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13:12  01 march  2021
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Israel and Syria exchange prisoners thanks to Russian mediation

 Israel and Syria exchange prisoners thanks to Russian mediation © Jalaa Marey, AFP Israel and Syria are separated by a de facto border at the level of the Golan Heights, which the Hebrew state has partly occupied since the end of the Six-Day War in 1967. The Israeli and Syrian authorities announced Thursday evening that they had exchanged prisoners, two Syrian shepherds against an Israeli national, through mediation from Moscow.

La crise du Covid-19 et les restrictions sanitaires ont accéléré l'innovation technologique dans la télémédecine. © AP - Mark Lennihan The Covid-19 crisis and health restrictions have accelerated technological innovation in telemedicine.

Israel is amplifying the development of its remote consultation technologies. A dynamic maintained by the same actors of the vaccination campaign.

From our correspondent in Jerusalem,

Once again, it is the Kupot Holim who are leading the way: the Israeli health insurance funds. There are four of them and two of them came directly from the early socialist system of the State of Israel. Until recently, they were directly dependent on the Histadrut, the large Israeli trade union center. A third is from a sports club, the Maccabi.

Climate: young Malagasy people are mobilizing to rethink the world according to

 Climate: young Malagasy people are mobilizing to rethink the world according to © Laetitia Bezain / RFI For two days, the Indian Ocean Climate Network is organizing workshops in three large cities of Madagascar to rethink the economy and modes of consumption in this period of pandemic and global crisis. Young Malagasy people are mobilizing for sustainable development and the fight against climate change. Friday and until Saturday afternoon is a workshop called “The world after.

It was the coronavirus crisis that gave a boost. In these difficult times when everything is done remotely via the Internet, telemedicine is now essential. The idea is simple: consult remotely by going as little as possible to dispensaries that are nevertheless omnipresent in Israel, and which are often even one of the favorite outings, especially for seniors.


Problem: How to make this idea practical and achievable? This is the slightly more complicated part of this project. Because it is not just about teleconsultation - talking with your doctor - but also for those insured to be able to self-examine.

TytoCare, an Israeli high-tech company, has developed a TytoHome telemedicine device, now subsidized by health insurance funds in the country. It allows consultants to easily perform a variety of examinations themselves: audio recordings of the heart, lungs and abdominal region.

“Oil spill” in Israel: volunteers mobilize to clean up the coast

 “Oil spill” in Israel: volunteers mobilize to clean up the coast © Sami Boukhelifa / RFI Young volunteers clean up Acadia Beach, in Herzliya, north of Tel Aviv. Clean-up operations continue in Israel after the wave of pollution that hit the eastern Mediterranean. The Israeli authorities speak of an "oil slick", the most serious in decades. Dozens, if not hundreds of tons of tar were reportedly dumped in the open sea. An investigation is underway, but in the meantime an army of volunteers has mobilized to clean up the Israeli coast.

The insured can also transmit digital images and videos of the eardrum, throat and skin, as well as numerous additional data such as heart rate. All this without leaving home.

Listen: How telemedicine can improve access to health

Virtual emergency room

Health insurance funds are now working on another project: Notal Vision, which should make it possible to detect problems of vision. Also in the pipes is a mini-defibrillator in the event of a cardiac arrest of one of the family members.

There is already a virtual emergency room system. In the event of a problem, an emergency physician can give remote and video instructions while receiving parameters from the sufferer and even activate responses.

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Greenpeace denounces the Israeli accusation of an Iranian "environmental attack" .
© REUTERS - AMIR COHEN Tar piles after an oil spill at sea which inundated a large part of the Mediterranean coast on a beach in Ashdod, in southern Israel, February 21, 2021. Greenpeace Israel criticizes the Jewish state's accusations against Iran regarding the oil spill that has plagued the country's coastline in recent weeks.

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