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17:29  26 february  2021
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5G in Paris: town hall-operators agreement for a deployment "in the coming weeks"

 5G in Paris: town hall-operators agreement for a deployment © STEPHANE MAHE / REUTERS Cell phone network relay antennas in Vertou, near Nantes, on February 12, 2021 (Illustration). The mayor of Paris and the telecom operators announced on Friday that they had reached an agreement on the deployment of 5G "in the coming weeks", while the French capital still does not benefit from the latest generation mobile network, just like several other large French cities.

L'adjoint à la mairie de Paris Emmanuel Grégoire parle désormais d'une «hypothèse» concernant un éventuel nouveau confinement dans la capitale. © Patrick Kovarik Deputy mayor of Paris Emmanuel Grégoire now speaks of a "hypothesis" concerning a possible new confinement in the capital.

Paris is well worth a hitch. The "proposal" of confinement in Paris for three weeks, formulated Thursday evening by the first deputy, Emmanuel Grégoire, was quick to react. “I am a little stunned and surprised by this announcement. All that is ridiculous ”, released on BFM TV the mayor of the XVIIth arrondissement, Geoffroy Boulard, Thursday evening. In the evening of Thursday, while the elected officials of the Parisian right make the tour of the television sets, the town hall of Paris announces in a press release that details will be made on Friday morning. Sign that the proposal has been misunderstood? This Friday, Emmanuel Grégoire is now talking about an "hypothesis" concerning a possible new confinement. “We are not proposing to implement confinement in Paris []. But we believe that the policy of half-measures, with very questionable results, is a form of the end of the cycle, ” explains Grégoire. Backpedaling? Or a simple clarification, after the wave of criticism from elected Parisians?

Mimie Mathy looks back on the "horrors" suffered by her parents in the face of her illness that nobody really knew

 Mimie Mathy looks back on the If she learned to live and be happy with her illness, at the time her parents suffered a lot… © ABACA Mimie Mathy looks back on the "horrors" suffered by her parents in the face of her illness that nobody really knew Having become a personality adored by viewers and French people in general, Mimie Mathy made her illness a force and an overpowering gift in the face of other.

The timing of the proposal of the mayor of Paris, announced a few hours after the speech of the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, in which he excluded a national confinement, in any case questioned. "I have always defended a regional vision in order to be effective, wrote on social networks the president of the Ile-de-France region, Valérie Pécresse . Containment at the departmental level is illusory, because millions of Ile-de-France residents move between departments every day. "

"Political communication"

"Emmanuel Grégoire does political communication" , Boulard tackled Thursday evening, noting in passing that a tweet from the first deputy resuming his containment proposal has strangely disappeared. "It's a shame to play politics on the back of the health crisis", in turn criticizes LCI Agnès Evren, vice-president of the Republicans. In chorus, the right denounces the "political coup" of the mayor of Paris, who would badly hide his Elysian ambitions. The mayor of the 15th century, Philippe Goujon, asks this Friday on RTL for an "emergency meeting" with the elected representatives of the capital: "Paris is not an island, it is at the heart of a megalopolis. You never launch an idea like that, without having made contact. ”

Lille: “Humanitarian firefighters” distribute survival kits to homeless people

 Lille: “Humanitarian firefighters” distribute survival kits to homeless people Firefighters from the French disaster relief group organized a maraud at Lille-Flandres station on Tuesday © C.Ruiz / 20 Minutes The GSCF in action at Lille REPORT - The firefighters of the French disaster relief group organized a maraud on Tuesday at the Lille-Flandres station It has been ten years since the marauders of the French disaster relief group (GSCF) have distributed their " survival kits »To homeless people .

At the town hall of Paris, the explanation takes on the appearance of demining. "It's a dialogue, it's not the idea of ​​doing it alone as if no one else exists , swears Anne Souyris, Anne Hidalgo's health assistant, Thursday night. The objective is to enter into discussions with the prefect of police, the prefect of the region, with all the interlocutors, as we have always done. "

“Wait-and-see situation”

On the executive side, we ensure that the discussion table is open. "Any proposal deserves to be studied and that of the mayor of Paris will be" , replied this Friday morning Gabriel Attal, the government spokesman, on France Inter. Before adding: "But I hear very few, if any scientists, say that in three weeks you can defeat the virus and reopen everything."

Thursday evening, during his press conference, Jean Castex ruled out the hypothesis of a national reconfinement. "If, and only if the situation continues to deteriorate, we will take reinforced measures which will come into force from the weekend of March 6 ", warned the Prime Minister. Twenty departments, including those in the Paris region, have been placed under enhanced surveillance. Localized containment measures at the weekend have already been adopted in Dunkirk (North) or in the Alpes-Maritimes. Emmanuel Grégoire had criticized the “wait-and-see situation” and the government's “half-measures” .

DRC: the government responds to the criticisms of the bishops of Cenco .
© AFP - JUNIOR D. KANNAH The president of Cenco, Archbishop Marcel Utembi (L) and the spokesperson of the Episcopal Conference Abbot Donatien Nshole (D) First tensions between the presidency of Felix Tshisekedi and the National Episcopal Conference of Congo (Cenco) which, in its message published on Monday, recalled the need for the government in formation to "do everything possible" to organize the elections on schedule, in 2023.

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