US News ANALYSIS. EPR fiasco, waste management, future of nuclear power… EDF is having a hard time

11:11  25 february  2021
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United States: North Korean hackers indicted

 United States: North Korean hackers indicted © Supplied by Le Point North Korea, United States, hacker J on Chang Hyok, 31, Kim Il, 27 and Park Jin Hyok, 36-year-olds were indicted Wednesday by US authorities announced Wednesday. These three North Korean nationals are accused of having carried out a series of hacks to the detriment of companies and financial institutions, in particular targeting the cryptocurrency sector, in an attempt to steal around $ 1.3 billion in all.

La construction de l’EPR de Flamanville ne fait pas l’unanimité. © Archives Ouest-France The construction of the Flamanville EPR is not unanimous.

EDF gets a green light for the possible extension of its 900 MW reactors beyond 40 years. But the energy company still has to obtain individual authorizations one by one, modernize the others, while the EPR site, the dismantling of the shut down plants, the uncertainties about the future of nuclear power and the reform demanded by Brussels are plaguing a company. very indebted.

EDF, world number 1 in atomic energy thanks to its fifty-six reactors in France, fifteen in the United Kingdom and two in China, may produce carbon-free electricity, it is tottering on its pedestal.

Fessenheim. A “financial impasse” still denounced by elected officials after the shutdown of the

 Fessenheim. A “financial impasse” still denounced by elected officials after the shutdown of the plant © Philippe MIRKOVIC / ARCHIVES Ouest-France The Fessenheim nuclear power plant was shut down permanently in June 2020. During a press conference, this Friday, February 19, elected officials appealed to Emmanuel Macron. They are asking him to neutralize the territory's contribution to the National Individual Resource Guarantee Fund (Fngir), when it will no longer benefit from the fiscal revenues of the plant. They are waiting for this decision to "avoid an asphyxiation of local finances".

The multi-year energy programming law provides for the closure of fourteen reactors by 2035, including four to six (therefore those of Fessenheim) by 2028. What about the next generation? Emmanuel Macron has given no pledge on the expected order for six EPRs, worth 45 billion euros.

During the visit to the Framatome plant in Le Creusot on December 8, the president donned his army chief's cap to announce only the choice of nuclear propulsion for the Navy's next aircraft carrier. Logical announcement since the boiler rooms for future nuclear missile launching submarines (SSBNs) will be produced at the same time, as was the case for those of the "Charles de Gaulle" and the "Le Triomphant" type SSBNs.

Was the choice of Le Creusot a way to remind the French industry of its obligations? This is where the faulty parts of the Flamanville EPR reactor were made, as well as dozens of non- parts whose control documents were falsified.

Climate: young Malagasy people are mobilizing to rethink the world according to

 Climate: young Malagasy people are mobilizing to rethink the world according to © Laetitia Bezain / RFI For two days, the Indian Ocean Climate Network is organizing workshops in three large cities of Madagascar to rethink the economy and modes of consumption in this period of pandemic and global crisis. Young Malagasy people are mobilizing for sustainable development and the fight against climate change. Friday and until Saturday afternoon is a workshop called “The world after.

164,000 employees, 69 billion turnover, 40 billion debt

Lead by the fiasco of its French EPR , which will undoubtedly cost 18 billion (3.3 times the initial estimate) faced with the wave of overhaul of its 900 MW reactors. EDF must also catch up in bringing all its power plants up to “Fukushima” standards, whereas the submersion of the Blayais plant had alerted to such a risk in 1999.

EDF must, moreover, tackle without delay - l 'ASN demands it - to the dismantling of Fessenheim. But EDF still stumbles on the more complex one of six graphite-gas reactors. ASN is urgent and does not accept that EDF does not get down to it until after 2070, when they were shut down between 1973 and 1994

There is also the problem of waste management: the plant Orano reprocessing at La Hague is at saturation point, while Andra's deep landfill project in Bure still has no green light and is facing criticism from the Environmental Authority.

A lot of hassle for EDF, 164,000 employees, 69 billion turnover, low net income and 40 billion in debt, while its branch dedicated to renewable energies could be torn from it by the European Commission , concerned to preserve fair competition in this area.

Almost 20% of the food wasted each year in the world, according to the UN .
© Supplied by Le Parisien Le Parisien Almost a billion tons, or seven times around the Earth by trucks of 40 t put end to end: it is the food wasted each year in the world, nearly 20% of the food available to the inhabitants of the world, according to a report published this Thursday by the UN. “The problem is huge.

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