US News Israel: turtles saved from an oil spill thanks to mayonnaise

15:20  26 february  2021
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Biden on the phone with Netanyahu

 Biden on the phone with Netanyahu In his first foreign policy speech as US President, Joe Biden did not even mention Israel. Now they did talk to each other and are full of praise. © Evan Vucci / AP Photo / picture alliance Joe Biden in the Oval Office in the White House US President Joe Biden spoke on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the first time since he took office almost four weeks ago. The conversation was "very warm and friendly" and lasted about an hour, said an advisor to Netanyahu.

Israel has been hard hit for several days by an oil spill. In order to save the oil-covered turtles, the healers have found a surprising solution: mayonnaise.

Since February 18, 2021, the Israeli coast has been hard hit by an unprecedented oil spill. The authorities are not yet sure of the cause of this disaster, but it seems that it is due to a vessel at sea. Due to a storm, oil was pushed to the coast, contaminating 40% of the coastline, a disaster for marine animals. "The beaches can be cleaned up, but rocky areas with fish, crabs or turtles have been the hardest hit," Michael Raphael, coordinator of the NGO Action Rebellion in Israel , told reporters.

In Texas, thousands of sea turtles stunned by the cold

 In Texas, thousands of sea turtles stunned by the cold © REUTERS Thousands of turtles rescued from the cold in Texas WINTER - Thousands of sea turtles, surprised by the drop in temperatures, have washed up on the beaches of South Padre Island, off the South Texas coast. Volunteers sheltered 4,700 of them in a conference center, as you can see in the video above . They have been protected in this way and will be kept in tanks and enclosures before being released when the water becomes warmer again.

While hundreds of volunteers are busy cleaning the beaches, rescue centers for wild animals are also hard at work. This is particularly the case with the National Sea Turtle Rescue Center. Its founder, Yaniv Levy, told the Haaretz newspaper that the center has so far collected 27 turtles, including six with tar damage. In order to save these animals, the center uses a surprisingly surprising product to cleanse the digestive tract: mayonnaise. Vegetable oil is also used to thin the tar.

Mayonnaise to save turtles

"The turtles all arrived here with a layer of tar on their heads and in their eyes, nostrils, mouth, digestive system and stomach," he said. that kind of damage, they have no chance of surviving without treatment. We have removed the tar from their nostrils and eyes so they can breathe and see. "

In Israel, a specialist shares rare sound archives on Bedouins

 In Israel, a specialist shares rare sound archives on Bedouins © Supplied by Le Point L is intended for Israeli researcher Clinton Bailey, a Bedouin specialist who has accumulated hundreds of hours of sound recordings on this company nomad, was born while jogging in the Negev Desert, Israel. It was at the end of the 1960s that this professor, born in the United States and who taught international relations at the prestigious Columbia University in New York, decided to move to Israel to teach English in a kibbutz in the south. from the country.

For his part, Guy Ivgy, medical assistant at the center, told the Associated Press news agency: "They came to us full of tar. Their whole trachea inside and out was full of tar. . We keep giving them things like mayonnaise, which cleanse the system and break down the tar. " Within one to two weeks, the turtles should be returned and can be released.

At this Israeli turtles hospital, oil spill victims are saved with Q-tips and mayonnaise

https://t.co/XrmHbKrmHu pic.twitter.com/bmmlcY4wTJ

- Haaretz.com (@haaretzcom) February 24, 2021

Note that this is not the first time that mayonnaise has been used to save turtles. Turtle Hospital in Florida also uses it, describing the mayonnaise as "safe, non-toxic and effective in cleaning up petroleum-coated sea turtles."

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