US News Entourage, the social network to help the homeless, mobilizes in Hauts-de-Seine

21:30  03 march  2021
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 New nuclear missile launching submarines: Naval group mobilizes all its sites in the West © Naval Group SSBN nuclear missile launching submarines. The Navy will replace the nuclear submarines launching vehicles of the “Le Triomphant” class in service, launched between 1994 and 2008. Hence the qualification of “SNLE 3G”, for “third generation”, since the first French SSBN launched in 1967.

Puteaux, le 26 février. Anne-Gabrielle utilise l'application Entourage, créée par l'association sociale éponyme, pour entrer en contact avec les sans-abri à qui elle remet des « kits de survie ». © LP / B.H. Puteaux, February 26. Anne-Gabrielle uses the Entourage application, created by the eponymous social association, to get in touch with the homeless to whom she gives “survival kits”.

She had to find a homeless man, in the heart of La Défense, to give him one of the “survival kits” that she is making. But he canceled at the last minute. "It happens ... When you're on the street, the notions of schedules or organization of the day immediately become more complicated to keep", smiles Anne-Gabrielle Compagnon, packing up a sleeping bag, fleece, gloves, sock. and first aid kit she was about to give.

"No big deal. We will contact each other again via the Entourage application ”, relativizes the 35-year-old young woman, proud to be part of the 5,000 inhabitants of Hauts-de-Seine who have already joined this network of united and committed citizens. Immediately after leaving her position as director of marketing in a training organization, exactly one year ago, on the eve of the first confinement, this resident of the Bécon district, in Courbevoie, had created a site for calling on donations (olatanea.com) to finance its survival kits to offer to people in the street.

Coronavirus: Jean Castex on a surprise trip to Argenteuil hospital

 Coronavirus: Jean Castex on a surprise trip to Argenteuil hospital © BENOIT TESSIER / POOL / AFP Prime Minister Jean Castex went to the Argenteuil hospital center, in Val-d'Oise. A surprise trip to this hospital to see the "mobilization of caregivers" but also the "tension" of the system due to the coronavirus epidemic. The head of government in particular exchanged with the staff.

But how then to hand them over to the people concerned when you are neither a social worker nor a member of an association already in the field? Anne-Gabrielle then turned to Entourage. This national association, created in 2016 in Paris and developed from 2018 in the Hauts-de-Seine, has precisely set itself the objective of making practical tools available to citizens, who wish to get involved but without knowing too much. How to do it.

A useful mobile application for all, homeless and well-housed

The strength of Entourage is its eponymous mobile application. A social network, in the true sense of the word, on which everyone can subscribe. “Well-housed” residents such as the homeless, more than 70% of whom have a laptop. The app, which can be downloaded on all smartphones, is full of educational advice on helping the precarious, webinar (online meetings), addresses and concrete elements to better guide the homeless to help systems. .

Handicap: 50% of establishments open to the public in Val-d'Oise

 Handicap: 50% of establishments open to the public in Val-d'Oise © LP / Arnaud Journois. The Reduced Mobility association carried out meticulous work to carry out this study on the administrative accessibility of public buildings. According to a study by the Reduced Mobility Association , dated February 2021, Ile-de-France ranks 3rd out of 13 regions in France, in terms of accessibility for people with reduced mobility (PRM) of establishments receiving public (ERP) and facilities open to the public (IOP), with an indicator of 53%.

"It's the network of those who don't have one!" », Summarizes Fabiola La Rocca, in charge of the deployment of Entourage. And the activist to cite as an example the experiment of sharing professional contacts with precarious job seekers set up by Entourage and called LinkedOut, in reference to another social network very popular with HRDs.

Another advantage of the Entourage application: the digital platform allows all its members to post announcements, requests for assistance or proposals for solidarity actions. The "posts", geolocatable on the map of Ile-de-France in the form of large red dots (voluntarily wide enough for questions of protection of the homeless), allow all members who consult them to participate in discussions. mutual aid actions.

“Contact, smiles are the most important”

Under one of these points, in Courbevoie, we discover the announcement of Nick, who needs “emergency accommodation following big health concerns ”. Under another in Suresnes, that of Dominique, who is looking for reinforcements to "ensure a maraud with possibly a food distribution" in his town ...

"People offer material aid, administrative assistance but above all, links, contact, smiles. This is the most important ”, insist Entourage officials.

It is not Anne-Gabrielle who will say the opposite. "The distribution of the survival kit quickly becomes secondary," confirms the young woman, who often spends more than an hour with the people she helps. “We talk, we have a coffee, we exchange… It has happened that some people leave, forgetting the bag with the survival kit! »

Information on the site www.entourage.social or on Facebook @ RéseauEntourage .

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