US News chat about pandemic and Merkel: How Ramelow got into trouble at Clubhouse

15:45  24 january  2021
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Germany. Who will the German right choose to succeed Angela Merkel?

 Germany. Who will the German right choose to succeed Angela Merkel? © Frank Hoermann, Sven Simon, DPA / MAXPPP The three candidates for the presidency of the German right and for Angela Merkel's succession to the chancellery. From left to right: Armin Laschet, Friedrich Merz and Norbert Roettgen. The congress of the CDU, the German conservative party, must appoint its new president. He will have every chance of succeeding Angela Merkel who is retiring after sixteen years. Unless ...

Merkel said today that the government will do “everything so that our children are not the losers of the pandemic . Those returning from high-risk places will have to immediately go into home quarantine and are allowed to take a test only after five days — and leave quarantine if they are negative.

Merkel spoke at a big press conference Berlin. She was flanked by her health minister, Jens Spahn, as well as the head of Germany’s public health institute. Merkel not only acknowledges but emphasizes that our main problem is that we don’t yet know much — whether the virus will recede in warmer

Thuringia's Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (left) has been in public for three decades, he is a professional in the social networks with 71,000 followers on Twitter. In two nightly discussion rounds on the weekend, however, the 64-year-old looked like a beginner in dealing with the media - and behaved not very confidently.

Bodo Ramelow sorgte für Wirbel bei Clubhouse. © dpa Bodo Ramelow caused a stir at Clubhouse.

On Friday evening Ramelow tried out the new app Clubhouse . In this social network, previously only available for Apple devices, users don't write to each other, they talk. Everyone can join in and listen to existing groups. If you want to say something, contact the moderator.

After a poison attack: Kremlin opponent Navalny returns to Moscow and risks imprisonment.

 After a poison attack: Kremlin opponent Navalny returns to Moscow and risks imprisonment. In Russia, the prominent critic of Vladimir Putin is threatened with imprisonment or even another assassination attempt. The opposition has big plans for his political struggle. © dpa The Russian opposition politician Alexej Navalny when he takes part in a memorial march for a murdered opposition politician. Five months after being poisoned, Kremlin critic Alexej Navalny wants to return to Russia this Sunday - where he is threatened with direct arrest.

ANGELA Merkel is under pressure to reopen schools and factories this week after violence erupted in a backlash at lockdown measures. The Chancellor is set to rule on whether to extend restrictions as the number of coronavirus deaths in the country continued to fall.

The WHO defines a pandemic as a "worldwide spread of a new disease." The US Centers for Disease Control "It is therefore likely that it will spread, as flu and other organisms do, but we still don't know how far The term pandemic applies to a disease that affects large numbers of people worldwide

Ramelow was brought into a round which should be about “trash and features”, moderated by the 19-year-old SPD campaigner Lilly Blaudzun. Blaudzun's boss Manuela Schwesig, Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, also came. That in turn attracted a whole range of journalists and other politicians.

Ramelow calls Chancellor “Merkelchen”

In quick succession it was about Schwesig's family pizza, Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz, Schwesig's role in a Defa film as a 15-year-old, Ramelow's favorite film “The Legend of Paul and Paula”, the rampage on Erfurt Gutenberg-Gymnasium - and the Prime Minister's Conference.

Ramelow's tongue had loosened. He told how he relaxed with computer games during the long sessions (“I can manage up to ten levels of Candy Crush”) and how much it bothered him that the “Bild” newspaper reported live from the confidential session. Then the sentence fell: "We can put the MPK on Clubhouse right away and bring Merkel in."

More than 50,000 corona deaths in Germany

 More than 50,000 corona deaths in Germany The country remains in lockdown - but the seven-day incidence is still far from the federal government's target. A topic of debate does not die down. © Sven Hoppe / dpa / picture alliance An intensive care patient with COVID-19 is artificially ventilated (archive image) In Germany, 50,624 people have died in connection with the virus since the beginning of the corona pandemic. This includes 859 new deaths within the last 24 hours.

Merkel and Trump's relationship has been tense in the past - although both leaders said Friday's meetings had been very good. Trump has previously criticized Merkel accusing her of "ruining" Germany for allowing Syrian refugees into the country.

How to entirely empty your bowels every morning (revealed). World renowned cardiologist explains He disrespected Chancellor Merkel intentionally and tried to humiliate her, no matter the Now, given what we have seen of Trump in the years before, and after getting him into the White House , do we

Johannes Boie, editor-in-chief of “Welt am Sonntag”, was among the more than 1,000 listeners - but without intervening. The next day he reported from the casual group and wrote: "It is a journalistic duty to write about Ramelow's political statements, the behavior he himself described in the pandemic."

Direct quoting without prior consent contradicts the Clubhouse terms and conditions. What is discussed in the app should stay in the app. The question is: Is it realistic if a top politician speaks casually about a meeting on which the everyday life of all German citizens depends? Or naive?

"Bild" reporter is blocked by the clubhouse.

Ramelow in any case felt himself betrayed. Late on Saturday evening, the left-wing politician and Boie met again at Clubhouse, it was a lot of fun. Up to 3500 people listened. It was the second night that the clubhouse in Germany lost its innocence. It was clear to everyone that the debate was now public.

Covid-19: Germany has passed the threshold of 50,000 deaths

 Covid-19: Germany has passed the threshold of 50,000 deaths © AFP - INA FASSBENDER A health professional at the university hospital in Aachen, Germany. The country announced on January 22, 2021 that it had exceeded the threshold of 50,000 deaths from Covid-19. The total number of deaths caused by Covid-19 in Germany crossed the 50,000 threshold on Friday, announced the Robert Koch health watch institute. The country has extended its arsenal to fight the virus until mid-February. Across the Rhine, the death curve linked to Covid-19 continues to climb.

Angela Merkel 'is showing signs of a mental breakdown' and 'narcissism' over her 'stubborn' refusal to Dr Hans-Joachim Maaz calls Angela Merkel a classic overachiever

How could Fauci guarantee a surprise outbreak to happen during the first term of the Trump administration? How could they know there would be a flu virus coming from China and even show Wuhan as the originating area, that would infect the whole world?

You no longer spoke to each other like on previous nights. Everyone met and interrupted each other. "Bild" reporter Paul Ronzheimer annoyed the CDU politician Philipp Amthor several times with implied questions about his corruption affair - the next day Ronzheimer was banned from Clubhouse. At the end of the session on Friday everyone sang the partisan song “Bella Ciao” ​​together. Nobody wanted to sing together on Saturday.

Ramelow: “The new thing makes me curious”

On Sunday Ramelow told the editorial network Germany (RND): “You have 3500 people on your cell phone in a conversation room. This is a new quality of dealing with the digital world. The new makes me curious. I've tried it. And it was great. " He wanted to “just be who I am,” added the left-wing politician. “With that come learning processes. I don't regret the evening at all. But I was immediately shown the limits. "

In addition, Ramelow said that he sometimes felt that he was wrongly presented; some things have been taken out of context. In any case, such a format must in future be based on the General Data Protection Regulation. "The operators must first understand what hype they have triggered in Germany and draw their conclusions from it," he said. "If I have to bring my government spokesman with me, then the clubhouse is taboo for politicians."

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