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07:40  13 february  2021
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crises pave his way: "Super Mario" should fix it again

 crises pave his way: © Alessandra Tarantino / Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved Mario Draghi. crises pave his way Your browser does not support this video "Super Mario": Mario Draghi got this nickname even before he was at the helm of the European Central Bank. The name stayed true to him, and that was mostly thanks to the many crises that have paved his way.

Ex-ECB boss Mario Draghi has spoken for a long time with the parties. Now his decision is made. He will soon have to win two questions of confidence in parliament.

Der frühere Chef der Europäischen Zentralbank Mario Draghi. © Photo: dpa / Roberto Monaldo The former head of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi.

The former head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi , wants to become the new Prime Minister of Italy . A spokesman for the presidential palace announced on Friday evening. Draghi should be sworn in in his new office on Saturday afternoon. After the announcement, the 73-year-old economist appeared in front of the press and presented his list of ministers with politicians and experts.

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Draghi had previously conducted intensive exploratory rounds with party representatives in Rome. He received a surprising amount of support from both the failed center-left coalition of Giuseppe Conte and from the right-wing conservative opposition. The government crisis, in the middle of the pandemic, had lasted since mid-January.

Draghi also needs a majority in the two-chamber parliament for the confirmation of his planned government after the appointment. For this and for his cabinet list he had explored the opportunities in many personal meetings and telephone calls. According to the constitution, a government must present itself to both chambers of parliament within ten days of being formed in order to maintain trust.

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Only the far-right Fratelli d'Italia had announced from the start that they would vote against Draghi. However, the behavior of the populist five-star movement as the strongest force in parliament has long been unclear. Founder Beppe Grillo advocated supporting the economist. The assumption of ministerial posts was also a goal.

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In an online vote, the majority of the party voted yes on Thursday. That was seen as an important signal for Draghi. One wing of the party that is considered anti-elitist continues to reject this path. The five-star movement came to around 30 percent in the 2018 election and has so far ruled. Their social democratic coalition partner, the PD, sided with Draghi early on. However, some PD politicians are alienating the idea of ​​getting too close to right-wing forces.

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Matteo Salvini from the right-wing Lega, who repeated during the government crisis had called for early elections, changed his position. He praised Draghi and promised "unconditional" support. He described the participation of ministers from his Lega, which was last in the opposition, as possible. Silvio Berlusconi's conservative Forza Italia also wants to express his trust in Draghi.

Draghi is known internationally as the “euro savior”

President Sergio Mattarella offered the 73-year-old, who has no political office in Rome, a mandate to form a cabinet after Conte resigned on February 3rd. Draghi had initially only accepted the order with reservations. The head of state spoke of a government "with a high profile" that must be put together to lead Italy out of the pandemic crisis.

Draghi is known internationally as the "euro savior" because he helped stabilize the euro with the help of a power word at the head of the central bank ECB in 2012 during a currency crisis.

The Contes government was the 66th in the Italian Republic. She started work in September 2019. In mid-January, the coalition of the independent lawyer broke up in the dispute over EU aid funds for the Corona crisis. The old prime minister recently campaigned to support Draghi in his new role. (dpa)

Mario Draghi calls for “rebuilding” Italy .
© REUTERS - POOL The new head of the Italian government, Mario Draghi, before the senators, February 17, 2021. In his inaugural speech in the Senate, the new head of government , Mario Draghi, visibly very moved, called for rebuilding Italy, torn by the health and economic crisis, in a spirit of unity. The senators will vote this Wednesday evening, February 17, on the main lines of his program by a vote of confidence.

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