US News IOC Director: German application for 2036 is "absolutely welcomed"

23:08  26 february  2021
23:08  26 february  2021 Source:   sport1.de

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 The subject of homosexuality is largely taboo, especially in men's football. That is why hundreds of soccer players are now supporting homosexual players in making their sexuality public. © picture alliance The fans in St. Pauli seem ready for the first coming-out in the Bundesliga. More than 800 German soccer players have pledged their support to homosexual players. "We will support and encourage you and, if necessary, also defend you against hostility.

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IOC Director Christophe Dubi has encouraged Germany to try to organize the Olympic Games in 2036.

IOC-Direktor: Deutsche Bewerbung für 2036 wird © Provided by sport1.de IOC director: German application for 2036 is "absolutely welcomed"

IOC director Christophe Dubi has encouraged Germany to endeavor to host the 2036 Olympic Games. "The request for a German application for 2036 is absolutely welcomed from the IOC's point of view," said Dubi in an interview with the Funke media group.

You have worked with Michael Mronz, the creator of the Rhein-Ruhr 2032 initiative, and his team "excellent. We are happy to continue that. If the will exists, we will go into the future in partnership," says Dubi.

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The Olympic Director also welcomed the declaration by the Rhine-Ruhr Initiative to stick to the plans for an application in 2032. This makes sense. "Yes, because we would like to continue discussing with Michael Mronz's initiative," explained Dubi, "we can bring our expertise to his very impressive and well thought-out plans. This project is - and I have known it from the start - a very strong one. "

On Wednesday, however, the IOC named Australia's Brisbane as the preferred candidate for the Games in eleven years. Dubi explained: "If a conversation partner presents an impressive, incredibly detailed study to be carried out, and there is support in sport, in politics and in the population, you have to recognize that there is a huge opportunity there and further dialogues make sense."

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This means that the chances for Rhein-Ruhr seem negligible, even if Rubi did admit the possibility that the targeted talks with Brisbane might not lead to success. The talks with all interested parties would therefore "continue, no matter what. This also includes the Rhine-Ruhr region, even if the DOSB has not yet entered into the 'continuous dialogue'", said Dubi.

That the Rhine-Ruhr and the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) were surprised by the preliminary decision for Brisbane surprised Dubi. "At the beginning of the year we contacted all interested parties and asked whether they would like to present their project to the Future Host Commission in February," said the IOC director, "because the DOSB has not formally entered into the 'continuous dialogue', Rhein-Ruhr simply couldn't present its status. "

Neuman is the new head of the national football team. .
Jordan Neuman is the new head of the German national football team. © Provided by sport1.de Neuman new team boss of the national football team Jordan Neuman is the new team boss of the German national football team. The trainer of the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns from the German Football League (GFL) will hold the position of the American Football Association Germany (AFVD) in parallel to his work at the club.

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