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01:20  24 january  2021
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France repatriates seven children of French jihadists from Syria

 France repatriates seven children of French jihadists from Syria © Goran Tomasevic, Reuters A child from the Roj camp, in Syria, managed by Kurdish forces, on January 10, 2020. France repatriated seven children of jihadists on Wednesday French from northeastern Syria. In total, 35 minors have been brought back since 2019. Repatriations in dribbles criticized by human rights organizations.

The Council ( CFCM ), which represents nine separate Muslim associations, has reportedly been asked to include in the text recognition of France's republican "We do not all agree on what this charter of values is, and what it will contain," said Chems-Eddine Hafiz, vice-president of the CFCM and Rector

1:14 therefore he was still technically a vassal to the French Crown leading to centuries of English kings with. 1:57 Treaty of Brétigny. 1:57 Edward renounces his claim to the French throne. 2:06 Edward gains substantial French land No more obligation of homage to French Crown.

Le sociologue Tarik Yildiz* voit à travers la  © DR

Sociologist Tarik Yildiz * sees the "charter of principles" of Islam in France as an attempt by the political power to control religious influence. However, this poses according to him "many difficulties".

Mohammed Moussaoui, president of the French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM), announced last Sunday that an agreement between Muslim federations had been found to sign a "charter of principles" of Islam in France. Responding to the requirements formulated by the Élysée in the fall, this text is akin to a declaration of allegiance to republican principles: rejection of political instrumentalisation, gender equality, non-interference by foreign states ...

United States. American executed by federal authorities, six days before Trump's departure

 United States. American executed by federal authorities, six days before Trump's departure © SCOTT OLSON / AFP A file photo from July 25, 2019 shows the federal penitentiary in Terre-Haute in Indiana where Corey Johnson received a lethal injection The American federal authorities executed Thursday, January 14 a former drug trafficker sentenced to death for a series of murders and are planning a final execution on Friday, five days before Donald Trump's departure from the White House.

The Democratic and Republican conventions will lack for crowds but not television coverage. The Republican National Convention takes place take the following week, Aug. 24-27. The party plans to hold its first day in Charlotte for the delegate vote, with details for the full meeting yet to be released.

The Moderate Republicans were a large political group active from the birth of the French Second Republic (1848) to the collapse of the Second French Empire (1870). Originally, the Moderate Republicans was a group of politicians, writers and journalists close to the newspaper Le National.

If it does not is endorsed that by five of the nine federations making up the CFCM to date, the charter should lead to the constitution of a National Council of Imams whose vocation will be to "label" religious practicing in France.

Today as yesterday, the political power has the ambition to control religious influence. Various historical episodes, from Philippe le Bel and his conflict with Boniface VIII to Napoleon I and his convocation of Jewish notables in 1806, resonate with the current will of the executive. Despite very different contexts, the underlying logic is the same: to orient believers towards a form of religion deemed compatible with the principles and values ​​of the country. Power tries to favor certain exegesis to influence the behavior of its subjects.

Soon a "charter of principles" for Islam in France

 Soon a © Copyright 2021, L'Obs The leaders of the French Council for Muslim Worship (CFCM) announced this Saturday that they had reached an agreement on a "charter of principles" of the Islam of France which notably reaffirms equality between men and women and the “compatibility” of the Muslim faith with the Republic. It was presented on Saturday to Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin who hailed a "very significant step forward".

I’m no conspiracy theorist, but it makes sense to me. Certainly, my sociological analysis thus far in this ever changing and dynamic situation is that the unleashing of the angry mob onto Capitol Hill was a good day for the forces of conservatism, the Washington elite, both Republican and Democrat, who

The insurrection of 31 May – 2 June 1793 ( French : journées), during the French Revolution, resulted in the fall of the Girondin party under pressure of the Parisian sans-culottes, Jacobins of the clubs, and Montagnards in the National Convention.

While the French republican tradition had progressively separated Church and State, this resurgence of a power investing the theological field poses many difficulties.

Video: British variant: "the usual barrier measures are, without doubt, not sufficient", according to Professor Michel Goldman (France 24)


Many preachers are precisely praised for their radicality, their assumed refusal to compromise with power


First, the legitimacy of the CFCM or any other structure expressing itself in the name of Muslims can only be called into question in a country refusing to define individuals by their religious affiliation. Do Muslims form a political community that could be questioned through elections? Guaranteeing real representativeness is impossible as their diversity is great.

Moreover, how effective would labeling be to counter the radicalization process that is triggered outside the traditional circuits? Many preachers are rightly acclaimed for their radicalism, their assumed refusal to compromise with power. A label awarded by the state, even indirectly, can only marginalize the imam immediately considered as "sold".

Regardless of theology, the State must tackle the root causes leading young people lacking benchmarks to be permeable to hate speech. It is about applying the law with force: punishing when necessary to break the radicalization-delinquency link; raise the level of requirements at school, in particular where it constitutes the only means of emancipation; and thus give intellectual weapons to young people tempted by a devastating "ready-to-believe".

* Last published book: From fatigue of being oneself to ready-to-believe - Fight against delinquency to fight Islamist radicalism, Éditions du Puits de Roulle.

USA: Trump intends to help Republicans take over House .
USA-TRUMP-MCCARTHY: USA: Trump plans to help Republicans take back House © Reuters / TOM BRENNER House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy holds news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Donald Trump met with Republican House leader Kevin McCarthy on Thursday and agreed to help Republicans regain control of the lower house of Congress in the United States, former President Save America's Political Action Committee (PAC) announced.

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