US News "My words are transformed": Camélia Jordana publishes an open letter in response to criticism

20:05  12 february  2021
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Gold price: Chart traffic lights jumped to "yellow"

 Gold price: Chart traffic lights jumped to In the course of a slight dollar weakness, the gold price is oriented towards somewhat higher regions. From a technical chart perspective, however, the situation has deteriorated considerably. © Provided by Finanz.net Mario Vedder / Getty Images by Jörg Bernhard Most recently, the long-term 200-day line in the range of 1,851 dollars was undershot, which is considered a sell signal in the chart. Important to know: In the past three months, these signals have always proven to be a "bear trap".

Camélia Jordana dans le film d'Yvan Attal, Le Brio. (Archives) © David Koskas Camélia Jordana in Yvan Attal's film, Le Brio. (Archives)

"Only the words spoken are worth from now on, not those which one lends to me", clarified Camélia Jordana this Friday in a column published in the "HuffPost". The artist mentioned in particular the reproaches which followed her criticisms of certain artists, which she claims to have never made, or the diversion of feminist remarks made during a recent interview.

Camélia Jordana made a point of making an update on Friday February 12 and explaining in an open letter that "we lend [him] a word that is not [his ] " . In his HuffPost column written in first person, the artist states: "My alleged hatred of man, whether white or not, is pure invention."

Books. Alain Schifres, follower of "avoidance" publishes "I prefer not"

 Books. Alain Schifres, follower of © Jean-Claude Simoens Alain Schifres: "In a country where cultivated people have read everything twice, how to avoid reading without passing for a sucks? " Alain Schifres promotes this rule of life:" I prefer not ". History not to complicate your life more than necessary. He is a man who has "other things to do than simplify his life". His phone, which is just a phone, delights him as much as he terrorizes his new "perverse and whimsical" built-in oven , which lights up by itself at night.

On the occasion of the release of her fourth album, the singer gave L’Obs an interview published on January 15, which read: "If I were a man, I would beg your pardon" . A shocking phrase that had however been somewhat taken out of context, notes 20 Minutes , which reports that in the interview she mentioned several titles from her new album and stated: “all of these songs say that if I was a man, I would ask forgiveness, I would question fears and I would take the time to question myself. "

" Only the words spoken are worth now, not those that are lent to me ", commented the concerned person in her tribune.

"At a time when someone lends me a word that is not mine, I must write for the first time" by @Camelia_Jordana https://t.co/FaW1LCY2g2

- The HuffPost (@LeHuffPost) February 12, 2021

In Rennes, the Frac transformed into a police station during filming with Léa Drucker

 In Rennes, the Frac transformed into a police station during filming with Léa Drucker © Twitter Norbert Friant The Frac in Rennes, transformed into a Police Hall for the purposes of filming the new film by Diastème "Le monde d ' yesterday ”, with Léa Drucker, Benjamin Biolay, Alban Lenoir and Denis Podalydès. No, there is no new police station in the Beauregard district of Rennes! The transformation of the Regional Contemporary Art Fund into a police station, while shooting scenes for a film with Léa Drucker, has troubled many.

"False controversies"

"The volume of the absurd noise keeps increasing, she estimated. I think it's time to stop it. […] I said what I had to say now to make way for the music. Otherwise in silence ”. Camélia Jordana also mentioned Catherine Deneuve, Jane Birkin and Daniel Auteuil, whom she had been accused of criticizing. She regretted that these "immense artists whom [she] admires at the highest point since childhood" are not become the "subjects of remarks that [she has not] made and of false polemics" . The singer of Non, non, non (listen to Barbara) also found that “when [she] evokes [her ] anti-racism and [her ] feminism, [her ] words are transformed and diverted from their meaning ”. "Critics, attacks, and harassment come crashing down on the walls of the bubble that I have ferociously built for myself" , lamented Camélia Jordana. She deemed it necessary to “write for the first time” since “[her ] engagement is questioned at each of the interviews that [she] gives” .

“Curious” behavior: Criticism of Laschet's statement of “invented limit values” .
CDU boss Armin Laschet met with criticism from the SPD and the Greens with skeptical statements about the importance of corona incidence figures. "Anyone who, like Laschet, speaks of 'invented limit values' is destroying trust in the Corona measures," wrote SPD parliamentary group vice Katja Mast on Tuesday on the Internet service Twitter. © dpa Armin Laschet SPD general secretary Lars Klingbeil accuses Laschet of a dodging course in the corona pandemic.

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