US News Bug at 13 hours of TF1: did Julian Bugier's newscast have a record audience?

11:35  19 february  2021
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Twitter is doing well even without Donald Trump

 Twitter is doing well even without Donald Trump © AP - Alex Brandon Former US President Donald Trump during a White House roundtable on June 18, 2020. Jack Dorsey, founder of the social network, welcomed the growth in the number of users during the US election, but also after his decision to ban the former president for repeated incitement to violence. "Our platform is broader than a topic or a particular account," Jack Dorsey said Tuesday at an analysts conference on Twitter's quarterly results.

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Is there a way to check how many hours you have of actual gameplay that is actually accurate. I found this: Playtime ( hours ): 0 last two weeks 50.14 on record but that doesnt seem right. I have about 950 hours played and I dont think 850 are idle. I believe the stats page is your time alive as each class (meaning time spent in respawn, spectator, not connected to server, etc. won't count), and the hours on your profile is how long you've had tf2 open. Both can be relatively inaccurate sometimes though.

Bug au 13 heures de TF1 : le JT de Julian Bugier a-t-il fait une audience record ? © Capture France 2 Bug at 1 pm on TF1: did Julian Bugier's newscast have a record audience? Yesterday, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau's 1-hour newscast was broadcast nearly 40 minutes late due to a computer failure. Have his loyal viewers massively gone to discover the mid-day news on France 2? The answer with the audiences.

Difficult day for TF1 yesterday. At midday, a few minutes before the launch of the 1 pm newspaper, a computer failure affected the editorial staff. Marie-Sophie Lacarrau , who took the air at 12.58 p.m., explained the situation, exceptional , to the front page viewers: " Hello and welcome to this 13 hours ... But we are not going to pass a lot of time together. Today is totally new, we are not going to be able to offer you your newscast we are not able to broadcast a single report. We have a huge technical problem here ... So believe it well, we're totally sorry for that we apologize, we'll have to leave it at that ". Finally, the journalist was able to resume the antenna 40 minutes later and offered a digest of her news to the faithful who remained on TF1. Because they are obviously many to have deserted the channel after the announcement of the presenter of the 13 hours ... but among all these, how many have switched to France 2 to watch the JT of Julian Bugier ?

The Voice 2021: Internet users impressed by the resemblance of a candidate to Tal

 The Voice 2021: Internet users impressed by the resemblance of a candidate to Tal © TF1 - SCREENSHOT The Voice 2021: Internet users impressed by the resemblance of a candidate to Tal Saturday February 13, following the hearings blind, Vianney, Marc Lavoine, Florent Pagny and Amel Bent were impressed by the performance of Kay, a 22-year-old young woman who performed I love you by Billie Eilish. Internet users were shocked by the candidate's resemblance to singer Tal. Emotion sequence.

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A record audience for the 13 hours of Julian Bugier

The journalist from France 2 was obviously made aware of the current situation during his newscast. Before returning the air, Julian Bugier also greeted the " new " viewers from TF1 ... a little touch of humor which was obviously little appreciated, since it is apologized on Twitter a few hours later.

On the audience side, 5.3 million viewers followed Julian Bugier's newscast, or 41% of viewers in front of their television at that time. A record audience for the presenter. Opposite, on TF1, the program Reportages - scheduled urgently - was watched by 1.9 million people, or 14.9% of audience share. Then, a few minutes later, shortly before 1:40 p.m., Marie-Sophie Lacarrau's 1:00 p.m. edition was watched by 2.9 million viewers, or 26% audience share.

Brogniart, Roselmack, Combal ... how much does it cost to "afford" a TF1 star? .

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