of England is the central bank of the United Kingdom and its Monetary Policy Committee comprises

At the end of 2020, bitcoin embarked on its wild ride, initially driven by the increasingly keen appetite of investment funds and companies. Individuals have followed suit and there is a high probability that speculation will continue among them. ByteTree analysts recently noted a sharp rise in investments of $ 600 earlier in the year after the same amount of boost offered by US authorities to Americans' bank accounts.

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With new aid of $ 1,400 in the pipes by the future Biden administration as part of its plan to support the economy, the cryptocurrency could have the fuel needed to get closer to the stars. And to do, paradoxically, his share of unfortunate: according to the press, an American developer thus lost the password of a USB key where he had 7,002 bitcoins (approximately 280 million dollars) while a Briton begs his municipality to help him find his hard drive, accidentally thrown into a landfill when there are 200 million pounds in bitcoins.

Century-old German banks bring their first women to the board of directors .
(Bloomberg) - Since it was founded more than a century ago, there has been no woman on the board of either ApoBank or Merck Finck. That changed at both institutes in the last few weeks. However, there is still a long way to go before women are represented on the management bodies of German banks as often as men. At Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank, Jenny Friese became a board member this month.

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