US News At least six attacks by Jew haters every day: highest level of anti-Semitic crime for 20 years

15:40  11 february  2021
15:40  11 february  2021 Source:   tagesspiegel.de

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Last year there were 2,275 anti-Semitic crimes - more than since 2001. The Central Council of Jews sees corona denier demos as a driver.

Rosen liegen mit einem Zettel, mit der Aufschrift © Photo: Dorothee Barth / dpa Roses are on a piece of paper with the inscription "#weremeber" on the Holocaust memorial.

The police detected more anti-Semitic attacks in 2020 than ever before since 2001. For the past year, "a total of 2275 crimes with an anti-Semitic background have been reported", reports the Federal Government in response to a small question from Bundestag Vice President Petra Pau (left) and their faction. The paper is available to the daily mirror.

55 offenses were violent offenses. The police were able to identify 1,367 suspects, but only five people were arrested and there were no arrest warrants.

The number of criminal offenses is likely to increase, as experience shows that the police still report offenses from the previous year. But even now it is clear that even the sad record of 2019 was exceeded. At that time, the police reported 2032 anti-Semitic crimes in their final balance sheet.

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Last year, anti-Jewish crime increased by at least 11 percent. The police recorded an average of six anti-Semitic crimes per day. The 2275 criminal offenses counted so far are the highest level since the police introduced the "Politically Motivated Crime (PMK)" recording system in 2001.

With the numbers, the concerns of the Central Council of Jews in Germany grow. "In view of the numerous anti-Semitic incidents at the corona denier demos last year and the conspiracy myths on the Internet, it was unfortunately to be expected that the number of anti-Semitic crimes would rise again," President Josef Schuster told the Tagesspiegel on Thursday. "Now that is a sad certainty. "The preliminary statistics show that" the radicalization of society is advancing and respect for minorities is falling, "warned Schuster.

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This development must be halted at all levels. "Especially in the upcoming election campaigns, further radicalization must in no way be encouraged," said Schuster the federal government decided measures against right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism would have to despite of the legislative period that is coming to an end.

Felix Klein urges unity against hatred of Jews

The Federal Government Commissioner for Jewish Life and the Fight against Anti-Semitism, Felix Klein, also reacted with dismay to the high level of anti-Jewish crimes. The rise "must be a warning to us," Klein told the Tagesspiegel. "In the course of the so-called Corona protests, the limits of what can be said were shifted, the Shoah relativized and well-known anti-Semitic hatred images renewed." The increase in criminal offenses is "a clear sign that democracy must show itself to be defensive, especially in crises such as the ongoing pandemic". Social cohesion "is measured here in Germany by how firmly we stand together against hatred of Jews," warned Klein.

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From the point of view of the police, most anti-Semitic crimes can be attributed to right-wing perpetrators. Islamist, left-wing and other motivated Jew haters are only a small minority in the statistics.

The increase in anti-Jewish attacks runs parallel to another dramatic development. In early February, the federal government reported an increase in crime by neo-Nazis and other right-wingers. According to previous knowledge

, the police identified more than 23,000 relevant crimes in 2020 . This is the second highest level since 2001. The number is given by the government on further inquiries from Petra Pau. Presumably the highest level since 2001 will be reached for right-wing crimes with the expected late reports from the police.

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