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19:40  21 january  2021
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Once upon a time there was the (improbable) story of the pope "arrested for child trafficking"

 Once upon a time there was the (improbable) story of the pope This misinformation about the arrest of Pope Francis is a good illustration of how the QAnon online bubble can almost everything. Something that could shock the whole world is said to have taken place in complete secrecy over the past weekend, and only a handful of elected officials would know about it.

I don’t think we could actually punish the Deep State like this, or else they might release a deadly bioengineered virus, create economic disaster, and start a horrific race war, fanned on by ALL THE MEDIA, with no one ever questioning the narrative, and even now the clown show of TV newscasters

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Mihail Ponomarev garnished his retreat at KFC Uerdingen with a neat verbal attack. This annoys the SPORT1 columnist Markus Höhner.

Übel! Stilloser Ponomarev reitet den KFC tiefer rein © Provided by sport1.de Evil! Styleless Ponomarev rides the KFC deeper in

Mikhail Ponomarev has announced his retirement as an investor in KFC Uerdingen . That's not nice. But that's his right.

He has also submitted his resignation as CEO of KFC Uerdingen e.V. This is also legitimate according to the statutes. He has invested a lot, achieved partial success, but now he does not want to continue. So far so good.

It should now also be part of an orderly handover not to further publicly pollute the nest that he himself wanted to go to.

What now? Uerdingen boss declares resignation

 What now? Uerdingen boss declares resignation The situation at third division KFC Uerdingen is becoming more and more precarious. Investor Mikhail Ponomarev announced his resignation, the 2nd chairman also left. © Provided by sport1.de What now? Uerdingen boss declares resignation The KFC Uerdingen is approaching uncertain times. Club boss and investor Mikhail Ponomarew announced his resignation to the board of directors. The 2nd chairman Nikolas Weinhart is also no longer available.

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"The KFC is not an attractive investment, what do we have? A third division license. That's all!" the Russian rumbled in a public statement and thus damages the image of the traditional club in public even more than he has already done with his cabin brawl, court cases, coaches thrown out and failure to pay salary and rent. And he forgets something very important.

Ponomarev doesn't feel the charisma of Uerdingen

Just imagine if there was an interested investor. Then a third division license is not only a pretty good basis for an even better sporting perspective, but especially not "everything". Ponomarev speaks of his "heart for the KFC", but obviously doesn't feel anything of the charisma of a club that played in the first Bundesliga when Ponomarev was still a baby.

Thanks to Tesches "weak left foot": Bochum rides the wave of success

 Thanks to Tesches VfL Bochum remains on the ball in the promotion race and is happy about the table lead after the deserved 3: 1 against 1. FC Nürnberg. In the fourth three in a row Spielglück and Robert Tesches' supposedly weak left foot also stood by their side. © imago images Exemplary shooting position: Robert Tesche nailed the ball up into the right corner at 2: 1. Bochum is increasingly becoming a real aspirant of promotion.

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1975 Uerdingen was the first division club. Of course there are clubs with an even greater tradition, but Uerdingen has written its stories since this first Bundesliga year and has increasingly become a brand. Not least because of his legendary triumph in the DFB Cup, as a great underdog, with the final victory against FC Bayern in 1985.

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Lieber Mikhail Ponomarev, the "miracle of the Grotenburg", when Uerdingen turned a 1: 3 half-time deficit to 7: 3 victory in the European Cup against Dynamo Dresden, is a piece of very great football history from 1986. I have watched it live on television, not yet realizing that just a few years later I would be commenting on a lot of Bundesliga games myself from this stadium.

And if Wolfgang Schäfer, Rudi Bommer, the Funkel brothers or Brian Laudrup and Stephane Chapuisat did not provide the highlights, then the most freaky mascot in German football history, the "Grotifant". And you, Mr. Ponomarev, look at Uerdingen and announce that apart from the third division license there is nothing there?

Tradition cannot be bought

And that's why, in my opinion, KFC Uerdingen is an economically difficult investment, but one with potential that Ponomarev shouldn't continue to publicly badmouth. The association members took the first step in their vote and cleared the way for a new investor with a clear majority.

We are now looking for a potent lover with an instinct for perspective who, together with the city of Krefeld, is renovating the club and stadium as a football location. I keep my fingers crossed.

"Mad" and "diabolical": Bill Gates is surprised by the conspiracy theories about him .
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