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10:55  07 march  2021
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"My crime was me, the punishment was therefore endless": the daughter of Amos Oz denounces the violence of the writer

 © MARC TIRL / DPA / AFP The Israeli writer and poet died in 2018 , at the age of seventy-nine. Galia Oz's accusations against her father, the Israeli writer, poet and peace activist Amos Oz, tear the family clan apart. She herself is a children's author, now fifty-six years old, reports in a book, Something Disguised As Love ( Something Disguised As Love ), published on February 21 in Israel, the mistreatment of which she says have been a victim until adulthood.

In its childhood days, the mouse came on Sunday mornings. For 30 minutes it was about questions like: Why is the sky blue? How heavy are clouds? Why is there a gap in the hard-boiled egg? There were funny songs, Armin, Christoph and Ralf and Shawn the sheep. In adulthood, the Saturday evening show was added. More than three hours of airtime are then to be filled with questions from children and celebrity teams who give advice. This time as a big birthday party. But the eyelids are heavy for the celebrity guests. Maybe the lockdown strained them. And the mouse party is pretty lame for most of the time.

© Mark Forster / Robert Winter; Figure I. Schmitt-Menzel "Just ask the mouse" Educated without mouse training

"Who of you saw the show with the mouse when you were a child", Eckart von Hirschhausen asks his six guests. One finger stays down. Germany's most famous knowledge quiz presenter Günther Jauch was already 14 years old when the mouse had its first broadcast. Nevertheless, he has good things to say. His children turned on educational television on Sundays. “They then explained to me how the strips get into the toothpaste. So I also benefited from the mouse. ”At his most brilliant moment on the birthday show, however, he benefited from a different life experience. Jauch is the only one who knows where the federal giraffe in the Museum Koenig in Bonn got its name from. The fathers of the Basic Law met in the building, which was undamaged by the war. The giraffe attended the meeting behind a curtain. But he didn't learn that with the mouse. "I was once a correspondent in Bonn for the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation," explains Jauch - back when Bonn was still the capital of Germany.

Matt Pokora's moving declaration to his daughter-in-law on his birthday

 Matt Pokora's moving declaration to his daughter-in-law on his birthday For the 11th birthday of his daughter-in-law Violet Madison, the French singer wrote her a lovely message of love. © Backgrid USA / Bestimage A sublime anniversary. Violet Madison, Christina Milian's first daughter, celebrated her eleventh birthday on Friday with cute cakes and a camping night. The teenager, who divides her life between her father, rapper The-Dream and her mother, received a beautiful statement from her stepfather, Matt Pokora.

"Sendung mit der Maus": Mark Forster lives so sustainably

Back then, the children who ask their questions today weren't born yet. Jannis from Flensburg is twelve years old and a climate activist. He started the forest growth project, so far more than 2000 trees have been planted. His mouse question is: What happens when trees are thirsty? Answer: You squeak. Has something to do with the capillary effect. But he makes the celebrities stutter with another question. “I would like to know what are you all doing here to protect the climate?” Singer Mark Forster stutters something about “looking at it small, avoiding garbage, for example”. Actress Stephanie Stumph claims not to drive. Moderator Barbara Schöneberger takes the train from Berlin to Munich, but she prefers to fly the Hamburg - Munich route. Jauch watered his personal street tree in the summer, Elton planted cherry and apple trees in the garden. And with model Jana Ina Zarella, the eight-year-old daughter picks up garbage from the street and disposes of it properly. Unfortunately, we do not find out from whether Jannis would distribute plus points for the answers.

For the 100th birthday: OFC stadium gets its original name back

 For the 100th birthday: OFC stadium gets its original name back The home ground of Kickers Offenbach will in future be called "Stadion am Bieberer Berg" again - at least temporarily. © imago images is getting its original name back: The stadium on Bieberer Berg in Offenbach. As the regional league team announced on Monday, the boards on the field as well as the billboards above the entrances to the stadium and the outside facade will be replaced with immediate effect, and the venue will also be given a new logo.

Gallery: 7 mouse facts that you should know (dw.com)

Ob die Maus Torte mag, kann sie selbst nicht verraten, denn die so beliebte Fernsehfigur spricht nicht. Sie gibt lediglich Geräusche von sich, wenn sie augenklimpernd in ihre gut recherchierten Abenteuer stolziert. Grund zum Feiern hat ihr Haussender: Die Sendung mit der Maus gehört zu den verlässlichsten Quotenbringern. Der ARD-Vorsitzende und WDR-Intendant Tom Buhrow hat gut lachen. Barbara Schöneberger in her star role

Barbara Schöneberger shines with knowledge that she is guaranteed not to have acquired from “Sendung mit der Maus”. She is unbeatable in the guessing of celebrities who are also celebrating their 50th. From Snoop Dogg to Heike Makatsch. In the Recognize-the-Melody discipline, the dull party is enlivened and the guests are gradually getting into the mood. Elton and Schöneberger eagerly stretch around the Plexiglas partitions to their neighbors.

This is how astronauts wash their laundry

The surprise guest of the evening is Alexander Gerst, our man in space. For the first time, the astronaut is performing on a Saturday night show. He is an avowed mouse fan and took cuddly toys from the mouse and elephant with him to the ISS. Nine-year-old Nathan wants to know whether astronauts are washing their clothes on the ISS. The possible answers: A - Yes, there are fixed wash days for the crew. B - No, you don't sweat in space, the laundry stays clean. C - No, dirty laundry is shot into the atmosphere. "If underpants were shot into the atmosphere, that would be a new scandal in itself," Jauch explains his process of elimination. He has to be taught better. The used laundry is packed in space transporters, some of which burn up in the atmosphere, explains Gerst. "Everyone has seen a shooting star before ..." begins the astronaut. And Hirschhausen finishes: “... then that could have been Alexander Gerst's slip. This is then called Schlüpperschnuppe. ”Another thing learned from the Maus show.

It's not that much opening: Has it buckled? No, Merkel got what she wanted

 It's not that much opening: Has it buckled? No, Merkel got what she wanted After the Corona summit, it is said that Angela Merkel changed her strategy. She doesn't at all. She is ahead of everyone again and shows sensitivity. A comment. © Photo: imago images / Future Image Goes in a good mood after the Corona marathon summit: The Chancellor. Here on Thursday morning in the Bundestag. A plan, a plan - and don't let up.

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