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18:37  02 march  2021
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Spahn: Quick and self-tests Tools for more freedom in the corona crisis

 Spahn: Quick and self-tests Tools for more freedom in the corona crisis Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) sees the newly approved corona self-tests and the quick tests that are already available as a means of ensuring more security and more freedom in the corona pandemic to get. It is about "living more safely with the virus," he said in the Bundestag on Wednesday. "Day after day" there are more opportunities to "regain a piece of normalcy".

Twelve years ago, Friedrich Merz turned his back on politics and the Bundestag in frustration. Two defeats later, the 65 year old wants to go back.

Nächstes Ziel Bundestag - Friedrich Merz bei seiner Bewerbungsrede als CDU-Vorsitzender © Photo: Michael Kappeler / dpa Next goal Bundestag - Friedrich Merz in his application speech as CDU chairman

That Friedrich suddenly pointed out, says one from the CDU in the Hochsauerland district, that surprised him. Because Friedrich Merz could seek a parliamentary mandate in his old constituency was not an issue until last week - not even for Merz himself. But when he licked his wounds after his second defeat in the race for the CDU chairmanship, he obviously realized that without a seat - and thus not least the right to speak - to pursue a further career in Berlin in Parliament could be difficult.

Federal Prosecutor's Office suing Germans for espionage for Russia

 Federal Prosecutor's Office suing Germans for espionage for Russia An employee of a company commissioned by the German Bundestag is said to have passed on floor plans to Russian intelligence services. The Attorney General accuses him of being an agent. © DAVID GANNON / AFP The federal prosecutor's office has brought charges against a man for "secret service agent activity". The authority announced this in a message . The German citizen Jens F.

The only problem is: the constituency already has a member of parliament. And Patrick Sensburg doesn't like to just vacate the seat without a fight.

A constituency with broomstick quality

That is understandable, as the Hochsauerland constituency is one of the few in the country where even the proverbial broomstick would surely have a majority if it were hung up with a CDU party book. Sensburg took over the constituency in 2009 after Merz had withdrawn from politics in frustration, and has since won it three times directly. Sensburg announced at the beginning of the year that he wanted to compete again. He affirmed this when Merz's ambitions became known: he will stick with his application in any case.

Merz supported the successor in January. But at that time he was still a candidate for the CDU chairmanship and was firmly convinced that this time he was on the direct route to the Chancellery. He gratefully declined requests to take over a constituency as a direct candidate.

Because of corona respirators: Member of the Bundestag Nüßlein under suspicion of corruption

 Because of corona respirators: Member of the Bundestag Nüßlein under suspicion of corruption A member of the Bundestag of the CSU is under suspicion of corruption: The plenum approved searches and seizures of Union faction deputy Georg Nüßlein on Thursday. The Public Prosecutor's Office in Munich confirmed investigations into the initial suspicion of corruption without naming a name. The procedure is related to "the purchase of corona respirators". © dpa Georg Nüßlein, member of the CSU Bundestag.

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But only then came the defeat and then the rejection for the attempt to defy the Ministry of Economics . He himself turned down a seat on the CDU presidium. Merz then disappeared from the scene for the time being.

But in the meantime the chance for a second career seems to him more attractive than retirement at 65. In the local “Westfalenpost” Merz only once stated that he was “not averse” to a mandate. At the same time he assured him that he did not want to run a fight against Sensburg.

Internally it had already become clearer. The CDU has known since Sunday: "Fritze" wants the mandate. Thereupon the largest CDU city association Arnsberg and the neighboring Sundern nominated him unanimously as their candidate on Monday evening.

No interest in fight candidates

Laschet: Corona resolutions offer "good prospects" for further pandemic policy

 Laschet: Corona resolutions offer According to the assessment of North Rhine-Westphalia's Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU), the resolutions of the latest corona summit open up "good prospects" for the further course in pandemic policy. "We perceive the seriousness of the situation, but we enable openings where it is necessary," said Laschet on Thursday in front of the Düsseldorf state parliament. The federal-state agreements on Wednesday evening took into account the principle of "measure and center".

On this Tuesday evening, the district executive now wanted to deal with the situation. This is unusually tricky for the generally orderly conditions in the Upper Sauerland.

The candidate will be officially elected in April. Nobody is interested in weeks of open battle. After all, there are currently even three interested parties - in addition to Merz and Sensburg Bernd Schulte, whom the local association Meschede sent into the race on Friday.

Schulte works in the office of Armin Laschets State Chancellery Nathanael Liminiski, which immediately led to conspiracy theories that the federal and state chairman had his fingers in the game. In Düsseldorf it is assured that no, he did not. Laschet's interest in integrating the defeated competitor into the parliamentary group and possibly even into a government

, which he himself then hopes to lead as Chancellor, would be obvious. In the end, Laschet was able to study long enough what potential for chaos a free-floating Merz can develop. But either way: Schulte had expressly announced his candidacy to Sensburg as a declaration of war; The 34-year-old could withdraw it from an applicant Merz without losing face.

So the task remained to make a retreat palatable for the seat owner Sensburg. It is unlikely that the MP, who is also the chairman of the reservists' association, will be able to prevail against the celebrity in a fight vote. Merz is not a regular guest at shooting festivals. But he has remained true to his homeland in the Sauerland.

Paul Ziemiak: CDU general secretary fears image damage - survey proves him right .
The scandal over commissions for corona masks shakes the Union: CDU general secretary Paul Ziemiak expects his party's image to be lost. Survey figures are now available. © POOL / REUTERS In the mask affair , the Union tries to limit the damage. Yesterday, the leadership of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group gave all members of the Union until Friday evening to comment on possible financial benefits in connection with pandemic-related transactions.

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