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07:15  24 january  2021
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Trump will leave Washington a few hours before Biden's inauguration

 Trump will leave Washington a few hours before Biden's inauguration © Andrew CABALLERO-REYNOLDS A policeman walks past a banner welcoming future Vice President Kamala Harris near the Capitol on January 10, 2021 US President Donald Trump will leave Washington at dawn on Wednesday, a few hours before the inauguration of his Democratic successor Joe Biden, whom he still has not congratulated.

Venezuela 's President Nicolas Maduro (Reuters/Carlos Garcia Rawlins) © Reuters. The US is behind the attempted coup in Venezuela – that is the accusation President Nicolas Maduro has leveled amid And I accuse Vice-president Joe Biden of this," the head of state said, addressing the

In December, Venezuela is scheduled to hold a rigged election for the legislature that Guaido now leads. If Joe Biden wins the U . S . election in Abrams and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were clear last week that the U . S . does not support any kind of negotiation with Maduro , other than one over the

On the line of the Trump administration, the future head of American diplomacy, however, continues to qualify Nicolas Maduro as a "brutal dictator"

Le président du Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, à Caracas le 22 janvier 2021. © Matias Delacroix / AP / SIPA The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, in Caracas on January 22, 2021. DIPLOMACY - On the line of the Trump administration, the future head of American diplomacy, however, continues to qualify Nicolas Maduro as a “brutal dictator”

The relations between the United States and Venezuela will they develop favorably? In any case, this is what the Venezuelan president seems to want. Nicolas Maduro indeed called on Saturday his new American counterpart Joe Biden to "turn the page", declaring himself ready to open "a new path" in the diplomatic relations broken two years ago between Caracas and Washington.

United States: Washington barricades itself before the inauguration of Joe Biden

 United States: Washington barricades itself before the inauguration of Joe Biden © RFI - Marie Normand Soldiers in the streets of Washington before the inauguration of Joe Biden. In the United States, on the eve of Joe Biden’s inauguration, downtown Washington looks like an entrenched camp. Tens of thousands of National Guard members are deployed in the streets of the city center. A large, fully barricaded "red zone" has been set up from the White House to Capitol Hill, where Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in on Wednesday, January 20.

Joe Biden Former vice president of the United States . Nicolas Maduro is a tyrant, who has stolen elections, abused his authority, allowed his cronies to enrich themselves, and denied the delivery of food and medicine to the people he claims to lead.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has broken off relations with the US after it recognised opposition leader Juan Guaidó as interim leader. Mr Maduro gave US diplomats 72 hours to leave the country but the US said the "former president" no longer had the authority to order them out .

"We are ready to follow a new path in our relations with the government of Joe Biden, on the basis of mutual respect, dialogue, communication and understanding", declared Nicolas Maduro in a speech addressed to his supporters .

"Trump is gone!"

"Venezuela, this Venezuela of the XXIst century, Bolivarian and revolutionary, is ready to turn the page" of the diplomatic quarrels with the administration of Donald Trump. This imposed multiple economic sanctions on Venezuela, including an embargo on oil since 2019, the country's primary resource, in order to overthrow the socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro described as "dictator". The United States had also recognized, like more than 50 countries in the world, the opponent Juan Guaido. He proclaimed himself interim president of Venezuela on January 23, 2019.

End of Trump's presidency and hope for a new beginning under Biden

 End of Trump's presidency and hope for a new beginning under Biden After four years under President Donald Trump, the US is facing a fresh start with Joe Biden at the helm: As the 46th President of the United States, the 78-year-old will take the lead on Wednesday of the deeply divided country marked by the corona pandemic. With numerous decrees and orders, Biden wants to initiate a radical departure from Trump's politics immediately after his inauguration.

Venezuela ’s political conflict has claimed another casualty: relief from the coronavirus pandemic. The socialist government of Nicolás Maduro and the U . S .-backed opposition are accusing each other of playing politics with proposals to finance United Nations-supplied vaccines — so far blocking any

A former Venezuelan general who was organizing a volunteer army to overthrow Nicolas Maduro says he is unable to afford a legal defense in a U . S Cliver Alcala surrendered in March to face U . S . accusations that he led with Maduro and two others for two decades a narcoterrorist conspiracy that

“Two years ago, I had to react with force and dignity and, from here, I proceeded as head of the state at the severance of all political and diplomatic relations with the American government at the time, ”continued the President of Venezuela. “Trump is gone! ", He congratulated himself.

As soon as Joe Biden won the US presidential election in November, Nicolas Maduro congratulated him and said he was "ready for dialogue and good understanding with the people and the government of the United States". Calls repeated in December. Antony Blinken, nominated by Joe Biden to be his secretary of state, however, said the White House would continue to recognize Juan Guaido. The future head of American diplomacy has also qualified Nicolas Maduro as a "brutal dictator".

Legislative contests

This renewed support for the Venezuelan opposition leader came despite the new Chavist majority in Parliament, resulting from the December 6 elections boycotted by the opposition, who said they were fraudulent. They have not been recognized by the United States, the European Union or many countries in Latin America.

Even if sanctions relief does not appear to be on the agenda, analysts believe that the Biden administration is likely to be more moderate than the previous one and that it will advocate for international mediation with a view to a gradual transition of power in Venezuela.

World At least 23 dead during a police operation in Venezuela, according to an NGO Planet In Venezuela, the tropical Humboldt glacier disappears and gives way to vegetation

Joe Biden, first ten days without a hitch, and after? .
© Supplied by Le Point C ' is the beginning of a classic presidency. And therefore extraordinary if we compare it to the Trump mandate. "It's been a busy week," Joe Biden said Thursday from the Oval Office. The new president of United States referred to the cascade of decrees signed since his arrival at the White House on January 20, aimed at methodically unraveling the record of Donald Trump , from climate to abortion.

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