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Dakar Rally 2021: Cornejo defends lead, Price falls outside

 Dakar Rally 2021: Cornejo defends lead, Price falls outside © Honda Ignacio Cornejo increased his lead in the overall standings The ninth day of the Dakar Rally was extremely turbulent. With Toby Price (KTM) and Luciano Benavides (Husqvarna), two top riders were eliminated due to falls and injuries. Ignacio Cornejo (Honda) extended the lead in the overall standings. His team-mate Kevin Benavides secured the day's win. The ninth stage was driven in a loop around Neom. The terrain in the north of Saudi Arabia was very varied.

Join this timely AD Club program featuring Ogury’s CRO, Evan Rutchik as he shares emerging trends within the sector and leads a conversation with brand leaders on how these trends will impact the future of the shopper behind the screen. Insights Overview & Moderated by: Evan Rutchik, CRO, USA

For the latest episode of HYPEBEAST Visits, we went inside the workspace of a man who hardly needs any introduction: Harlem’s own Dapper Dan. The OG DIY

App The Clubhouse app is on everyone's lips and is either viewed critically or praised in the sky. On the t3n podcast, we spoke to the two who started the hype.

Die beiden Doppelgänger Philipp Klöckner und Philipp Glöckler. © Karl Kratz The two doppelgangers Philipp Klöckner and Philipp Glöckler.

The principle of Clubhouse is simple: people can talk to each other in audio chat rooms. As with podcasts, you can listen to the conversations in the app. The difference to podcasts, however, is that listeners can not only follow live conversations, but - and this is what is special about Clubhouse - they can even join the discussion . So the drop-in audio chat app is basically a mix of panel discussion and conference call.

GPS data show: Parler users stormed the Capitol

 GPS data show: Parler users stormed the Capitol The controversial Parler network remains under attack. Leaked data now show where numerous Parler users were during the storming of the Capitol and leave few questions unanswered. © Steve Heap / Shutterstock Parler is an important platform for radical Trump supporters. The processing of the attack on the Capitol continues. Investigators and the public are primarily concerned with the question of who the people were who were behind the attack that killed five people.

About The Clubhouse : Daisy Keech's Clubhouse is up and running, following her drama with Thomas Petrou and the Hype House and it seems like Of course, in response to this , many fans of content houses like the Clubhouse and the Hype House have been wondering why these groups of friends

Collab houses make it easy for new arrivals to Los Angeles: They have a nice place to live, a built-in friend group and constant access to collaborators. And, if a management company or brand is sponsoring the house , the tenants may only have to produce a few TikToks and a YouTube video

The Clubhouse app has actually been around since spring 2020. But it wasn't until the turn of the year 2021 that the German community flocked to the platform. Why? Access to the clubhouse is only granted to those who have received an invitation. In addition, the app is currently only available for iOS. That actually limits access.

To bypass the artificial shortage, Philipp Glöckler and Philipp Klöckner , the two creators of the doppelganger Tech Talk Podcast , have thought of a growth hack. Both of them passed their invites on to their listeners, but with the request that they also pass them on to interested listeners. This action was organized in a Telegram group and within a short time a chain of invitations was created based on the snowball principle.

Surface Pro 7: Firmware update available

 Surface Pro 7: Firmware update available © Provided by Dr. Windows Surface Pro 7 Another firmware update is available for the Surface Pro 7. It is as extensive as it is unspectacular, because as usual, no new functions are introduced as part of such an update. Video: "Clubhouse": This is behind the new social media app (glomex) A total of seven components, including the UEFI BIOS itself, are needed up to date. Updates are also on board for the Intel chipset.

INSIDE THE HYPE HOUSE 'S .6 MILLION DOLLAR HOME - Продолжительность: 3:17 AnyHome 222 835 просмотров. My NEW house Tour * clubhouse ** - Продолжительность: 11:13 Daisy Keech 3 Hype House TikTok Stars on ‘Renegade’ Controversy and Their Viral Dances (Exclusive)

Daisy Keech explains another reason she left the Hype House . Tik Tok stars Charli D'Amelio and Chase Hudson confirm BREAK UP! Is Charli leaving the Hype

Tech World and Celebrities - Who Uses Clubhouse?

Meanwhile, a large part of the German tech and startup scene is active on Clubhouse and celebrities and politicians have found their way into the app - from Thomas Gottschalk to Christian Lindner. Nevertheless, the new social app is still at the very beginning and how the network will develop is currently only speculation. Nevertheless, the two Philipps talk in the t3n podcast about who is worth using it for, how to moderate discussions correctly, what the data protection concerns of many users are about and which features they would still like.

t3n Podcast The two makers of the doppelganger Tech Talk Podcast, Philipp Glöckler and Philipp Klöckner, are guests on the t3n podcast.

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Death of Harry Brant: his sister Lily pays him a poignant tribute

 Death of Harry Brant: his sister Lily pays him a poignant tribute © Agence - Bestimage Death of Harry Brant: his sister Lily pays him a poignant tribute Harry Brant, the son of Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant, has succumbed to an overdose, he who had struggled for several years against his addictions. His sister Lily Brant paid him a heartbreaking tribute on Instagram on Tuesday, January 19, 2020. On Sunday January 17, 2021, Harry Brant passed away at the age of 24 .

Willie Jenks describes all that goes into managing the visiting clubhouse at Progressive Field in Cleveland.

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Marseille: A municipal bedbug eradication service in Marseille? "It's unrealistic", according to the town hall .
To put an end to the scourge of bedbugs, particularly present in Marseille, the new municipality relies more on information than on a municipal eradication service © Pixabay Illustration of a bed bug. BED Bugs - To put an end to the scourge of bed bugs, particularly present in Marseille, the new municipality relies more on information than on a municipal eradication service With his seasoned nose, Iggy sniffs the smallest corners of the room.

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