US News Senegal: "When the authorities send tanks against demonstrators, it looks like war", fears Caroline Roussy

17:15  08 march  2021
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Burma: Police throw stun grenades to disperse protesters

 Burma: Police throw stun grenades to disperse protesters BURMA-POLITICS-DEMONSTRATIONS: Burma: Police throw stun grenades to disperse protesters © Reuters / STRINGER BURMA: POLICE LAUNCH DEAF GRENADES TO DISPERSATE PROTESTS (Reuters) - Burmese police on Tuesday used stun grenades to disperse demonstrators who had again gathered in the country's largest city, Yangon, to protest the February 1 military coup, witnesses said.

Faced with the protests against the president that continue in Senegal, the authorities have deployed the army in the streets of the capital

Des manifestants protestent contre l'arrestation d'Ousmane Sonko, le 5 mars 2021 à Dakar au Sénégal. © Sylvain Cherkaoui / AP / SIPA Demonstrators protest against the arrest of Ousmane Sonko on March 5, 2021 in Dakar, Senegal. DEMONSTRATIONS - Faced with the protests against the president which are continuing in Senegal, the authorities have deployed the army in the streets of the capital

Armored vehicles in the streets of Dakar. In Senegal , the army was deployed on Monday, in anticipation of another day of protests. At least five people were killed last week in protests against the arrest of political opponent, Ousmane Sonko, 46.

Congo: Valdo cedes his post of coach

 Congo: Valdo cedes his post of coach At the end of his contract, the Brazilian Valdo sees Barthélémy Ngatsono replace him as coach of the Congo. © Supplied by Football 365 FOOTBALL: Paris SG vs Lorient - Ligue 1 - 03/02/2016 Valdo is no longer the Congo coach. At the end of his contract started in May 2018, the Brazilian technician will not be renewed in his functions. It is the local technician Barthélémy Ngatsono who was chosen to succeed the former PSG player.

Targeted by charges of rape, this personality with an anti-system profile cries out at the plot hatched by President Macky Sall himself to remove him from the next presidential election. While a new court decision is expected on Monday, Caroline Roussy, researcher at Iris and head of the Africa / s program explains to 20 Minutes how the situation has changed in this reputedly stable country.

How has the situation deteriorated in recent days in the country?

President Sall is suspected of wanting to revise the Constitution to run for a third term in 2024. He has also created the conditions for mistrust of his justice. In recent weeks, the space for freedom of expression has tended to tighten: for some time, intellectuals have been questioning publicly and denouncing an autocratic turn by Macky Sall, waves of arrests have taken place in the opposition , including Ousmane Sonko last Wednesday…

Omar Sy provides support to relatives of victims of violence in Senegal

 Omar Sy provides support to relatives of victims of violence in Senegal © Provided by Le Parisien Le Parisien This is symbolic support. French actor Omar Sy, of Senegalese origin, announced this Saturday to stand alongside the families of the victims of the ongoing violence in Senegal. Addressing "to the Senegalese people, to their courageous youth who are dear to me", he sends on Twitter " (his) support and (his) sincere condolences to the families of the victims".

There are doubts about freedom of expression. In addition, in recent months, the socio-economic situation has deteriorated sharply in the context of Covid-19. And, as we see today, when the authorities bring down tanks against people fighting with stones, it looks like war.

Who is Ousmane Sonko? Why did his arrest provoke such anger?

He is an anti-system, anti-France, anti-CFA franc politician, who presents himself as a man of irreproachable probity. He ran quite young in the second presidential election against Macky Sall in 2019, and came third with 15% of the vote. It is very popular with young people, but not only.

It should also be remembered, on this women's rights day, that Ousmane Sonko is accused of rape and death threats by a young 20-year-old masseuse. This complaint is almost passed over in silence to better denounce the martyrdom of Sonko, considered a totally upright man.

Covid-19. Demonstrations and "boom boom music" in the West, against health measures

 Covid-19. Demonstrations and © Ouest-France A thousand people gathered this Saturday, March 6 in Nantes to denounce the health restrictions linked to the coronavirus pandemic. Several rallies were held this Saturday, March 6 in the West to demand an end to certain health measures imposed in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. Among them, the ban on festive gatherings but also the wearing of compulsory masks or curfews.

I think this situation is completely beyond his person. People are generally fed up with speaking out. The socio-economic situation is very tense because of the pandemic, lots of young people find themselves without perspective. But behind this fed up, there is a deep attachment to democracy and freedom, which is in the country's DNA.

Is France particularly targeted by rioters?

Auchan stores were looted, Eiffage premises were damaged. There is a message addressed to France in these demonstrations: Ousmane Sonko is an anti-France politician, who considers that President Macky Sall is France's valet. However, there is an ambivalence in the relations between the two countries because, from the moment Macky Sall announced that he would limit the Internet, some called on the social networks Mediapart or Le Monde to relay what it's happening in the country.

Many actors call on the president to speak up and address the people. What is the reaction of the authorities so far?

So far, only Interior Minister Antoine Félix Abdoulaye Diome has spoken in terms that do not encourage appeasement, calling the protesters bandits, criminals and even terrorists. We must know this Monday if Ousmane Sonko will be released or kept in detention. It is a very fragile situation. Clerics of all stripes are trying to calm the situation and keep the dialogue going, but the fact that there have been deaths does not bode well.

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Chile: regular target of demonstrators, the statue of a general withdrawn in Santiago .
© Martin BERNETTI President Sebastian Pinera said Thursday the monument, erected in 1928, will be replaced once restoration work is completed 'because we want to show our appreciation and respect for our heroes' The statue of a general, installed in Plaza Italia in Santiago, epicenter of protests during the social crisis in Chile, was removed from its pedestal on Friday, where it was regularly subjected to acts of vandalism.

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