US News Energiewende: Shell wants to produce eco-kerosene in Cologne

16:28  26 february  2021
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The mineral oil company Shell wants to become significantly more ecological at its largest German location. According to this, sustainable aviation fuel will soon be produced in the Rhineland refinery in Cologne. To this end, a commercial bio-power-to-liquid (PTL) plant is to be built by 2025, as Shell Germany announced on Friday in Cologne as part of a video conference. PTL is the conversion of electrical current into liquid fuel. This process is not yet used on an industrial scale. However, great hopes are associated with this, especially in aviation, where liquid fuel cannot be dispensed with according to the current state of the art.

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Die Rhein­land-​Raf­fi­ne­rie bei Godorf und Wesseling ist die größte des Öl­kon­zerns Shell in Deutsch­land. © Uwe Weiser The Rhineland refinery near Godorf and Wesseling is the largest of the Shell oil company in Germany. 100,000 tons of fuel per year

"The PTL system with an initial capacity of 100,000 tons per year is intended to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 80 percent in the production of kerosene and raw gasoline compared to conventional products," said Fabian Ziegler, Germany boss at Shell. Green electricity and wood residues are to be used as biomass for production. Synthetic fuels are seen as a beacon of hope for drastically reducing carbon dioxide emissions, especially in aviation, in the coming decades.

In addition, the capacity of the hydrogen electrolysis pilot plant at the Wesseling site south of Cologne is to be increased tenfold to 100 megawatts before 2025. Shell wants to become the leading supplier of so-called green hydrogen for industry and transport, said Ziegler. Green hydrogen is one that is not obtained with the help of fossil fuels such as gas, but with the help of renewable energies. In addition to the planned plant in the Rhineland refinery, the group is also involved in the Netherlands and Hamburg, where Shell, together with Vattenfall, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and the Hamburg municipal heating company, want to build a 100-megawatt electrolysis plant at the Moorburg site.

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investments of several 100 million euros annually

Ziegler and the director of the Rhineland refinery Marco Richrath did not want to give any specific information on the amount of the investments. However, they indicated that it was about several 100 million euros per year. Shell announced that it would apply for funding from the EU and Germany.

The system is still safe for residents, and established standards are still being adhered to. The neighbors could observe the large-scale renovation of the refinery from the outside, because the silhouette of the industrial plant was permanently changing. Most noticeable will soon be a hydrogen filling station for trucks.

In Wesseling, a campus is also to be built on which companies, start-ups and research institutions with Shell can promote ideas, said Richrath. The Rhineland refinery in Cologne-Godorf and Wesseling is 4.4 square kilometers (twice the size of the Principality of Monaco) and the largest in Germany.

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