US News Richter cancels Twitter alternative Parler in Amazon dispute

12:15  22 january  2021
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Parler sued Amazon after being kicked out

 Parler sued Amazon after being kicked out Parler was not only banned from the app stores, the network is now completely offline. The reason for this is Amazon, which now has to deal with a lawsuit from Parler. © Ascannio / Shutterstock Parler sues Amazon after being kicked out The Twitter alternative Parler, which is popular among the supporters of US President Donald Trump and in the right-wing camp, has to fight for its existence.

Parler , the Twitter -esque social media app that billed itself to its largely conservative user base as a "free speech social network," has gone dark, as major tech companies say it failed to properly vet floods of violence-inciting posts. Google, Apple and Amazon all took steps to cut ties with Parler over the

After AWS cancelled its contract with Parler , the website was unprotected, and Read more:Inside the rapid and mysterious rise of Parler , the 'free speech' Twitter alternative , which created a Parler last week hit Amazon with an antitrust lawsuit , disputing the tech giant's claims that it repeatedly

The Twitter alternative Parler, popular with Trump supporters, has failed in its attempt to return to Amazon's cloud infrastructure by court order. There was no convincing evidence of any violation by Amazon.

Parler scheitert vor Gericht. © Ascannio / Shutterstock Parler fails in court.

Parler did not meet the requirements for an injunction, ruled a judge in Washington state on Thursday after the platform took action against the Amazon sacking.

Amazon's cloud subsidiary AWS was Parler's technical service provider, but terminated the contract after President Donald Trump's supporters attacked Capitol . Parler then went offline and still has not restored service. With from other providers, Parler has at least brought its website online. Amazon justified the expulsion by stating that Parler's calls for violence remained on the platform even after information was given.

GPS data show: Parler users stormed the Capitol

 GPS data show: Parler users stormed the Capitol The controversial Parler network remains under attack. Leaked data now show where numerous Parler users were during the storming of the Capitol and leave few questions unanswered. © Steve Heap / Shutterstock Parler is an important platform for radical Trump supporters. The processing of the attack on the Capitol continues. Investigators and the public are primarily concerned with the question of who the people were who were behind the attack that killed five people.

Amazon won't be forced to immediately restore web service to Parler after a US federal judge ruled on Thursday against a plea to reinstate the fast-growing social media app favoured by followers of former president, Donald Trump. US District Judge Barbara Rothstein in Seattle said she wasn't dismissing

" Twitter has aided the Democrat Party in stealing this election and now everything Trump says is being silenced. Tell everyone you know to get on Parler Twitter and Facebook, which have repeatedly denied allegations of conservative bias, suspended Loomer from their platforms for violating their rules.

Parler alleged in the lawsuit that Amazon had colluded with competitor Twitter and thereby violated competition law. In addition, Amazon violated contractual terms with the quick termination. However, the judge concluded that Parler was unable to produce convincing arguments that would warrant an injunction. There was no evidence of an agreement between Amazon and Twitter - and Parler himself violated the contract with Amazon because calls for violence remained online.

Impending end is not enough

For an injunction, a plaintiff in the USA must show, among other things, that he has prospects of success in the matter, that he could suffer irreparable damage and that such a decision is in the public interest. The judge admitted that Parler was threatened with extinction by Amazon's actions - but that alone was not enough for an injunction.

Parler described itself as an online platform focused on freedom of speech. In reality, it was a kind of Twitter where everything was allowed. Amazon had referred in court to Parler contributions, which among other things called for the "civil war" and the murder of politicians after Donald Trump handed over the presidency to Joe Biden on January 20.

In view of the increasingly tough crackdown by Twitter and Facebook against calls for violence and conspiracy theories, Trump supporters have migrated to Parler in recent months. Trump, who was banned from Twitter and Facebook until further notice, is losing another platform for direct communication with Parler. dpa

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