US News car manufacturer: IG Metall warns of warning strikes at VW

07:50  24 february  2021
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Germany tries to keep variants outside its borders

 Germany tries to keep variants outside its borders © EPA Angela Merkel and German authorities try to protect the country from variants of the virus. Germany partially closes its borders with the Czech Republic and Austrian Tyrol on Sunday in an attempt to contain the spread of the highly contagious variants of the coronavirus. "Fixed checkpoints" at the borders concerned are thus set up, like the one installed at Kiefersfelden (Bavaria), on the border with Austria.

After the third round of negotiations on a new company tariff, the union expects a warning strike. VW, however, insists on “cost discipline” in view of the crisis.

Angesichts der Coronakrise und hoher Investitionen mahnt der Autobauer die Gewerkschaft zu „Kostendisziplin“. © dpa In view of the corona crisis and high investments, the car manufacturer urges the union to "cost discipline".

After the third round of negotiations on the new company tariff for the more than 120,000 West German Volkswagen employees , IG Metall considers warning strikes at Europe's largest car manufacturer to be increasingly likely. "Since VW is unable or unwilling to come even a millimeter towards us, the colleagues are now quite angry," said the district leader of the union in Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, Thorsten Gröger, on Tuesday evening of the German Press Agency.

Markets more greedy than they have been in two decades: JPMorgan

 Markets more greedy than they have been in two decades: JPMorgan (Bloomberg) - Investors in global financial markets are more fearless - and perhaps more greedy - than they have been in two decades. A market barometer from JPMorgan Chase & Co., which is supposed to show times of particular complacency in the market, is approaching its highest level since the dot-com bubble burst. The basis of the indicator are the valuations and positioning in the market as well as the price dynamics. © JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Previously, the discussions with management had ended without a specific tariff offer. This means that "the probability that we will have warning strikes in March has increased," said Gröger. The workers will now be mobilized accordingly, he announced. So far, no date has been agreed for a fourth round. IG Metall is demanding four percent more money, more options for converting it into days off and further training guarantees.

VW negotiator Arne Meiswinkel confirmed that the special effects of the corona crisis must still be taken into account. If you take this into account, this creates “the basis for an offer”. He emphasized: "Volkswagen is interested in a viable, fair and future-proof deal." However, this requires cost discipline in view of the high level of investment. "In the next few years, it will be important for us to achieve a top position in the software and digitization sector," explained Meiswinkel. This then also secures locations and jobs.

US stock exchanges: Dow cautious after record - Nasdaq in the red

 US stock exchanges: Dow cautious after record - Nasdaq in the red Investors continued to be nervous on Friday on Wall Street. © Bryan Smith / ZUMA Wire / dpa The New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street. After its weakness the previous day, the Dow Jones Industrial initially returned with a new record of 31,648 points, but then the tailwind was lost as bond yields rose again. With 31,494.32 points, he then crossed the finish line unchanged in percentage terms. On a weekly basis, it increased by 0.1 percent.

From the union's point of view, these positions are well known. Works council chief Bernd Osterloh had accused the company of delaying tactics even before the meeting. "The colleagues can no longer hear the same talk about the supposedly difficult economic situation," said a letter to the members. Now he added: "If the company side doesn't end this game of hide and seek soon, we will have to take care of it."

IG Metall feels strengthened because the area tariff for the metal and electrical industry is currently being negotiated in Lower Saxony, the home of VW. Here the employers have now presented the key points of an offer. According to this, employees could receive a one-off payment not yet quantified in 2022 and a wage increase from the second half of 2022. But Gröger considers a zero round in 2021 to be unacceptable. The peace obligation ends on March 1st. IG Metall is planning a nationwide day of action on Monday to increase the pressure on employers.

Boeing requests the immobilization of 128 planes worldwide, after the incident in Colorado

 Boeing requests the immobilization of 128 planes worldwide, after the incident in Colorado © Hayden Smith / EPA / MAXPPP The engine of a Boeing 777 caught fire, near Denver, in the United States, February 20. A Boeing 777, which had taken off Saturday from Denver (United States), had to turn around in an emergency after the fire in its right engine. Following the incident, which left no injuries, the aircraft manufacturer called for the immobilization of several dozen planes.

On the subject of training, Volkswagen stated that the results of a working group had been discussed here. Gröger also said that the situation and future of the apprentices were “dealt with intensively”.

Actually there should have been a deal as early as spring 2020, but the collective bargaining partners excluded important questions in the "emergency contract" at the time. For the past year, VW reported an operating profit of around ten billion euros despite all the coronavirus consequences.

VW traditionally negotiates an in-house tariff for employees in the six West German plants in Wolfsburg, Braunschweig, Salzgitter, Hanover, Emden and Kassel, as well as for the financial subsidiary Financial Services, which in recent years has come closer and closer to the industry level.

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