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21:31  25 january  2021
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Police dissolve illegal meeting of Berlin soccer fans on

 Police dissolve illegal meeting of Berlin soccer fans on An illegal meeting of up to 40 soccer fans of the Berlin regional league club BFC Dynamo was broken up by the police on Friday evening. The group in fan clothing wanted to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the club in Berlin-Lichtenberg, contrary to the Corona rules, "appropriately", as the police announced on Saturday. It should therefore be burned down pyrotechnics, with legal and illegal fireworks. The officers confiscated the material. A baton and suspected drugs were also seized.

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated! The issue of uncertainty I don't know what ungoogled- chromium should become. This is a major issue. If ungoogled- chromium is to continue growing

In short , no. It is not related to DNS-over-HTTPS though, it is just that in Chromium adding a free-entry text field is a pain, flags cannot have it and thus you should implement the UI. UI means: Linux/Windows, iOS, Android. And the translations; that means some work

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Google's decision to restrict access to private and only Google Chrome interfaces on Chromium, I had already made at this point with us. The corresponding resolutions seem to be causing some excitement, especially in the Linux world. Leading distributions such as Fedora, Arch Linux, openSUSE, Debian and Slackware therefore want to throw Chromium out of their repositories, and distributions based on it would also be affected accordingly.

Before this even spreads in the Microsoft world, let me clarify the whole thing again at this point so that we can classify it correctly:

Coronavirus. Australia will probably not reopen its borders in 2021

 Coronavirus. Australia will probably not reopen its borders in 2021 © Patrick HAMILTON / AFP Australia will certainly remain closed to foreigners during the year 2021. The Australian secretary in the Department of Health announced that the country had intends to maintain border restrictions over the coming months, in order to limit the flow of the novel coronavirus.

I've been using Chrome on Windows and Chromium on Linux for a few years as a supplement, but I'm much more familiar with the Mozilla way of doing things. Worst-case, I can use regular Chromium with a very limited v3 extension as a supplemental browser starting next year. Like I said before, there

The simplest method to upgrade Chromium browser to the version 30 is to use the PPA for Ubuntu Mozilla Security Team By clicking “Accept all cookies”, you agree Stack Exchange can store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy.

Chromium is an open source project, which is under the BSD license and on the side Google also work with numerous other companies such as Microsoft, Opera or Samsung. Many developers then take this platform as a basis and build their own implementations on it in order to realize their own projects. In particular, the larger browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave, Maxthon or Yandex have invested a lot of work in functions such as synchronization via a corresponding account - with the exception of Brave, which follow a decentralized approach here. Especially with Microsoft , you will certainly remember that the Redmond-based company discussed very intensively with the users and obtained feedback after the variant with the old Edge was such a disaster.

United States: imbroglio around reopening borders to Europeans

 United States: imbroglio around reopening borders to Europeans © Supplied by Le Point United States, Donald Trump, Covid-19 C unlike what Donald Trump had first announced , the reopening of American borders to European nationals in the Schengen area, to the British, Irish and Brazilians, from January 26, is not on the agenda. This was declared Monday, January 18, the future spokeswoman for the White House, Jen Psaki, contradicting a previous announcement in this direction of the president in office.

In my unit test using Mockito I want to verify that NullPointerException was not thrown . EDIT: I was in a hurry when I wrote this. What I mean by 'this test is going to be short -lived anyway as it's for TDD' is that you say you are going to write some code to fix this test straight away, so it will never throw a

However if they could do something like this they would know by looking at the method that it is not supported and if UnsupportedOperationException was not extending RuntimeException they would get a compilation error. EDIT1: But this is not possible because throws is part of the signature so override

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In addition to the well-known representatives, there are also numerous smaller representatives such as the Cent browser or the Japanese Kinza browser, which at least partially also synchronize via the Offered a Google account. This is exactly what Google wants to prevent with the upcoming restrictions and is also cleaning up other things that are only intended for Google Chrome, just like Microsoft's implementations are only intended for Microsoft Edge. Incidentally, Google only addressed the Google account in the relevant blog post, so that the previously synchronized data remains there and locally on the computer and users can also download their data via Google Takeout.

What does that mean for you as a user?

If you use a browser like Edge, Chrome, Vivaldi or Opera that has its own synchronization via a corresponding account of the developer, the whole discussion can simply be irrelevant to you. Nothing will change for you and browsers like Edge will of course not stop using features like synchronization in mid-March. Smaller browsers that use the private interfaces and have offered the use of the Google account are of course faced with a dilemma. Firefox and Safari users are left out anyway.

It is true that Google is a dominant player in the field of the Internet, but it falls far too short with regard to Chromium in the way that is argued in the current discussion. Ultimately, the fact is that Chromium is now an industry standard that is not limited to browsers, but also in various forms for numerous desktop and mobile apps, developer tools such as Qt and .NET and, last but not least, as a basis for the many different JavaScript frameworks - including the ubiquitous Node.js - plays the leading role.

Coronavirus: Beijing tightens restrictions before Chinese New Year .
HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS-CHINA-BEIJING: Coronavirus: Beijing tightens restrictions before Chinese New Year © Reuters / TINGSHU WANG CORONAVIRUS: BEIJING HARDS RESTRICTIONS BEFORE NEW YEAR CHINESE BEIJING (Reuters) - Beijing municipality on Wednesday decided to tighten entry requirements to the city to fight the coronavirus ahead of the Lunar New Year festivities in February and the annual meeting of Parliament March 5.

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