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02:10  06 march  2021
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Germany: German accused of spying in the Bundestag

 Germany: German accused of spying in the Bundestag The man is suspected of having transmitted information to Russia © Markus Schreiber / AP / SIPA In the hemicycle of the Bundestag in Berlin. (illustration) DAS LEGENDENBURO - The man is suspected of having transmitted information to Russia A German suspected of having communicated to Russia data and plans concerning the Bundestag, the lower house of parliament, was indicted in Berlin, the prosecution announced on Thursday.

After the Corona summit, it is said that Angela Merkel changed her strategy. She doesn't at all. She is ahead of everyone again and shows sensitivity. A comment.

Geht gut gelaunt nach dem Corona-Marathon-Gipfel: Die Kanzlerin. Hier am Donnerstagvormittag im Bundestag. © Photo: imago images / Future Image Goes in a good mood after the Corona marathon summit: The Chancellor. Here on Thursday morning in the Bundestag.

A plan, a plan - and don't let up. This is how it looks like after the big Corona summit , which was also the turmoil of the pre-election campaign: Shouldn't anyone annoy Markus Söder; the Bajuware can still cut no matter how much licorice it usually grates. Although that's more towards the green.

This time it was the top candidate of the SPD, Olaf Scholz, who he was aiming for. He shouldn't pretend to be Chancellor. A rascal, who thinks evil at the same time ... Except that Scholz shouldn't "grin around smurfy" - that had something. Not even the comrades will be able to bite their grins. But there is nothing more to laugh about.

Shortly before the federal-state meeting: Revolt against Merkel

 Shortly before the federal-state meeting: Revolt against Merkel Shortly before the renewed Corona summit on March 3, 2021, there is a revolt against Chancellor Angela Merkel. © Provided by MEN'S MATTER Angela Merkel Revolt against Merkel Shortly before Chancellor Angela Merkel consults with the 16 Prime Ministers about the further lockdown procedure, it becomes clear that the Chancellor's course is no longer being implemented in many places. For Merkel, an incidence value of 35 was always the basis for easing the restrictions.

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Chancellor Angela Merkel has not really relented, as open-minded and last but not least Social Democrats would like to lead you to believe. It has largely kept its 50 incidence with all the promised opening steps.

Merkel knew that she would not be able to get 35. "No Covid" is finally over. But including the emergency brake, there is a pretty clear lockdown.

If you ask too much, you won't get anything in the end.

That all dams break - not with the Chancellor. Merkel's trick is that she not only goes deep into details (which tires the people who negotiate with her that they don't always pay attention), but also regulates them. This is how another bureaucracy monster emerged, in which in the end the people on the street at best know: under 50’s upwards.

The CDU politician is striving to return to the Bundestag: Friedrich Merz wants to know it again

 The CDU politician is striving to return to the Bundestag: Friedrich Merz wants to know it again Twelve years ago, Friedrich Merz turned his back on politics and the Bundestag in frustration. Two defeats later, the 65 year old wants to go back. © Photo: Michael Kappeler / dpa Next goal Bundestag - Friedrich Merz in his application speech as CDU chairman That Friedrich suddenly pointed out, says one from the CDU in the Hochsauerland district, that surprised him.

Everyone works for the rest: r if necessary, hairdresser, flowers, other things. And who would believe that outdoor catering will soon open. However: it was close.

Because it's like negotiations that lawyers conduct with creditors - if you ask too much, you end up getting nothing. The incidence of 50 was what the Chancellor had agreed on with the citizens. So many have tried to make it come true in many places; To support this was, so to speak, the offer of the population.

When Merkel came with the 35, so saddled on it, there was a crack. Or at least almost. Because she went back to 50 - and saved her with it. But it won't go on forever either, this big thing in a small way.

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People are actually "fed up" (Hesse's head of government Volker Bouffier), also because incidence has long ceased to be the only cause of salvation. Rather, that would be the rapid tests and vaccination, vaccination, vaccination. Therefore, a task force should force the rapid test number.

Federal and state governments decide step-by-step plan for openings from corona lockdown

 Federal and state governments decide step-by-step plan for openings from corona lockdown Federal government and states have agreed on a five-step plan for easing the corona requirements. As early as next Monday, the retail trade in regions with an incidence value of below 50 should be allowed to reopen, as Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) announced on Wednesday evening after nine hours of deliberations by the federal and state governments. With incidence values ​​between 50 and 100, customers are only allowed to come after booking an appointment in advance.

Just: One free per week for everyone: n, can it be done that quickly? Have you even ordered enough? And who sets up the test centers, where are they, who runs them? It's all open. The task force has yet to be formed. Bad for Health Minister Jens Spahn, who is once again the one who doesn't deliver, better for the Chancellor.

It is also still unclear how the involvement of general practitioners and specialists in the vaccination should run: From when exactly? Who with which vaccine? How is the accounting done in the practices and how is the vaccination documented?

Without rapid tests, however, it becomes more difficult with extensive loosening. Not to mention the vaccination. So it is not unlikely that the Chancellor’s plan will once again stick to the plan. Beyond March and the Easter holidays.

Germany. Regional elections in Baden-Württemberg: the Greens defend ten years of power .
© Sébastien Vannier Ouest France In the powerful industrial region of Baden-Württemberg, companies are pushed to think "environment". Like the Alfred Diess company, which is equipped with photovoltaic panels. In Germany, Baden-Württemberg votes on Sunday March 14. This election, in the only region led by environmentalists, in coalition with the conservatives, is a "test" for the whole country, a few months before the legislative elections.

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