US News Armenian opposition gives Prime Minister ultimatum to resign

14:30  25 february  2021
14:30  25 february  2021 Source:   pressfrom.com

A comment on the economic summit: Breaking the wave of outrages

 A comment on the economic summit: Breaking the wave of outrages The Federal Minister of Economics expects 40 association representatives to attend the corona meeting. Perseverance is waning in the industries affected. © Photo: dpa Well meant is not well done. Much of the aid is flowing slowly. Peter Altmaier is a sociable and friendly man with a sense of humor. It classifies itself as "all-terrain" when it comes to the requirements in office. That sounds like tackling and problem-solving skills.

An open power struggle between the government and the opposition has broken out in Armenia: The largest opposition party Blooming Armenia gave Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan an ultimatum on Thursday to resign. "We call on Nikol Pashinyan not to lead the country into civil war and to avoid bloodshed," the party said in a statement. "Pashinyan has one last chance to avoid unrest."

Die größte Oppositionspartei Blühendes Armenien, die seit Monaten auf den Rücktritt von Regierungschef Nikol Paschinjan drängt, stellte diesem am Donnerstag ein Ultimatum. © - The largest opposition party Blooming Armenia, which has been pushing for the resignation of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan for months, gave him an ultimatum on Thursday.

The head of government accused his country's armed forces of attempting a coup on Thursday. He regards a statement by the General Staff calling on the government to resign "as an attempted military coup," Pashinyan said on the online service Facebook. He also announced the dismissal of the Chief of Staff Onik Gasparian.

Biden on the phone with Netanyahu

 Biden on the phone with Netanyahu In his first foreign policy speech as US President, Joe Biden did not even mention Israel. Now they did talk to each other and are full of praise. © Evan Vucci / AP Photo / picture alliance Joe Biden in the Oval Office in the White House US President Joe Biden spoke on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the first time since he took office almost four weeks ago. The conversation was "very warm and friendly" and lasted about an hour, said an advisor to Netanyahu.

Later, Pashinyan and his supporters marched through the streets of the capital, Yerevan. "The situation is tense, but we have to agree that there should be no clashes," he called to his supporters. The political instability "can be brought under control".

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The head of government has been criticized for months for approving a ceasefire agreement with Azerbaijan brokered by Moscow in November. The agreement between the hostile neighboring states ended the six weeks of heavy fighting in the Caucasus region of Nagorno-Karabakh, but resulted in significant territorial losses for Armenia. According to both sides, around 6,000 people were killed during the fighting.

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