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21:00  25 january  2021
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Weather: The orange snow and ice alert extended to 26 departments, from North to East and to the Rhône

 Weather: The orange snow and ice alert extended to 26 departments, from North to East and to the Rhône Ile-de-France had already been on orange alert for a few hours © FREDERICK FLORIN / AFP It has already snowed in eastern France in recent days, like here in Strasbourg.

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Amel Bent (Les Sandales blanches, France 2) : ce qui a été le plus difficile pour incarner Malika Bellaribi © Jean-Philippe BALTEL - FTV - ELOA PROD Amel Bent (The White Sandals, France 2): what The most difficult summer to play Malika Bellaribi The TV movie Les Sandales blancs, broadcast Monday January 25 on France 2, offers Amel Bent her first leading role. The difficulties of filming, the transition from music to comedy… She tells the story.

At 35 years old, Amel Bent, who revealed the secret to her weight loss and has shouted at her slimming is back in the spotlight. Not as a singer, nor as a coach of The Voice (whose next season has a lot of surprises in store), but as… actress who was congratulated by her friends the stars . In The White Sandals, TV movie from France 2 offered on Monday January 25 and adapted from an true story , she plays Malika Bellaribi, a girl from the Algerian slums of Nanterre who became a successful singer.

Internal investigation at France Bleu after revelations about a former antenna director

 Internal investigation at France Bleu after revelations about a former antenna director © Franck Dubray / Ouest-France The studios in a local branch of France Bleu (illustration photo) Radio France confirmed, this Wednesday January 20, 2021, AFP opened an internal investigation, after media revealed that a former director of France Bleu Champagne-Ardenne had been pinned in Switzerland fifteen years ago for possession of child pornography images.

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Télé-Loisirs. After a few appearances, it was your first big shoot. How did you experience it?

Amel Bent. I was very scared but I worked a lot with my coach, because there was no question of arriving as a tourist, and with Malika Bellaribi too. I should have been wary of the singing, it was as laborious as the comedy. I admit I gave it up a bit, thinking it would be fine but learning fifteen classic songs by heart, in Latin, Italian, French. I rewrote everything in phonetics, with the translation to know what I was singing…

"It was difficult because I had to put myself to her own tempo", explained Amel Bent

It is not not you who sing in the TV movie

No, it's Malika and it's consistent with the story. It was difficult because I had to get up to speed. I had to tune in to his breath and his musicality. I learned his silences, his breathing ... And, in addition, you had to transmit emotions physically.

February school holidays: what are the avenues considered?

 February school holidays: what are the avenues considered? © QUEMENER YVES-MARIE / OUEST-FRANCE Le Likès high school in Quimper (Finistère), when schools were closed on March 16, 2020 during the first confinement. Three or four weeks of vacation instead of two, reducing attendance at school ... There are many hypotheses for a kind of confinement of schools.

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Did you like playing comedy?

Not at the start. I found it very violent. I had to face all my demons, all my education, all the walls that I put up so that my emotional box was not accessed. It's not easy when for thirty-five years you've been told not to cry and all of a sudden you've been asked to do so. It is necessary to give, to put of oneself and to be fair.

Don't you also give as a singer?

We tend to think that when you are a performer in music, a leap is naturally made towards comedy, but that has nothing to do with it. In music, there is music. It is a good vehicle for saying things without saying them, while singing them. Maybe that's why I'm a singer: to say things I can't say.

"Not going with my daughters to school in the morning is the only thing that bothered me", explained Amel Bent

What was the hardest part?

Not to accompany my daughters to school in the morning! That’s the only aspect that bothered me. But I was able to be with them the day they came back to school [in first and second year of kindergarten, note].

Cyril Féraud sends a poignant message to "those who are going through the same cruel ordeal at the moment" as him

 Cyril Féraud sends a poignant message to © Capture France 3 Cyril Féraud sends a poignant message to "those who are going through the same cruel ordeal" as him Cyril Féraud confided with emotion in La Boîte à secrets on the death of his father in June 2019. A testimony that visibly touched Internet users. They showed their support for him and shared their experiences with him. Cyril Féraud is one of the most popular animators on the small screen.

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Are you a very present mother?

Yes! Since their birth [in 2016 and 2017, note], I organize everything around them. And there, for the first time, that was it for the film. I am not used to that.

Amel Bent: "It's not for me to judge my performance but I feel like an actress"

Have you ever had any fictional proposals?

Yes, but I had always refused them. I didn't even read the scripts. Besides, this one, I threw it out too.


Because it was taking someone's job. Actress was not my job. For The White Sandals , my manager insisted and on the tenth page I said to myself: "Why did I read it? I'm going to have to say yes!" But just because I accepted that didn't mean I got the part: I got tested. And I had never been so scared since New Star [M6's tele-hook that made it famous in 2004, note] !

Do you feel like an actress today?

In all humility, whether we are good or bad, when we have made a film, we are an actor. If I am a baker by training, in the end, even if my bread is bad, I will be a baker. It’s not for me to judge my performance, but yes, I feel like an actress (Amel Bent will also make an appearance in the second season of Validé , the Canal + series by Franck Gastambide , editor's note).

Climate: Météo France's disaster scenario is already being anticipated .
© Supplied by Europe 1 Météo France unveiled on Monday the three climate scenarios it is working on for the future. In the worst case, heat waves could multiply, with temperatures around 50 degrees in summer. Many sectors are already having to adapt, including viticulture. Five years ago, COP21 resulted in the famous Paris Agreement. A large majority of the countries of the world then promised to do everything to limit global warming to a maximum of 2 degrees by the end of the century.

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