US News Macron opens the doors to universities and sets U restaurants at 1 euro

23:50  21 january  2021
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Macron in Eure in a new generation rocket engine factory

 Macron in Eure in a new generation rocket engine factory © JODY AMIET / AFP The President of the Republic is going to Vernon, in Eure on Tuesday, to visit an ArianeGroup factory which is building a new generation of rocket engines, cheaper and above all reusable. The head of state will thus highlight a strategic project for France and for Europe. This is a political spotlight on an industrial project of the future. Emmanuel Macron goes to Vernon, in the Eure, on Tuesday afternoon, on one of the ArianeGroup sites.

French President Emmanuel Macron has promised all university students two meals a day for one Mr Macron , who addressed students at Paris-Saclay university , also said the government would Bars, restaurants , theatres, cinemas and ski resorts remain shut. Schools, however, are open with

Macron was meeting students at the Paris Saclay university , to hear concerns over issues raised by the COVID restrictions, such as feelings of loneliness and hits to the economy that have impacted job prospects. Students, like everyone else, are subject to a 6 p.m.-to-6 a.m. curfew.

En visite à l'université de Paris-Saclay, Emmanuel Macron a annoncé que les étudiants pourront revenir à l'université un jour par semaine, avec une jauge maximum de 20% par amphi. © POOL Visiting the University of Paris-Saclay, Emmanuel Macron announced that students will be able to return to the university one day a week, with a maximum tonnage of 20% per lecture hall. Traveling to Paris-Saclay, the President announced that students who so wish could return to take face-to-face classes one day a week at the university, as well as the generalization of two meals per day at 1 euro.

The universities finally know how to organize themselves for the second semester, which has already started for some of them. It will not be necessary to exceed the gauge of 20% of course present. “A student should have the same rights as an employee. [...] If he needs it, he must be able to come back to university one day a week, "Emmanuel Macron explained on Thursday, traveling to Paris-Saclay University (Essonne). This gauge is scheduled for the entire semester ... barring an uncontrollable outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic or, less likely, an improvement in the situation. The Prime Minister, Jean Castex, had announced last week that the first-year students could resume in half-groups the tutorial in person from next Monday.

"Dear Tayyip": Macron and Erdogan write to ease tensions

 French Presidents Emmanuel Macron and Turkish Presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan have agreed, in a letter exchange, to resume dialogue in order to overcome the strong tensions between Ankara and Paris , the head of Turkish diplomacy said on Friday.

BREST, France (Reuters) - President Emmanuel Macron opened the door on Tuesday to withdrawing some troops from Africa's Sahel region, saying France could "adjust" its operations after successes against Islamist militants and the arrival of more European

Otherwise we'll be setting up people to be even more desperate in 4 or 8 years, enough to elect an even worse Trump, and we'll have done it to ourselves. We make up for it by holding our politicians and our government accountable, and not going back to sleep now that the good guys are back in charge.

Come to announce the new French strategy on quantum computing, the President of the Republic took the opportunity to discuss with fourteen students. A civilized meeting with students chosen by the vice-presidents and deans of the establishment who did not fail to thank Emmanuel Macron for certain government actions, such as keeping university libraries open or setting up paid tutors to supervise the most vulnerable students. We can not help wondering what the same meeting with would have given the students mobilized in the street or online behind the keyword #EtudiantsFantomes , which testifies to the unhappiness of the students, deprived since more than two months of face-to-face lessons.

"Psychic check"

On the issue of student precariousness, the Head of State had a second announcement up his sleeve: "Allow all students who request it to have access to lunch baskets for 1 euro in restaurants universities ”, twice a day, the U restaurants remaining open with take-out meals. This amounts to extending a system put in place in September for scholarship students. Emmanuel Macron responded to Enzo, a Staps student at the University of Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine) and referent at his Crous residence, who came to talk about the financial difficulties of students. He spoke of those who, in his university residence, struggle to buy food because of the loss of their side jobs and the work of associations that make food distributions. The student was called the day before to participate. “A great responsibility”: “We have situations of heavy depression which sometimes lead to suicide attempts. I did not receive any instructions before the meeting, I could broach all the subjects while remaining respectful ", explains the young man to Liberation.

Plastic waste: Svenja Schulze wants to oblige restaurants to use reusable packaging.

 Plastic waste: Svenja Schulze wants to oblige restaurants to use reusable packaging. Environment Minister Svenja Schulze wants to tighten the requirements for plastic packaging. Restaurants and delivery services should only use reusable packaging. However, there is still some time to go before the possible law. © DPA / Alexander Heinl In the corona pandemic, restaurants and bars are closed, delivery services are booming. However, many companies package their food in disposable plastic, and the garbage piles up.

Mr Macron was born into a middle-class family in the northern city of Amiens where he was educated at mostly private Catholic schools. While in high school he fell in love with his drama teacher, Brigitte Trogneux, who was 24 years his senior, when they collaborated

President Emmanuel Macron opened the door on Tuesday to withdrawing some troops from Africa's Sahel region, saying France could "adjust" its operations after successes against Islamist militants and the arrival of more European forces. France, the former colonial power, has the West's largest military

To facilitate their psychological care, Emmanuel Macron has also confirmed the creation of a "psy check" which will allow them to consult a psychologist and follow care. This check should apply, from February 1, to "all students who wish", according to a clarification provided by the Elysee to AFP.

The tastiest moment: when a student calls out to the President about the lack of communication between the government, which takes decisions, and the universities which must apply them. "This is the minister's job," replied Emmanuel Macron, passing the buck to Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education and Research, also present. The latter defends herself by explaining that, even if a decree is published at the last minute, the preparatory discussions have prepared the university community for its arrival. As a reminder, the circular authorizing

institutions to welcome groups of 10 students from January 4 fell on December 20, after the departure on leave of staff, who were not aware of anything.

While the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, must take stock this Thursday evening on the evolution of the health situation, Emmanuel Macron predicted the coming weeks "quite hard" and does not consider "the return to normality ”before September. "It's hard to be 20 years old in 2020, not sure it will be infinitely easier in 2021," he warned.

The second life of Operation Barkhane .
While France's commitment will be discussed at the next G5 Sahel summit, scheduled for Ndjamena in mid-February, President Macron's desire to downsize does not worry the officers. © Thomas Paudeleux / AP / SIPA During the night of January 23 to 24, two camps of the Malian Armed Forces (Fama) resisted two attacks by armed terrorist groups (GAT). "The Fama immediately gained the ascendancy over their adversary and held their position," said the statement from the French general staff.

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