US News These fishermen will earn millions after discovering 127 kg of whale vomit

19:30  18 february  2021
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Un homme d'affaire est prêt à payer 1,2 million d'euros pour récupérer ce vomi qui vaut de l'or. Photo d'illustration. © David Loh / REUTERS A businessman is willing to pay 1.2 million euros to recover this vomit which is worth gold . Illustrative photo.

The corpse of a whale whose stomach contained 127 kg of ambergris was discovered and brought to shore by fishermen in Yemen. Perfumers are ready to buy at a premium price this waxy substance secreted by the digestive system of cetaceans and vomited into the water by them. The Yemenis have received a proposal of more than 1.2 million euros for their discovery.

Yemeni fishermen received one-off purchase offers after discovering 127 kg of ambergris in the corpse of a whale. Four of them spotted the remains of the animal floating in the Gulf of Aden ( Yemen ) on Saturday (February 13th). They had to call in other fishermen to bring the body back to dry land, reports The National News .

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A total of 37 people took part in the operation. The fishermen then cut up the stomach of the whale and discovered the precious secretion. "A businessman sent a representative offering to pay 45,000 Saudi riyals [just under € 10,000] per kilo if the substance is of very good quality" , testified one of the fishermen.

A substance prized by perfumers

By comparison, the average annual income in Yemen is 200,000 Yemeni rials (approximately € 660). The fishermen want to find an agreement and conclude the transaction as soon as possible. The value of this whale vomit indeed obliges them to hire armed men to protect the substance.

Ambergris is a waxy substance that forms in the digestive system of sperm whales. It is usually collected on the surface of the sea after being vomited by cetaceans. The product is highly sought after by perfume professionals, who are willing to pay more for it than gold to be able to use it in their creations.

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