US News "Feeling of helplessness" - emotional letter to dead Astori

23:06  04 march  2021
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Jihadist attacks against Maiduguri in Nigeria: at least 16 dead

 Jihadist attacks against Maiduguri in Nigeria: at least 16 dead © AUDU MARTE An Iswap vehicle after fighting with the Nigerian army, in Baga, August 3, 2019 Shells fired Tuesday by jihadists on Maiduguri , capital of Borno State and one of the last secure strongholds in northeastern Nigeria, which has been in the grip of an insurgency for ten years, has left at least 16 dead and dozens injured, according to a new report released Wednesday. The day before, a first assessment had reported 10 dead and 21 injured. "The number of people killed is now 16.

THE Apprentice star Jessica Cunningham has written an emotional letter to her daughters about their dad's suicide. The TV beauty penned the heart-wrenching note about the family tragedy to mark World Mental Health Day. Jessica added of telling the girls the heartbreaking news: "I wanted you to remember a day a little less painful, so we went on a walk and we talked about life and death . "About heaven, about the clouds, about our souls and what we believe happens when we die. "The pain in your eyes, the noise of your cry and the feeling of helplessness when I held you tight made me more determined to give

"It's an all-encompassing feeling of helplessness , staring into blackness and feeling completely unable to pull yourself out of it". Celebrities are leading the way and the rest of us are following, with people realising mental health struggles are nothing to be ashamed of. Yesterday, doctors from Britain’s leading mental health organisations wrote an open letter to The Independent urging the Government to stop suspending the benefits of hundreds of thousands of claimants each year or risk soaring rates of mental health problems.

It was three years ago that Davide Astori died in the team hotel of Fiorentina. Now his ex-colleague Riccardo Saponara has turned to him in an emotional letter.

© Provided by sport1.de "Feeling of helplessness" - Emotional letter to dead Astori

Riccardo Saponara, currently at Spezia Calcio, wrote a letter to the deceased Davide Astori, which was published by the website Cronache di Spogliatoio .

Three years have passed since the former defender from Fiorentina died on March 4, 2018. Test

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Saponara begins the touching news with an excerpt from a conversation between him and Astori about the Oscar-winning film La La Land. "As soon as it appears in Italy, we have to see it," said Saponara at the time. "Okay Ricky, let's see if he really deserves the Oscar," Astori replied.

Haiti: a prison escape kills 25 in Port-au-Prince

 Haiti: a prison escape kills 25 in Port-au-Prince © Reginald Louissaint, AFP The prison of Croix-des-Bouquets, in Haiti, where hundreds of inmates escaped on February 25, 2021. Some 400 inmates escaped from Croix-des-Bouquets prison in Haiti on Thursday. Authorities said 25 people were killed during the day, including the prison director.

Helplessness, or a sense of being unable to act or react to a negative situation, may be experienced by anyone, especially during illness or when affected by a traumatic event. A persistent feeling of helplessness , however, can last long after a person's actual helplessness disappears. In this case, feelings of helplessness may interfere with daily life and have significant mental health consequences, at which point it may be helpful to speak to a therapist. What Is Helplessness? What Is Victimhood? Learned Helplessness. Therapy for Helplessness and Victimhood. Regaining Control after Trauma. Case Examples.

"Feelings of grief and loss in this particular situation is a very normal reaction to an abnormal situation. People must first understand that they are going through a normal reaction and emotionally accept it." According to Menon, in the case of people who were physically present in Kerala during the floods, there are high chances they have PTSD. Malayalees in the UAE may tend to experience a feeling of helplessness ," she added. Going forward, Malayalees may not perceive the monsoon season as something that is natural.

However, they never went to the cinema together. "When I think of a life that leaves no room to make up for lost time, I think of La La Land. The film that I should have seen with Asto, the film that I saw alone," writes Saponara .

He saw the film many times over the years. Accompanied by a "feeling of helplessness, deprivation", the film "has a special meaning for me," explains Saponara. "Asto, yes, I can tell you today: he really deserves the Oscar."

Astori like "an older brother"

Also, Saponara remembers the shared moments with his friend: "It's been three years now and I miss your shoulder. We sat next to each other in the dining room and you know that I often leaned against you, like you do with an older brother. "

Already when he moved from Empoli to Florence in 2017, Astori impressed him with his "unique personality". When Saponara was added to the team's WhatsApp group, Astori contacted him and wrote: "You can rely on me." Test

Haiti: 25 dead in a prison escape, another 200 prisoners wanted

 Haiti: 25 dead in a prison escape, another 200 prisoners wanted © AP - Dieu Nalio Chery Detainees recovered by the Haitian police outside the prison of Croix-des-Bouquets, after an attempted evasion, in Port-au-Prince on February 25, 2021. The results of the massive escape that took place this Thursday, February 25 in the suburbs of the Haitian capital is considerable: more than 200 detainees are still wanted and 25 people were killed in this incident. Among them is a notorious gang leader who was shot dead during a police check the day after his escape.

Enjoy our helplessness quotes collection by famous authors, journalists and actors. Best helplessness quotes selected by thousands of our users! There is no word for feeling nostalgic about the future, but that's what a parent's tears often are, a nostalgia for something that has not yet occurred. They are the pain of hope, the helplessness of hope, and finally, the surrender to hope. Michael Ian Black.

Only RUB 220.84/month. Chapter 5 Mental and Emotional Problems. STUDY. Flashcards. the condition of feeling uneasy or worried about what may happen. Depression. a prolonged feeling of helplessness , hopelessness, and sadness. Apathy. a lack of strong feeling, interest, or concern. Mental Disorder.

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"Simple words, but at that moment they made me feel less alone. We didn't know each other, but the shock I felt when I walked into a new changing room after three years at Empoli was in a second as if swept away, "writes Saponara in his letter.

Today the midfielder sometimes watches the chat history with Astori on the way to the stadium. In doing so, he encounters the encouraging messages from his friends, such as "you are doing well, you are growing" or "you are not playing today, but you are on the right track to get back to your level. Keep it up ".

Equatorial Guinea. At least 20 dead and 600 injured in explosions of military depots .
© TVGE / REUTERS TV / via REUTERS At least 20 people were killed and 600 injured on Sunday in Equatorial Guinea in four accidental explosions of arms and ammunition depots of 'a military camp. Four explosions literally razed several districts of Bata, the economic capital. President Teodoro Obiang Nguema accused the soldiers responsible for monitoring the dynamite, explosives and ammunition depots at the Nkoa Ntoma military camp of "negligence".

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